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Season: 1
Year: 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Tafel 7

29 April 2012
Six teams have gathered in the modest pub of Louis Sterckx for the 20th annual trivia quiz. His brother Roger was once a brilliant quizzer, but still refuses to participate after an incident that occurred 30 years ago. Accidental guest Nick Van Loo, a bright graduate who now only does takeaway delivery for a tiny sushi bar, succeeds to set up a seventh team containing Roger and two other locals. They do extremely well and even seem to be able to defeat the all-time champion.

Season 1, Episode 2: In de Naam der Weet

6 May 2012
Recovered and undaunted, Nick decides to reassemble his team. He is even able to convince grumpy Roger. This time their main opponent is Arsène's police team. The quiz gets interrupted when the emergency services are called to Simonne's barber shop. Roger reacts stunned when Nick suggests their team should participate in the 'Superprestige', the mother of all Flemish quizzes.

Season 1, Episode 3: De Weetjesdief

13 May 2012
Team member Armand De La Ruelle fails to prevent his team from participating in his school's annual quiz. Soon the men find out that he is not at all the highly respected teacher he stated to be. Armand decides to amaze everyone by stealing the quiz answers from the headmaster, but the results are worse than everything that could be anticipated. Also during the quiz, Roger bumps into his ex girlfriend, whom motivates him to accept the 'Superprestige' challenge after all.

Season 1, Episode 4: De Prins en de Professor

20 May 2012
The team starts looking for a sixth member. Lennon thinks to know the right man for the job, but overseas a big problem. Nick's girlfriend Cynthia is also busy recruiting. Since she has took over the barber shop, she is in desperate need of an extra dog hairdresser. On the quiz evening, the team members get a first clue on Roger's as well as Armand's private life.

Dirk van Dijck ... Roger Sterckx
Jos Verbist ... Armand De La Ruelle
Tom Audenaert ... Luc Auwerckx
Pieter Piron ... Lennon

Wietse Tanghe ... Nick Van Loo
Liesa Naert ... Cynthia Moons
Tine Embrechts ... Gwendy
Rilke Eyckermans ... Tamara

Kevin Janssens ... Mario
Ben Segers ... Jean-Claude

Clara Cleymans ... Monica (credit only)
Stefaan Degand ... Budo
Jos Geens ... Louis Sterckx
Ilse De Koe ... Iris Stevens
Jan Van Looveren ... Benny
Tigran Atanesian ... Griek
Muriel Bats ... Manager interimbureau
Jakob Beks ... Aannemer Frans
Camilia Blereau ... Laurence
Griet Boels ... Verpleegster
Bart De Pauw ... Iwein

Tuur De Weert ... Speler Kwizzards
David Dermez ... Bankdirecteur
Nyira Hens ... Billie
Sam Louwyck ... Manager callcenter
Mark Rummens ... Presentator Guco Quiz
Stef Smans ... De Professor
Walter Smits ... De Prins
Chris Van Espen ... Sollicitant Kapperszaak

Season 1, Episode 5: Het Paard van Parijs

27 May 2012
Nick wants to discover the truth about Roger's so-called dumbest answer in the quiz history, and decides to dive into his dramatic past. Luc does not want to attend the opening of the barber shop. He comes up with a strange excuse for his wife Gwendy, which eventually leads to a big nightmare. Meanwhile, during the opening, Cynthia discovers she has an adorer.

Season 1, Episode 6: Al Qiada

3 June 2012
Through the mysterious Monica, the quiz team has a meeting with whom she believes to be the only person that can lead them to the "Superprestige". Thanks to their conversation, many secrets come to the surface. What is the honest Lennon hiding? What stupid mistake did Armand make? And what is Monica up to?

Season 1, Episode 7: Ovidius

10 June 2012
After the terrible mistake of Armand, Roger sets up a secret meeting to kick him out of the team. Nick however does not seem to care about the "Superprestige" anymore, since he has discovered the true cause of his frequent blackouts. Cynthia notices Monica's interest in her boyfriend Nick, and together with Gwendy she goes on the warpath.

Season 1, Episode 8: Van de Kat en de Melk

17 June 2012
The team is dismayed after the dismissal of Armand. When Luc visits his father in the retirement home, he suddenly sees Armand. He decides to follow him and discovers a long kept secret from Armand's past. Nick tries to make amends with Cynthia. He assures her there is nothing going on between him and Monica, but Monica doesn't make it easy for him. Mario thinks there is more to it and decides to investigate together with Budo. Long time rival Coromor has a proposition for Roger and Lennon can't get along with foreman Benny.

Season 1, Episode 9: De Wraak van Coromar

24 June 2012
Gwendy notices Mario is holding something back and tries to find out what exactly happened yesterday evening. Will the tough para break? For Table 7 it's now or never. If they loose the next quiz, they can't get selected for the Superprestige. Benny takes revenge on Lennon and forces him to the edge. Lennon takes a drastic decision with heavy consequences. At the quiz, Coromar has a new secret weapon.

Season 1, Episode 10: De Retorische Vraag

1 July 2012
It's the day of the Superprestige.

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