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What The Show Is About

Author: crj911-1 from United States
25 January 2012

Gator Boys is a great show for people who love Animal Planet, nature, and alligator/crocodile shows. I admit that I don't really watch Animal Planet shows that much but Gator Boys was the only thing on television that was interesting at the time. As soon as I started watching it, I was hooked. I can't get enough of the show. The guys just don't catch alligators. They give interesting facts in between commercials and what life is like on an alligator farm. You get to see what catching alligators, training them, wrestling them, and working on an alligator farm is like. I hope all of you animal loves enjoy the show like I have. Like I said, it's hooked me in, and I hope the show keeps on going strong.

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Author: Jim Morrison from United States
17 August 2012

I was raised in Florida. I remember Flipper and Miami Vice. This show also really captures the essence and spirit of Florida! Seeing these 2 guys in action is simply amazing. The Gator Boys, the location and the other cast members are really representative of old-style Florida, that so many of us aging Florida hippies yearn for.

The fact that they >>>rescue<<< these amazing gators, v. torturing them with an agonizing baited hook and then killing them, is what is so appealing to us. Just like the other reviewer, I cannot get enough of this show. I will not delete the shows from my DVR.

They really should get their brand on, and market GB merchandise with hats like Jimmys', t-shirts, coffee cups, etc to help fund their majestic mission. I would happily pay $125+ for a Jimmy-style GB hat signed by them!

On the technical end: they need a production staffer to whip up a transition to break of a huge Gator jaw closing, a la, the storage doors closing on Storage Wars!

Killer show dudes! Gonna contact AP to get them to pick it up again , just like we did for Cesar Millan in 2004!

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An educational and entertaining show with its heart in the right place. What more could you ask for?

Author: drbreakfastmachine from United States
26 August 2012

Television today is in a bad place. Awful, exploitative reality shows like American Gypsy, American Guns, and The Devil's Ride clog up formerly educational channels like National Geographic and Discovery Channel with exaggerated and offensive stereotypes. It's rare to see a show that actually aims to inform the audience about something, hosted by honest and real people who want to get the news of their cause and public service out. Gator Boys is exactly that, and it's one of the best shows on television in years.

The Gator Boys (and girls) offer a much-needed service in Florida: removing "nuisance gators," alligators that have found their way into populated areas and need to be removed. Paul and Jimmy, world-class gator wrestlers, carefully and patiently handle the animals with their bare hands, using a delicate and precise method to wear the gators out and safely haul them off without anyone getting hurt.

Just watching these guys take on 10-foot, 500-pound animals without any trace of fear in their eyes is enough entertainment to carry the show, but Gator Boys offers more than that. It's important to understand that normal gator trappers charge fees to remove the gators and usually kill them to make handbags or boots. These guys get the gators out of harm's way for free and keep them in a safe, well-managed facility and eventually release them back into the wild. The fact that they care about the gators and are clearly in this line of work to protect the gators just as much as protecting the people who run into them. Just watching Paul affectionately calling a recently-captured gator "Bubba" and gently lifting it off the ground after it tried to kill him, you can really see that he understands this animal like it's another human being, and holds it in the same high regard.

That's what really makes this show a success. It's about treating the animals right and teaching the viewers about them. It's not a bunch of angry rednecks shouting at each other for an hour like most reality shows are these days. It's the kind of thing Animal Planet and channels like it need more of: a show about animals, plain and simple.

Why this show barely has a 6.0 rating is beyond me. I honestly can't see how anyone could not like it. If you support education and entertainment in one hour-long package, check this show out and boost the rating! And also check out Call of the Wildman, which is another great show for many of the same reasons.

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Author: firstname lastname from United States
24 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the boys are kind of disrespectful for the gators. they tease the gators and don't have much regard for the fact that they ARE apex predators, vital to the ecosystem. they put those gators through way too much stress catching them and moving them (in the back of their truck). stress is potentially dangerous for an animals. But I do think they have pretty good intentions, because they take the alligators and rescue them and return them back to the wild where they belong. And they do seem experienced with animals, but i think they put a little too much stress and tease the animals too much. They seem misbegotten in the way they transport the animals, and how they capture the animals, but it does seem as though they are actually trying to be caring.

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Better shows out there like Swamp people !

Author: Mclarke8821 from Fort lauderdale United States
9 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I heard of a lot of reality TV shows being stages and I can honestly say this is staged for most part. I was born in raised in fort lauderdale and back in the 90s and to like 2001 there was gators everywhere eating dogs in everyones backyard and 3 or 4 time a year they would grab kids but since everyone in their mama moved here mostly from new York and over populated the place and start building into the wet lands they pushed gator out to the west and north of Florida. The ones that are left ain't that big, no more that 7 or 8 ft at the most.All I'm saying is that from time to time you got them popping up in canals, but when they showed the restaurant at the bass pro shop a concrete man made pond that's ran with a pump on the side of I 95 lol it was more likely planted there! Or maybe the one they caught on the horse ranch that they started doing show tricks with the supposedly a wild gator kinda gives it away!

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