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Highly Entertaining From Beginning To End.

Author: cutegirl1730 from United States
24 February 2014

"Baby Geniuses and The Mystery Of The Crown Jewels" is a highly entertaining movie from beginning to end.

I rented the DVD and watched it with my kids and found it an excellent movie. The MPAA Rating Was Good For All,so I was so pleased to let my nephews watch this superb movie. I never let my Children ever see a movie that is rated R Or PG 13,I care for their morals. Both of my kids & nephews loved the babies and couldn't stop laughing. I willingly purchased the DVD.

The Plot Of The Movie Is About A group of whip-smart toddlers who traverse the globe to find England's crown jewels, which were stolen by an evil baby. There,they face the evil baby and the thieves who stole the Jewels with their smart minds.I'm absolutely sure you'll spend your time laughing and enjoying all the adventures carried out by baby geniuses.

The Theme of the movie is beneficial for every child with a message that :" Every child must be good and not evil".

The Good Wins ,Whereas The Evil Doer Loses In The End.

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An Excellent Movie With Amazing Super Babies.

Author: Californiaguy1 from United States
13 February 2014

Honestly Baby Geniuses:Baby Squad Investigators Is An Excellent Movie. I am so astounded to see how those talented babies acted as professionals in a great movie from the beginning to the end and were not afraid to face the camera.

I quite liked this movie ( because I found all the elements of success in it from: Convincing Great Acting,Impressive Comedy, Highly Entertaining Action As well as The Spectacular Direction.

I'm not surprised at all that most authors here loved the movie through their positive comments) and gave it 10 out of 10. I'm gonna buy the D.V.D and am too eager to watch the new movie:"Baby Geniuses and The Space Baby". I Bet It Would Be A Successful Movie.

I don't give a damn what Critics say about All The Parts Of Baby Geniuses' Movie,because I quite know that when Producers Pay Much Money To Make A Superb Movie Like Baby Geniuses,then they really care to satisfy various tastes of the audience and aren't making a Commercial Movie.

Trust Me The Movie Deserves A Fair 10/10.

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Baby Geniuses is One Of The Best Movies. 10 / 10.

Author: Wayobia from United States
16 February 2014

A very successful and amusing movie that will certainly cheer you up in the hour of trouble. The acting of the babies is simply great,every scene in the movie is entertaining.Every Actor cleverly acted and the director Sean McNamara proved in this awesome movie that he is a genius director.

I never stopped laughing when these delicious babies try to catch the thieves .The Comedy is so real,nothing artificial.Moreover,the action in this superb movie is wonderful indeed.


When the Queen of England's crown jewels mysteriously go missing, there's only one team for the job: The Baby Squad! The Baby Agent Bureau of International Espionage and Safety (aka B.A.B.I.E.S.) calls upon the team, consisting of little Skip Bobbins, three of his toddler pals and his family, the world's only grown-ups who understand the language of babies, to embark on a top-secret mission to find the jewels. Using their stealth abilities and a range of high-tech gadgets to uncover important clues, the height-challenged heroes soon learn that items have begun disappearing all over Europe with no suspect in sight. But when the rescue team starts to see the same toddler, Big Baby, wherever they go, they realize they've found their traveling thief! It's up to the Baby Squad to track down the crown jewels and return them to the Queen before Big Baby makes even more big trouble!.

If You want to laugh and forget your trouble,this Excellent movie will certainly cheer you up.

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Not perfect,but is worth watching.

Author: olalara from United States
26 April 2014

Baby Geniuses 3 is especially made for kids aged (3-12).It is not a perfect movie,but is worth watching.

Plot of Baby Geniuses And The Mystery Of The Crown Jewels: The Baby Squad is back…and this time they're Europe-bound! When the Queen of England's crown jewels mysteriously go missing, there's only one toddler team for the job! Using their stealth abilities and a range of high-tech gadgets to uncover important clues, the height-challenged heroes soon realize they've found their thief when the same toddler, Big Baby, appears wherever they go! It's up to the Baby Squad to track down the crown jewels and return them to the Queen before Big Baby makes even more big trouble! Starring Jon Voight (NATIONAL TREASURE FRANCHISE, TRANSFORMERS) and Skyler Shaye (BABY GENIUSES FRANCHISE, BRATZ).

Buy It Or Rent It For Your Lovable Kids.

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An Underrated Great Family Movie

Author: RealityHurts from United States
27 January 2014

All The Baby Geniuses Movies Are Great Entertaining For All Your Kids & For Every Family Member. With The Great Actor Of The Champ Jon Voight & Various Talented Actors & Cudddly Talented Kids. Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels is so funny and entertaining,it will release your stress and will make you laugh numerous times. The babies at the Bobbins Daycare are actually a secret band of super-spies, imbued with ultra intelligence and the ability to understand their own secret language of baby-talk babble. In BABY GENIUSES AND THE MYSTERY OF THE CROWN JEWELS someone breaks into the Tower of London, and the babies are sent off on a grand European adventure to track down the thief.

I'm So Glad I Saw This Movie & Really Grateful For The Producers Of Baby Geniuses Movies. Although This Masterpiece Movie Has Been Underrated,it is really A Superb Movie!.

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Indeed A Spectacular Movie For All Kids & All The Family.

Author: CuteAya from United States
7 February 2014

Hidden beneath Bobbins Daycare in Washington DC is the top-secret headquarters of The Baby Squad, where super genius babies use their secret baby language to solve mysteries all over the world. And when an evil genius baby steals the Crown Jewels from The Tower Of London, the toddler team – along with Aunt Kylie – zaps across the globe to investigate. It's a mission filled with amazing gadgets, awesome inventions, international intrigue and hamburgers, too. But can a pint-sized mastermind with a huge plan for world domination outsmart our government's brainiest diapered detectives? Skyler Shaye, Casey Graf, Rob Bruner, Jamie Andrews and Academy Award winner Jon Voight star in this all-new adventure from the producer of BABY GENIUSES 1 & 2 and the director of SOUL SURFER. The movie is so funny,adventurous and highly entertaining.(You Can Clearly Realize That The Film Cost million of Dollars by seeing all these amazing adventures). Honestly,I Bought The DVD & eagerly awaiting to see the new movie in 2014. I challenge everyone to prove that this movie is not a real masterpiece. See It on my own responsibility if you wanna relieve all the stress and have good times. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Simply A Wonderful Movie.

Author: LadyofTruth from United States
10 February 2014

I have just bought Th DVD and I'm so glad the movie was absolutely funny. Those Cuddly Babies Are Amazing!.

Plot Summary:

Beneath the Bobbins Day Care Centre in Washington D.C. lies the headquarters of the Baby Squad Investigators: a top-secret international network of babies who solve crimes using high-tech Vortex technology. When the Queen of England's crown jewels are stolen, the babies are led on a dangerous chase across the world to recover the jewels from the infamous super-villain 'Big Baby'. All the while, being shadowed by the mysterious evil mastermind Moriarty (Academy Award Winner Jon Voight) who has something very devious in store for the babies. For now, the babies must retrieve the jewels, but will they get them back to the Royal Family in time for the Queen's anniversary gala?.

I strongly recommend "Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels" For Every Family and All Teens. This Movie Is Good For All Ages. No Violence At All.I'm absolutely sure your wonderful kids would love the movie and could learn how to be creative,loving and supportive after seeing this Masterpiece Movie.

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This Movie Is Educational,Enjoyable & Perfectly Made.

Author: MovieLoverandCritic from United States
18 February 2014

Honestly All Baby Geniuses Sequels Deserve Seeing Because They Are Made By Professionals and not Amateurs.

(Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels) is a Mysterious Film I recommend for every family and every child all over the world who want to see genius infants fighting Evil with their Super mind .

The movie just like all the previous Sequels Has A Didactic Theme For Every Kid " If You Sow The Good ,you'll Reap The Good Later.Whereas if you Sow Evil,you'll Reap Evil".

The reason why I loved this movie is because it has all the excellent elements in it:Humor,Kids' Innocence,Adventure,Great Visual Effects,Cute,Cuddly And Genius Babies Who Are Irresistibly Strong and Smart that you can't help but love them.

I estimated this movie because it does not have any violence whatsoever and the rating is good for all Children (Rated G not PG) which definitely made it a masterpiece. movie.

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There is a sinister plot here

Author: David Brailsford from United States
26 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

IMDb has been taken over by an army of robots controlled by a puppet master making them attack anything that doesn't declare this movie the best thing ever. Originally intended as a TV series, these movies were turned into 3 painfully repetitive movies. This one babies investigate things big baby has stolen, meet up with Moriati in different locations where he gives them a ride when they teleport to different countries, and then they team up with borderline racist stereotype babies related to people in the investigation... The babies thwart big baby and then he gets away, this repeats until the end. I think the biggest mystery in all of this is why the babies don't wear pants? I mean were they so hard up for a budget they couldn't fully clothe the kids, or were they worried the kids looked too old that if the pullups weren't obvious we won't know they were babies? Any way countdown til the bots get to this review and downvote it the way they did with space baby and Egypt

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Very Very Very Bad Bad Bad Movie.

Author: Ilovepornoandwomenveryverymuch from Russia
20 March 2014

Do Not See This Movie.It Is Very Very Bad.Only stupid people and crazy families buy or see Baby Geniuses movies because they are very very bad . This dirty movie will make you very sick and will waste your time.It is very dangerous for children.This movie has violence.I am ordering you all people:Do Not Vote Up For this Very Very Bad Movie!.Vote 1 * for this rubbish movie.Do not Buy The DVD!. They are laughing at you.This is very rubbish and it will become 1/10 very soon.I am very very happy people are hating this rubbish movie.I only loved the beautiful girl in it.Yes it is very sick movie.Vote 1 * Only!.I love you women and girls.

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