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Freddie comes to Blandings with Paquita, a Portuguese night club dancer who speaks no English but whom he has married. Wrongly believing her to be a princess the snobbish Connie is impressed. She is less enamoured of the fact that her niece Gertrude wants to marry Beefy Bingham, a clumsy,penniless vicar, when Connie has set her sights on a wealthy husband for the girl. So Freddie passes him off as Beefy Popjoy,a rich suitor though Beefy's maladroitness lands Clarence in plaster. Since this gets him out of taking Gertrude to a dance however Clarence is not ungrateful and blesses the union. Paquita on the other hand turns out to be an impostor and a thief and definitely not a Portuguese princess.

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