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1 Jan. 2012
Mud Gator Attacks
Paul & Jimmy clash over Jimmy's goal to expand the Gator Boys Rescue Operation to include traveling alligator wrestling shows. Volunteers begin taking sides, Jimmy disappears, & Paul must work to keep the Gator Boys from falling apart.
8 Jan. 2012
Mama Gator Mayhem
Paul & Jimmy are determined to capture an eight-toed alligator before it is killed by a rival trapper. Simultaneously, Paul must reign in an overenthusiastic volunteer, Ashley, who is endangering the Gator Boys because of her lack of proper training.
15 Jan. 2012
Alligator Rampage
In the days leading up to a deadly hatchling hunt, Paul & Jimmy capture monster-sized gators while dealing with Scott's attitude. On the night of the hatchling hunt, an explosive mother gator is determined to fight to the death to protect her young.
22 Jan. 2012
Stormin' Gators
Torrential rains make the capturing gators extremely hazardous. When Ashley endangers her life in the gator pit, Jimmy accuses Chris of poor training methods. As tempers flare they must work through the anger & do a seminar or ruin their reputation.
5 Feb. 2012
Gators Gone Rogue
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12 Feb. 2012
Horse Devouring Gator
Paul and Jimmy find themselves extremely busy capturing aggressive nuisance alligators on a school playground, in a nursery, and in the middle of a housing development, and Tre is bitten by a giant Burmese python.
17 Jun. 2012
Gators Gone Wild
Paul sets a trap to capture a gator facing certain death from the baited hook of another trapper. Tre books a gig with gators and swimsuit models, forcing Paul and Jimmy into damage control to ensure the risqué photo shoot won't hurt their reputation.
24 Jun. 2012
Alligator Face-Off
Catching gators bare-handed is always risky, but after capturing a six-hundred pound monster gator, the threat-factor increases when the Gator Boys are given just three minutes to take blood samples from aggressive gators for a critical research project.
1 Jul. 2012
Warrior Gator
Paul gives a triple-amputee the chance to fulfill his dream of wrestling an alligator, but he soon realizes the gift could prove deadly. The Gator Boys capture a 12-foot aggressive gator at a farm and one that's been stalking people in neighborhood pond.
8 Jul. 2012
Love at First Bite
Capturing four large and lethal predatory alligators proves to be the least of Paul and Jimmy's worries when they come face-to-face with a venomous water moccasin and an aggressive six-foot rattlesnake. Jimmy finds love while Paul pranks Ashley and Chris.
15 Jul. 2012
No Time for Gators
Between his girlfriend and road shows, Jimmy has no time for the Gator Boys. Paul must use less-experienced volunteers to catch aggressive gators and venomous snakes. The Gator Boys meet their match when Paul must capture two giant, ferocious lizards.

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