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Boy Meets World

Author: mary_prelle from United States
13 February 2013

I enjoyed this movie and will watch again, instead of at 1 am . I would watch this with my mom who volunteered at a center that counsels young women before they decide what to do. Unwanted pregnancy in the leading cause of abortions. Fear, the stigma still placed on un wed mothers, society norms all put pressure on any young woman to delete the unknown. When a woman has the baby, inevitably, they fall in love. Maybe they make the choice, sometimes a good one, for the child to go to a loving home. I think most times the mom, and dad if he is involved are filled with doubts when they make that decision, yet a better one than termination just because it is unwanted. I enjoyed the theme of this movie, the message as well as the unusual storyline. A good although easily spotted twist. I will liken this to a Touched by an Angel episode. WAS it? LOL>..MOstly I want to find the lovely song at the end...May all little angels born and gone to soon or those who never saw the light, Rest in His arms. Suffer the little children for such is the KINGDOM. I believe they are waiting...and they do not need to be baptized to go..jus sayen.

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underrated movie

Author: mgarciber from USA
29 January 2014

I gave this movie 10 stars because I believe it is underrated. This movie deserves an 8 at least. The plot at the beginning might seem a little confusing and slow at some points, but the final twist at the end make it totally worth it. I cried so much in the last 15 minutes because it left me speechless. Just as good as October Baby, Safe Haven and those movies with a final twist at the end. At the beginning of the movie my husband told me a couple of times: Honey this movie is really bad. He is a Christian, but loves action movies. I told him to wait that it was supposed to deliver a good message and it was a movie with a Christian message. I thought all along the movie, that the plot was about a boy looking for his mother who had given him in adoption and oh wow was I wrong.

But then I was confronted with my own reality. It touched me deeply because even though I know that God has forgiven me for what I did in the past, I tell my husband I feel like the spirit of my baby is with me. I mean like watching me and almost living with me at home. In that last final part when he says mom, I love you, mom, I forgive you I could not stop crying. And my husband hugged me and was very sentimental because he also was part of my bad decision in the past.

One more thing, I saw this on netflix and at the end when all the screen turns black with some information about the number of abortions in the US, we were about to turn the TV off. When one last part came , so do not turn the TV off until it has really finished with the last part when they show the girl and the decision she took.

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Good movie, makes you think

Author: imdb-20212 from United States
16 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was bothered by some of the negative reviews of this movie and thought I should write my own.

Yes, this is a "preachy" movie from a pro-life perspective. No, this is NOT an attack on mothers who have aborted their children. If the reviewers had watched this movie and not tuned it out mentally, they would have noticed that. In the dialogue, the characters specifically refer to people who had abortions as people who just made mistakes because they didn't know what to do or have someone to turn to.

The writers are not blaming the mother. And I don't want to put any spoilers in here, but just watch the end and see how the forgiveness plays out.

I'm watching this at a time when a report recently revealed 336 million babies have been aborted in China in the past 40 years, and 50 million US children aborted in about the same time. So yes, if you're pro-life, then this is a pretty big deal. It would be pretty ridiculous for any serious pro-life person to have any other reaction than profound sadness.

Reviewers who write this movie off as just pro-life propaganda, fair enough, but don't discount the deeply held beliefs behind it.

Sure, the dialogue isn't great, and I hate any movie with excessive voice-over narrations (I think it's lazy writing), but doggone it, in the end, it still made me cry. If a story can create an emotional tug like that, then it's not half bad, whatever it's other shortcomings.

If you're pro-choice, you're probably not likely to be persuaded otherwise. I should know, I used to be pro-choice and my conversion wasn't a "watch this one movie" type of thing. But if you have an open mind, then who knows what can happen down the road.

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worth it with an open mind

Author: animeactor-873-712915
17 December 2013

Two of my housemates were watching this film when I returned home and, only the last hour of the movie is able to be reviewed. The song at the end is pretty good after watching only an hour of the movie. As someone who enjoyed Juno, this film surprised me with the way it portrayed the line between what is visible and invisible. Also, as someone who is aware of the profound effect that this decision has on the lives of the people in my small circle, it contains a unique message that is rarely captured at Hollywood film festivals. It is surprising that this made it through. Worthy of watching, especially if you have had an experience with the subject of accidental pregnancy. Full disclosure: One of my housemates liked this movie and the other felt turned off by the last 15 minutes of the film. So, two out of three people in our house liked it!

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Don't read if you don't want a spoiler alert

Author: lhuffstetler-660-871776
15 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all this was a awesome movie. I work at a Pregnancy Center for the last two years....but most importantly I'm a restored post-abortive women. I would like to address the person who wrote the review that said "this shows post-abortive women as evil." I would have to totally disagree. It show that one decision out of fear and desperation, shame and guilt can last for a very long time. I suffer with PTSD for over 30 years because of the horrible choice I made. I was depressed and very angry for no reason. (at least that is what I thought) I never related it to my abortion. Until God restored me through a healing post-abortive Bible Study. This movie address the lies that women are "it is just a bunch of tissue. It is not a baby yet" and it will be over real fast and you never will have to think about it again. HOG WASH!!!!! You always think about your baby that you killed. We need to empower women to know that there are better adoption. Thankfully there is healing and once you understand that God works all things out for good that are called according to His purpose. Now, I know that even through my baby never got to live outside of my womb....he had a purpose and still does. I have been able to speak to women like the actress did to Tori. Many babies have been able to be born. I give all glory to God. His grace and mercy can use the most ugliest thing and turn it for good. Every baby that is saved my unborn baby had a part in this. I'm now a certified leader for a post-abortive Bible Study. I have been able to comfort other post-abortive women the way God has comfort me. He does forgive and will make good out of something the devil meant for harm. This movie will be shown at the last session in the study that I lead. Most people who are "good" church going people don't have any idea that 1 out 3 women IN the church have had an abortion and is suffering in silence trying to keep this secret and bring it to the grave with them. This silence has to stop. Women need to know that having an abortion isn't like going to the dentist. It is a decision that will be with you forever. If the church would stop pretending like they are perfect people and become transparent. Then hurting people can seek out help to be able to receive healing. The truth does set you free. God has blessed me with 4 children and I can say that I never regretted having them but I have and will always regret having an abortion. I know if there was just one person like Linda in the movie when I was a fearful desperate teen. I would of not aborted my baby. (Yes, baby not a bunch of cells)

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Propaganda? Everything is Propaganda.

Author: k_ann_taylor from United States
16 November 2013

This movie had a great message and yes it could be considered propaganda. Propaganda is used as a tool (movie) to impact or persuade decisions. Everything we say can be interpreted as propaganda if we attempting to influence decisions. Any presidential campaign add is an influence to vote for a candidate. Every opinion is propaganda.

The overall story is about choices and the consequences that can follow these choices. Yes the movie is religious, but only those who do not believe in purpose or an afterlife will find it completely idiotic.

You don't have to believe in God to believe there must be a purpose for existence.

I highly recommend watching this movie. Be objective, maybe religion doesn't fit into your life. What a person cannot deny is that people typically fulfill some purpose in life even if there is no after life.

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So sick of left-wing loud mouths...

Author: dlo1983
12 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Only a bleeding heart liberal would rate this the way one of the posters did one here. Get over it. There are pro-lifers, and pro-choicers, and those of us on the other end of the spectrum aren't judging you, nor the film. Get over yourself -- it's a film, with an excellent point, even if you didn't think so. I agree the acting sucks, especially the orange- haired woman. The God crap got a little old, but the thought of what could have happened to these babies had their parents not selfishly put themselves first, if anything, has to get a person to think. Excellent and unique plot. ******* ******** ******** ******** ********* ****** ******** ***********

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Different but intriguing

Author: dthoughtsinc from California
17 August 2013

I gave this film a 7 for being unique. The acting was, for some, marginal; for others the acting was quality (Della Reis & Dean Cain). It was a very slow movie but many are; so what. Another reviewer insinuated the film has right-wing leanings & portrays post abortive women as evil. As for the right-wing accusation, that's a convenient & lazy label to put on a portrayal of a subject matter one disagrees with. But, yes, it does have a message of life being a gift to protect. So call it what you will. Regarding a portrayal of post abortive women being evil: untrue. I would ask that reviewer through what filter he/she viewed this film. The film clearly conveys empathy & compassion for women/girls who have chosen or contemplated abortion. There is even a scene where a certain type of "prolifer" is criticized for seemingly lacking concern & service toward pregnant mothers facing the choice of carrying to term or aborting their babies. Anyway, I think it's a thought provoking & somewhat refreshing film. I've viewed more films than I could number that have conveyed the message that abortion is good, normal, right, understandable or a highly cherished right to protect at any cost or all of the above. I'm not mad at Bradley Dorsey or the cast & crew for putting together something to the contrary for once. Thanks!

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Pretty appalling

Author: Keith Foster from United Kingdom
10 June 2014

I sat down to watch this on the TV with a nice bottle of wine with my wife, expecting it might be interesting based on some of the reviews I'd read on a certain streaming internet provider.

What I didn't expect was a commercial for the invisible guy in the clouds up there. We watched about thirty minutes of this before the god stuff started appearing at regular intervals. That was a little worrying but we ploughed on until the supposed social worker spoke and acted in a way that was a million miles away from reality and would get her fired on the spot. At that point we pressed stop.

Look, if you believe in a particular myth and want to make movies about it then all well and good. Please feel free to tell of his almighty plan etc, but when you do PLEASE let the rest of us know that it's a glorified plug and not a serious attempt at movie making. No matter what you think of the movie itself, it's a pretty low tactic to pretend it's something it's not.

To all those involved I thank you for your future improved behaviour.

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Religious overtone

Author: darad from United States
21 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What would happen if all of the souls of the aborted lived on in a place between Heaven and Earth? What if for a brief time they could vision what life would have been like and visit the parents who made the choice to terminate them? Are they regretfully ridden with guilt and curious what might have been?

Meant To Be shows one man's journey to find his mother or who could have been. You don't know he's not really present until his story unfolds through the help of a new friend and hotel maid.

It gives the impression of being a story about the return of a mysterious traveler wandering into town. And while the general idea is good, the movie is not so well thought out or acted. It's actually pretty bland and while you're half way through it realize, "it's one of those Christian movies in disguise!" Not that there's anything wrong with that but subtle hints soon give it away and you feel like you've been tricked.

It's basically a pro-life story packaged into what seems like a thriller. Again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with what the movie tries to convey, you just wish you'd known ahead of time that you're stuck in a sermon. If someone is faced with that choice, the movie shows a logical and spiritually approved alternative well worth considering.

The main star, who is also the writer and director gives a lackluster performance and is not a very good actor and after awhile, you're so bored that you just want the thing over. All in all a good idea poorly executed and predictable.

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