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8 Jan. 2012
Donkeys and Dollars
Settle in for some southern hospitality as the Cajun Pawn Stars face the most expensive item to ever breeze through their doors. Pairs of 5 and 10 thousand dollar bills, will this rare currency inflate to the tune of one million or will the guys find something funny with this money? Then, Jimmie drives down memory lane to find a 1930s Bonnie and Clyde model Ford.
8 Jan. 2012
Sweet and Sour
Come spin up some excitement with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a rare long lost first album by rock and country legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Will the gang put up some serious cash to make some sweet music or will a sour note cause the deal to tumble from the charts? Then, a local Deputy Sheriff tries to sell his Civil War era Colt Dragoon revolver.
15 Jan. 2012
Shoeshine Mike
Get ready to rev your engines when a classic "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee Charger screeches by the shop. Will the DeRamus brothers jump into hot pursuit for this iconic muscle car or will negotiations leave them in the dust? Then, the guys look to polish themselves up a deal on a giant 1920s shoeshine stand.
15 Jan. 2012
Money Bzzzness
Check out the sweetest deal in town as the Cajun Pawn Stars look to get into the beekeeping business. Will they be swarming over the buzz of huge profits or will negotiations lead to a very sore sting? Then, the guys have the opportunity to buy a rare military grade sniper rifle. Will Jimmie bet the farm to show he's a long-range crackshot or will the seller quietly shoot holes in his claims?
22 Jan. 2012
Joker's Big Score
Jump into pursuit with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they chase down a classic 1951 Chevy Deluxe police car. Then, a seller hopes to sell his stock Special Forces M4 Carbine semi-automatic rifle. And later, has shop regular Joker finally stumbled upon something worthwhile at a local yard sale?
22 Jan. 2012
Trick or Trade
Breeze out into the bayou with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they look to buy a classic Louisiana airboat. Then, the shop checks out two Civil War diaries uncovered from a field lap desk compartment. And later, Jimmie gets a hankering to own a vehicle of pure 70's muscle--a 1972 Chevelle.
6 Feb. 2012
Joker's Wild
Go treasure hunting with the Cajun Pawn Stars as the guys hope they've discovered a 1700's pristine flintlock gun brought to Louisiana by pirates. Then, Jimmie travels through country music history as he checks out an old Greyhound bus that may have belonged to country music legend Barbara Mandrell. And later, regular customer Joker steers into the shop to sell his motorized wheelchair.
6 Feb. 2012
Speed Demons
Soar up through the skies with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they have the opportunity to buy a rare World War II biplane. Then, a unique piece of presidential history finds it's way into the shop--a strand of Abraham Lincoln's hair.. And later, a familiar customer hopes to sell his super speedy Mako fishing boat.
20 Jun. 2012
Trigger Finger
Take aim with the CAJUN PAWN STARS as they check out a rare 1921 Tommy gun. Made famous by Hollywood gangster movies, will Jimmie pull the trigger on a great deal or will his nerves of excitement cause him to miss the target?
20 Jun. 2012
Cash Cows
Burn some rubber with the CAJUN PAWN STARS as they shift gears to check out a classic 1990 Ferrari 348. Will Johnnie rev up stacks of cash for this super fast ride or will he push negotiations into the red and blow the deal?
20 Jun. 2012
High Caliber
Come experience shock and awe as the Cajun Pawn Stars take aim at a powerful WWII 50-caliber gun. Will the guys fire off an explosive offer or will they suddenly find themselves gun shy?
11 Jul. 2012
Gone Fishin'
Harmonize with some Cajun flair when a seller brings in a rare 1915 Gibson duel harp guitar. Will Jimmie hit a string of good luck by making a deal or will a bad chord leave things unsound?
Spring Foward
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11 Jul. 2012
Double-Edged Pawn
Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they unsheathe a pair of Union Civil War swords. Will the guys advance with enough cash to secure these weapons or will tough negotiations force them to sound a retreat?
25 Jul. 2012
Bird Brains
Watch the Cajun Pawn Stars strut their stuff as Johnnie and Yankee check out a muster of peacocks. Will our fine-feathered friends be able to hatch a deal or will they end up with an empty nest?
25 Jul. 2012
Knocked Up
The Cajun Pawn Stars may be headed towards a baby boom after shop regular Joker rolls into the shop with an African fertility chair. Will Joker walk away with a new addition to his savings account or will his nest stay empty?
18 Jul. 2012
Cash Cart
See the Cajun Pawn Stars fire off all cylinders as they check out an ultra fast racing go-kart. In need of serious repair, can the guys go full throttle to reach the finish line or will negotiations sputter out of gas?
All Shook Up
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1 Aug. 2012
Mail to the Chief
See the Cajun Pawn Stars cast their vote for a letter penned by a college-aged future President...Bill Clinton. Will the guys mount a fierce campaign for this pre-Presidential correspondence or will lack of funds force them to drop out of the race?
12 Sep. 2012
This Little Piggy
Stand and sing with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out original handwritten lyrics to one of our nation's best-known anthems, My Country Tis of Thee. Then, Jimmie is tempted to go hog wild over buying a vintage coin-operated kiddie pig ride.
19 Sep. 2012
Going Medieval
Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they go to battle for a rare medieval Saxon helmet believed to be from 1100 A.D. Will Tammie and Johnnie embark on a tireless quest to capture this historic prize or will heated negotiations force a full retreat?

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