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Definitely NOT "Pawn Stars"

Author: spiral707
29 January 2012

This History Channel spin off from the popular juggernaut show "Pawn Stars" is not in the same league as the earlier Las Veges based version.

Cajun Pawn Stars takes place in a merchandise heavy, attractive enough pawn shop in Louisiana. The appearance of the inside of the shop is about the only appealing aspect of watching this show because at least there is lots to look at while you are being bored by the show's content and characters. The staff of this shop seem to lack knowledge on almost everything they comment on. They all also seem "flat" and just lifeless as far as characters go. You really just don't care about them, and when they present misinformation, they annoy you.

Their offer to buy pricing for the items that come in to the shop seems random and not based on any sort of reality or knowledge. On some items they offer a fraction of a realistic wholesale value, but on others they offer way over retail. For example, on the very same episode they low- balled a seller of a 1930's Ford because "it's not the same year as the Bonnie & Clyde car". Who cares about that? Unless the car being sold is the ACTUAL Bonnie & Clyde car, that fact does not change the value of the car being offered for sale, which was, incidentally being offered at a very fair price by the seller. Later, another seller offers a clone (re-creation) of the Dukes of Hazard General Lee car at a truly absurd $65K. They offer her $20K but quickly go up to $30K which is just about full retail on a clone version of this car.

All of the negotiations in the show seem, at best, emotionless, and at worst, completely fake.

The original Pawn Stars show is about as addictive and appealing to a very wide audience as any show I've ever watched. Cajun Pawn Stars is something I have zero interest in even watching again.

I predict that this show will not last long.

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Author: garbage60 from Europe
16 June 2012

This is one so stupid and sad show that I can not believe it. Trash the first class. Immediately in first episode, the big boss owner shows that he can make half million dollars purchase, than so obviously false purchase of speedboat, employees' fear of the boss when they decide make a wheelchair restoration, etc..As someone said, only they have a very nice shop, with a billion items exhibited, but the workers as from horror films where the actors get lost in some place in rural America where the whole town is crazy, in mutual agreement and hate all newcomers. Most probably they make money with pledge things from poor people, but they are not antiques&art dealers. Positive point of the show is perhaps the local crazy man, he make fun of them all, but they exploiting him. Original Vegas Pawn Stars is the best and I adore him.

09.07.2012. I admit, I went a little too far, and my reaction was too emotional because I really like original Pawn Stars. But this show is the phony and it is a fake and that is too much.

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Good show, rude employees

Author: Superhaille from United States
28 December 2012

First off, I live near the pawnshop and I have been going there ever since I was very small and my family is very good friends with the DiRamus family. I used to go there every weekend but now I don't because off the rude film crew. When you first walk in the shop, there is a small room before you get to the huge room with the Terminator head featured on the show, there is a sign about filming and the film crews and rules to go by. I went into the big room to search for a gift for my grandma and they were filming, so I tried to be as quiet and courteous to the film crew as I could. So I'm looking in the display cases, and let me just note that the old floors are very creaky, and this employee behind the counter starts shushing me like a child. So I excused her the first time and took another step forward only for her to slap her hands at me to get my attention and shush me once again. By now I'm getting very agitated because the film crew was upstairs and I was not making any noise. Overall the employees there are very rude to their actual customers. On the bright side, I happen to enjoy the show. If you decide to visit the shop, be prepared to be shushed and treated like children in a classroom. Also, don't go and expect to sell something because if it's not a signed Babe Ruth ball or a Picasso, you can't even get anyone to look at it. Hope this helped

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So good

Author: dastr from United States
6 October 2015

Cajun Pawn Stars is SO much better than the "original pawn stars" of Las Vegas. How anybody can stand that fat-a$$ed Rick and his fat-a$$ed son is beyond me. I've never seen bigger self-centered, egotistical, know-nothings in my entire life. The way they cheat people is unbelievable. What's worse is how the public s stupid enough to allow themselves to be cheated.

Cajun Pawn Stars, on the other hand, has a bunch of down-home good ol' boys that are, at least, likable. None of that glitzy Vegas crap.

It is very unfortunate and short-sided of the History network to have canceled the best pawn how out there.

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If anything, better than Pawn Stars!

Author: bmfilmnut from United States
6 February 2012

I couldn't disagree more with the previous reviewer who criticized Cajun Pawn Stars so severely. I actually like Cajun Pawn Stars better than Pawn Stars, which I also like. I find the owner of the store and his customers to be real characters who are interesting to watch. I am amazed that the previous reviewer is so presumptuous to assume that he knows more than the owners of the pawn shop in Cajun Pawn Stars or, to put it another way, that they don't know what they are doing. Proof that he is completely wrong is the obvious fact that the store is very successful. You don't run a business like that without knowing what you are doing! It is perfectly clear that the older brother knows exactly what he is doing even though the previous reviewer doesn't have the knowledge to realize that. As for the old Ford that the previous reviewer claimed should be worth just as much as the Bonnie and Clyde "Death Car," nobody on the show claimed that would make it more valuable although a viewer could interpret their comment that way. They merely pointed out that it was not the same year. That said, it is very possible that having a car identical to the Death Car could make it more valuable to collectors. The previous reviewer, again, presumes to know more about this business than the successful owner of the store. I almost get he feeling that the other reviewer simply doesn't like southerners. In fact, he comes across as a San Francisco liberal air-head! Don't take what he says seriously. Watch the show for yourself and decide if you like it or not. Judge it on it's own, not against Pawn Stars. After all, you don't have to choose between the two shows! You can enjoy them both as I do.

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