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Good idea. Well acted, but slow, and not quite committed enough.
Jesse Boland20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For a long time there has been Communism, and Democracy, and many other methods have been tried, so why not Listocracy? This is a well acted if scattered, and a bit to loosely scripted movie that gives you a new option for dealing with the 1%. There is easily 3 separate movies running together here, at one point I was watching a movie similar to Paycheck, then the next I could swear someone was going to say "Please Mr. Tyler Durden, everything is under control" as if there was a split running somewhere, and at any minute we were going to get hit with the real truth. It is just then that this becomes much more like one of the "Girl with the" movies, or Largo Winch, in the grand if boggy shots of the great outdoors (at least that is were those images took me, who's to say where you could end up). The acting is the only thing that keeps this movie from being a fail really. I was not surprised by the direction that each character was taken, or pushed, and the ending was really not a good enough payoff for all of the effort. The idea of the List is very topical, and fitting with today's issues, and our society's current temperature. I did Enjoy watching this movie, and was entertained most of the time, however it does feel longer than it needs to be, and drags quite a bit in the middle. I recommend this little mystery/thriller with no real mystery to people looking for movies that are trying something new; as this is fresh, otherwise pass it on by.
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Voyou Nobodysbusiness24 February 2014
The List isn't exactly boring, despite the slow pace. And a fair number of useless scenes. And the as usual annoying texts to read from a filmed computer screen.

It is however unsatisfying, considering the potential of the subject. It feels like the onset was the only idea in the entire story; nothing interesting or relevant happens from there. The characters are dull, and none of their actions make sense (except maybe when the main character decides to try and become number 1.) These people don't behave like human beings. The acting is pretty bad, and there was obviously no coffee available for the actors during the entire filming.

For these reasons at least, the suspense fails to build up and I found myself completely detached all along. As expected these days, there are also attempts at plot twists instead of a good, consistent and self-sufficient storyline.

Most disappointing, in particular for its lack of social development.
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Quick moving, gritty British film
James Farmer16 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a hard one to pin a label to. Yes, it's low budget, has dour scenery, earthy (and in places) poor acting from pretty much unknowns and no frills. On the face of it that sounds pretty bad, but these things can also be viewed as edgy and gritty, down to earth if you like, unlike so much of the over hyped film drivel produced recently. The storyline is good and pertinent in the current climate, the plot moves along surprisingly swiftly, keeping the viewer's attention throughout its sensible 90 minute runtime. There are some huge plot holes; the lone nut killer just happens to live within a quick drive of the main character, (really far fetched, when you consider that the plot line revolves around internet voting; the whole world and the killer lives next door, virtually). Then we have unknown Agents and Baddies appearing from nowhere hired seemingly, by no-one. On one occasion, in pitch black nighttime we see two Baddies pull over the main character whilst driving, they then proceed to smash and destroy the car's headlights with a golf club, however, this didn't hamper the driver when the driver resumes his journey after the bad guys have been despatched, still in the pitch black of the night. If you can overlook these types of needless errors and a few other continuity errors I would recommend this film for a good 90 minutes film viewing. 6/10
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