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Season 2

2 Jul. 2013
Episode #2.1
Jan enrols on a creative writing course where she catches the eye of the handsome tutor Stephen,who not only regards her as an excellent pupil but has a personal interest in her as well. Charlie,meanwhile,following an accident on the site wonders whether she is cut out for building work after all and,whilst Grandad and Gravy make an unexpected find as they dig for buried treasure Reuben decides it is time to pop the big question to Bell regarding their future - though he needs to enlist the services of art teacher Loz and Fergie to help him out.
9 Jul. 2013
Episode #2.2
As Bell has an awkward meeting with Reuben's parents Fergie pushes ahead with his plan for his Organic Camp-Site and Terry and Charlie continue with the construction of Rodney's restaurant, despite his continuing to push last minute ideas on them. Grandad discovers Internet dating via the Greymates web site though things do not go smoothly and, on a class outing, Jan finds herself still being pursued by Stephen.
16 Jul. 2013
Episode #2.3
Jan reminds Terry that, once they had had the three children, he had promised to have a vasectomy but, having met Stephen on a shopping trip, he is less enamoured of the idea. Loz takes Fergie with him to the school's evening out in a restaurant - where Fergie discovers to his embarrassment tat he probably had sex with head teacher Judith on a school trip to Bruges in 1989. Meanwhile Gravy decides that he wants more out of life than a routine job - as does Charlie,as she has a confidential chat with Grandad in the wake of her accident.
23 Jul. 2013
Episode #2.4
Loz agrees to go fishing with Terry and Grandad but is perturbed to find that he is expected to get into a boat when he is prone to sea-sickness - as he quickly proves. A surfeit of Dutch courage and a flooded engine also conspire to make the trip a disaster whilst Fergie's recently opened organic camp site also runs into trouble when he encounters a pair of critical campers. Jan worries about Charlie getting her first car whilst Gravy decides to help out his old friend Coggie.
30 Jul. 2013
Episode #2.5
Jan goes off on a class outing to a hotel, which involves an overnight stay. Needless to say Stephen is extremely attentive to her, causing her to ask why he has singled her out. She is taken aback by his reply. Grandad, having had yet another unfortunate experience with Greywaves, decides to pack in Internet dating but a likely romantic entanglement comes his way when he meets the sprightly Molly on a bus. Terry, despite not feeling well, goes to the opening of Rodney's restaurant whilst Gravy, in order to help Coggie stay in the country, gathers evidence to state ...
6 Aug. 2013
Episode #2.6
Jan's sister Sandra, estranged mother of Fergie, arrives and immediately antagonizes everybody, shunning Gravy over his engagement to Coggie and lecturing Charlie on the dangers of having a motor bike. Grandad initially turns down a date to go dancing with Molly, showing Loz film of himself and his late wife when they were ballroom champions and claiming he lost the reason to dance when she died. However he decides to move on and joins Molly on the dance floor. Bell and Reuben on the other hand are experiencing marital problems. After Sandra has left - and not in the ...
13 Aug. 2013
Episode #2.7
In the weeks following his heart attack Terry becomes silent and withdrawn behind his shades, giving Jan and Charlie cause for concern. However, when Stephen turns up at the house to drop off a book, he confronts the teacher with his suspicions in no uncertain way. Fergie feels that Loz is 'pimping him out' as he asks him to pretend to be an item with Judith in the hopes that this will advance his desire to better himself and take permanent teaching employment. In fact he appears to scupper himself at an interview for which he was ill-prepared and under-qualified. ...
20 Aug. 2013
Episode #2.8
The day of Bell and Reuben's wedding arrives and an already nervous Reuben is mortified to learn that best man Dave is stuck at the airport and cannot make it. Fortunately he has several back-ups among the Starling menfolk and has to play Eeny-meeny-miny-mo to pick the replacement. Further disaster strikes when, due to a misplaced key, the groom's party get locked in a flat and drastic action must be taken before Reuben joins Bell at the altar and the knot is tied. Grandad visits Molly in hospital after she has suffered a fall, and meets her possessive ex-husband who ...

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