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Reviews & Ratings for
Wither More at IMDbPro »Vittra (original title)

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14 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Impressive gore, but that's the best thing about it

Author: Jiiimbooh from Sweden
26 September 2012

Some young people decide to party and spend the night in an abandoned house in the woods. One by one they are possessed by… something and the possessed start attacking the not-yet-possessed. We only get a semi-explanation for why and what's going on, but that's really all that's needed. It's not the most original story of all time, but it works.

This Swedish horror movie is like a modern Evil Dead with more realistic gore effects, but most else is sadly not up to the same standard as the old cult-classic. After an initial horror scene to set the tone, we get a superficial presentation of the characters and why they are going to the house. This part is rather boring. I understand that they want to set up the characters and story, but we get mostly uninteresting talking. No interesting stuff happening, no funny jokes, and no good buildup of what's to come. Regarding the dialog: the lines themselves are mostly realistic during this part. However, the delivery isn't always that realistic, but not bad enough to be funny.

The movie does get better once the horror begins. There are some creepy parts and excellent gore effects. Despite this being a low-budget Swedish horror, the effects are up to par with a modern Hollywood horror movie, so kudos for that. The acting even improves a bit. However, I was a little annoyed at times at the inconsistent behavior of the possessed. Sometimes they can't attack the humans fast enough, yet at other times they just stand there and look.

I would recommend this to someone who is mainly interested in seeing some nice gore.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Top notch gore minus the scares. Good effort nonetheless.

Author: bloke_shwin from India
27 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was in my radar for a long time. It wasn't available in the library. Searched the market where they sell pirated dvds for 50 rs. Was to no avail. Heard some very good reviews n how some compared it to the evil dead. Well as a fan of evil dead like most ppl, i was eager for this. Finally saw this. Thanx mate for the movie. Coming to the movie, the acting was horrendous. There was minimal character development. The chicks were not that eye candy. The Swedish forests/woods weren't utilized. There was zero cinematography. What really bugged me was that this movie was not at all creepy or scary. There was no proper explanation given about the house or the "thing" inside the cellar. Read bah the "thing" on wiki. Scary n interesting. In one scene the zombie/possessed person is screaming so much that I felt sympathy for it. The characters were so lame n stupid, i mean all of em? The movie is full of scenes like "why wud they do that" "common man". The director tried to make it look like an 80s film with the music n that grainy feel. One thing the movie can really boast about is the amount of impressive gore. It's gory. I mean much gory than the Evil dead remake. All in all a good effort. Check out Gallows hill. A better demon movie. Well this is a decent non scary horror flick with impressive gore but lacked originality.

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

This film is EVIL DEAD for the Swedes

Author: ksmieshek from Missouri, USA
29 October 2013

I have had it! Everyone had been ranting and raving about how this film was the Swedish "Evil Dead" and then they have voiced their disappointment . This movie DOES embody the essence of Evil Dead with a 21st century twist. It's cheesy, its gory, its actors are looking for their break. ITS AMAZING. People say the plot line is ridiculous and that movie plays out terribly. That is basically Evil Dead in a nut shell. But its those amateur things that bring us the greatest cinema. The Swedes made some magic with this film. If you can appreciate a simple piece of horror, this film has it all. Ridiculous amounts of blood, sentimental feelings for the deceased, and lots of old rickety cabin scenes. This movie is great!!

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Gory and some-what creepy movie,

Author: atinder from United Kingdom
1 November 2013

This plot you maybe thinking its sounds a lot like Evil dead and most of the movie did remind me a lot of evil dead.

Two break away from the the group and end up going under house to sneak off, as then lady sees some kind of creatures, soon we see her owns eyes go back into her head.

Everything seem fine at first, all having dinner, While that girl is feeling not well soon she takes a turns into a infected person.

That when the movie gets going,it dose not take long at all and everyone trying to fight her off.

Then man appears at door, hearing the noise. telling the story of how is wife and Daughter were killed by the same creature, who ever looks into eyes of the creature, there sole wiill be taken.

Soon it's spreads around the cabin, this movie as some very gory moments (Not over the top gory moments like Remake of Evil) Enough to please gore hounds and the creature did not look that bad , good make up effects, make them looks really creepy.

Very enjoyable movie, if you didn't like the remake of Evil Dead, Check this one out.

7 out of 10

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7 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Dull as dishwater

Author: SanForZeke from Sweden
20 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I lack the stamina to write a proper review about this movie. But this sad, boring, Evil Dead-wannabe doesn't deserve one, anyway. It was nowhere near the Evil Dead movies (and I didn't particularly care about those, either) except maybe in gore. I'll just list some things with a notice to horror fans: Don't watch this movie. The only "horror" in this movie is how bad it is.

1. Are you a nervous girl sent inside a house to open the outer door for your friends? Don't do it. Investigate the cellar instead, hope that the guy hasn't unlocked the door before you're done.

2. Your friend is blocking your path down the stairs. She's got blood all over her. Ask her in a casual manner to get out of the way, or what's the matter.

3. The "Vittra" attacks you. Wrestle with it. Push it away, it shows talent in getting pushed into objects or over tables. Then just stand there and look perplexed until it's ready to attack again, then try to reach the door.

4. Some Vittras are more durable than others. Some will be put down and die quite easily. Others will take an insane amount of damage before they give up.

5. Always split up.

6. We must go outside! No, it's dark and rainy, it won't work, get upstairs! Get in there, lock the door! Bad idea, we must go outside! Go this way! Go that way! Back this way! Get outta the way!

7. Some Vittras are aware of their condition, and doesn't really want to hurt you, but in the end they must. Others, be it your brother, doesn't care one bit.

8. Main couple are given a few extra chances of survival. The Vittras make sure to not bite them whenever they get the chance. Support characters are a fair meal up for grabs, though.

9. Some Vittras likes to scream. Loudly. It doesn't up the scarefactor, though.

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7 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

If you want to lose your mind then this is the number one movie for you

Author: Nanda lol from India
12 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been checking out the IMDb website for many years now but i never wanted to create an account,i don't know why.But now,after watching this horrible....horrible movie i think i'm doing service to mankind by preventing them horror fans from witnessing this visual crap.At Least,if it had bad special effects i would've recommended the movie to the dick who lives next door to make a fool of him but no this movie was beyond that...a whole new level of z-grade horror movies. The acting is horrible,movie is slow paced and by slow paced i mean the guys are just waiting for the zombie to attack,then they push them off and cry,I'm serious they cry.After serious contemplation they decide to kill a few zombies and yes they end it by crying.The movie would've been really thrilling if it ran at a 10x speed.There are some people who deserve to die in these slasher/horror movies,but these college kids?the only thing these dumb kids are good at is dying and god is merciful for giving them this opportunity to showcase their talent. If you want to lose your mind then this is the number one movie for you.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

The Swedens bite into the Evil Dead...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
11 December 2016

I will go out on a limb here and say that "Vittra" (aka "Wither") surely had to be a homage to "Evil Dead", because it was essentially the very same story, just only set to take place in the beautiful wilds of Sweden. And if it wasn't an homage to "Evil Dead", then it was either a very odd coincidence, or the most blatantly rip-off ever conceded.

The story taking place in "Vittra" is about a group of young people going to enjoy time away in a remote cabin on the forested mountainside. But they unless an ancient evil trapped in the basement, and one by one they succumb to the taint of evil and turn to ferocious killers.

There is a lot of blood and gore in "Vittra", which may discourage some viewers, but on the other hand it also have an equally big chance of appealing to the gore hounds in the audience. I found the amount of blood and gore to be working in favor of the movie, especially since the special effects team did a good job.

However, the storyline was just too much of a copy of "Evil Dead" for me, and that didn't sit well with me. Sure, I do love "Evil Dead" and its sequels, but that doesn't mean that I have to agree with other takes on the iconic movies. And "Vittra" didn't really take on with me, and I found it to be a mere mediocre cash-in on the "Evil Dead" franchise. It lacked originality and ingenuity.

The acting in the movie was adequate, although I can't really claim to single anyone out as being overly memorable. I suppose it was as it was supposed to be for a Swedish take on "Evil Dead". However, no one will ever reach up to the performance of Bruce Campbell.

"Vittra" wasn't particularly memorable for me, especially since I had already seen it all before in the classic and iconic "Evil Dead" movies. But I am sure to a new audience who is not familiar with "Evil Dead", then "Vittra" will turn out to be quite impressive.

And bear in mind that this is a Swedish movie and they speak Swedish. So if you have an issue with foreign language movies, then you have been warned.

I found "Vittra" to be very mediocre, and as such I am rating it five out of ten stars solely for the blood and gore. "Vittra" did not leave any lasting bitemarks, pardon the pun, and nor will it ever become as loved as "Evil Dead". Why settle for less when you already have perfection readily available in the company of Ashley J. Williams and friends?

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The withering of WITHER

Author: Reaper-of-Souls from United States
27 August 2013

Hailed by many as the new (or next) EVIL DEAD, WITHER turned out to be a bit of a let down as its conclusion and end credits withered away. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this. Just not nearly as much as I had anticipated. Where shall I begin?

Without a doubt, WITHER was pretty well done considering the low budget. The acting was decent. The setting was cool. The gore effects were better than expected. But that's about where it stops. The story was too simple and the characters were not given enough...not sure of the word I am looking for...depth, maybe? There just wasn't much of a back story in general. The actors did good with what they were given. The finale was...well, if you blinked you may have missed it. Nonexistent for the most part.

This really had a chance to be great, but instead it withered along the way in becoming just average. I promise I won't use the word "withered" again in this review, but it's damn hard not to! Overall a decent film. Much better than most low budget horrors these days, if only the story would have been told a bit better. And the death scenes could have been a little more creative. The ending is the biggest let down of all though, in my eyes.

Good acting. Good setting. Great gore effects. Limp story. Lame ending. Still worth a view. Just don't expect this to be up to par with the original EVIL DEAD, because if you do, you will be sadly let down. EVIL DEAD set the standard for how to make a scary, no budget horror film. Hopefully, if a WITHER 2 is somewhere on the horizon, a bigger budget and better storytelling will emerge and just maybe we will get the Swedish equivalent of DEAD BY DAWN: THE EVIL DEAD II. Just maybe...

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Swedish smørgasbörd of gore!

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
2 November 2013

To claim that "Wither" is inspired by Sam Raimi's horror monument "The Evil Dead" would be a tremendous understatement. "Wither" fundamentally IS the Swedish version of "The Evil Dead", although accomplished with a great deal of respect, admiration and youthful enthusiasm towards the classic original. Perhaps even more so the case than in the US-remake released earlier this year! Albin and Ida, a young couple very much in love, invite five of their friends to spend a weekend in a cabin high up in the Swedish woods. Before they are even properly installed, one of the girls encounters a mythological Swedish folklore demon in the fruit cellar and becomes possessed. She subsequently infects her friends one by one while the surviving ones unsuccessfully attempt to escape. So much for the straightforward and familiar story, and I bet you can guess the script also reverts to textbook clichés (the old man with the warnings) and stereotype characters (arrogant jocks, blond bimbos…). But all that doesn't matter, because the main trump of "Wither" obviously isn't the intellectual storyline but the outrageous and plentiful gore! It looks as if the crew invested every penny they owned into make-up effects, fake blood and red goo. "Wither" offers a Swedish smørgasbörd of impalement, decapitations, axe-wielding, shotgun-through-the-head wounds, face-munching and much more! The gore, and particularly the quality of the old-fashioned make-up effects, widely compensate for the lack of originality. My main complaint regarding the film is that the makers clearly had too much fun and seemingly didn't want their movie to end. Towards the finale, the film definitely drags and outstays its welcome. The overly sentimental confrontation between the last two survivors could (and should) have been cut with at least 10 minutes at least.

Was the above review useful to you?

2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

OK for what it is

Author: dsntxst from Australia
19 May 2014

A group of friends head out for a weekend of fun at an abandoned cabin in the woods but unwittingly unleash an ancient evil that begins hunting them one-by-one.

So originality is not a key factor with 'Wither' but then it isn't supposed to be. What 'Wither' is though is an okay little cabin-in-the-woods story that evokes the gritty and primal feel of old school horror flicks of the 70s and 80s - the good and the bad.

The good: (1) There is minimal back story before we get to the "goods"; (2) The cast do an adequate job of looking pretty one minute then terrified the next; (3) There are some pretty neat practical effects throughout; (4) From the setting to the use of film grain, the entire film looks very gritty which helps set the atmosphere; (5) The horror set pieces are entertaining for the most part (and gore fans are well catered to).

The bad: (1) Things happen a bit too conveniently in order to push the film along and there are some breaks in the film's logic that were a bit jarring; (2) Although it's to be expected, there are A LOT of "Why would anyone do that?" moments which are really infuriating; (3) The neat practical effects are counterbalanced by some not-so-neat CG effects; (4) The film starts to drag towards the end and peters out into a bit of a ho-hum conclusion.

'Wither' is no classic but is enjoyable enough if you don't expect too much from it (and we all need films like these once in a while, right?). This is a simple cabin-in-the-woods story: no muss, no fuss. Worth a view.

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