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As Rebecca immerses herself further into the project, she demands change after change to turn it more into a play and less as a musical to work toward her own strengths, or more precisely to steer away from her weakness as a singer. Rebecca also befriends Karen, who, to the media, becomes Rebecca's new BFF to the point of speculation that they are lovers. Regardless, Karen welcomes her new friend, being able to bask in the media limelight for whatever reason and enjoy the trappings associated with being with a movie star. However, the "forever" part of BFF might not fit into Rebecca's grand plan. Unknown to Rebecca, there are others behind the scenes that are maneuvering for Ivy to emerge the star despite Derek's seeming obsession with Karen in the role. Rebecca and Karen's friendship also has an effect on Karen and Dev's relationship. Meanwhile, Eileen gets a head's up from Ellis that Jerry will be attending the same social function as her. Rather than it be an awkward situation, she...

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