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This could be a recipe for excessive self-indulgence, but the meta quality of Red Flag is entirely irrelevant to its low key charm and persistent irreverence -- anchored, as always, by Karpovsky's loopy screen presence.
It’s a fun, laugh-out-loud dark comedy, and proves that Alex Karpovsky and crew have made their mark.
A hilarious meta-comedy in which Karpovsky, playing a version of himself, goes on a roadshow tour for a movie he's directed.
It's conventional stuff, only executed with a smart, improv-y verve.
Modest, personal, and nicely proportioned, Red Flag resembles one of Hong Sang-soo’s self-reflexive doodles about relationships and filmmaking — "Oki’s Movie," in particular — and it wisely doesn’t take too big a bite.
Village Voice
Some genuinely tender moments—especially the final scene, which at this admittedly early point in 2013 qualifies as one of the best of the year—offset the occasional dramatic misfire.
Though often funny, there’s a reverse narcissism in the way Karpovsky wallows in his “character’s” off-putting flaws.
Owing a debt to Albert Brooks’ early comedies, Red Flag might be too much if it weren’t just right.
Slant Magazine
It surprisingly abandons its obvious meta elements and unfolds as a straightforward road-trip flick, opting for an exhibition of self-loathing rather than self-reflexivity.
If only Red Flag were funnier and tighter and had a sharper idea about what it means to blur the lines between self-interrogation and self-absorption. As it is, the movie throws off too few sparks.

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