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Season 4

23 Apr. 2016
New Normal
Three years after their arrival on Earth, an alien attack forces the Rescue Bots to decide whether to reveal their true natures to the citizens of Griffin Rock.
23 Apr. 2016
Bridge Building
While the citizens of Griffin Rock decide whether or not to let the Bots stay in their midst, a GroundBridge accident splits the Team.
30 Apr. 2016
As Frankie struggles to adjust to life with her baby sister, the Bots are surprised by a new arrival of their own.
7 May 2016
Plus One
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14 May 2016
Back to Virtual Reality
When Dani's out-of-this-world test flight doesn't go according to plan, the Rescue Team is her only hope of ever making it back home.
21 May 2016
Vanishing Returns
The Bots deal with a group of investors who want to build a vacation resort in Griffin Rock, while Cody deals with feeling invisible around everyone.
28 May 2016
Ghost in the Machine
As Griffin Rock celebrates their version of Halloween, Evan and Myles car-jack Quickshadow and discover the Bots' secret.
4 Jun. 2016
Enemy of My Enemy
The Burns family finds an unexpected ally in a former foe when the Rescue Bots are captured by a new villain.
11 Jun. 2016
Mayor May Not
The Rescue Team is distressed, and the town of Griffin Rock gets more than it bargained for, when Chase is elected as the new mayor.
18 Jun. 2016
All Spark Day
While celebrating a Cybertronian holiday, the Rescue Bots take on their biggest challenge yet - a super-sized, overtired baby.
25 Jun. 2016
Part-Time Heroes
When Griffin Rock's communication tower needs replacing, the Bots and Burnses take on part-time jobs to raise the money.
23 Jul. 2016
Hot Rod Bot
Dani helps Blurr find balance between his wish to be a winning racecar and a working Rescue Bot.
30 Jul. 2016
King Burns
While Chief helps Woodrow rescue gorillas from a volcanic eruption, his sons learn they are heirs to the "throne" of Griffin Rock!
6 Aug. 2016
Pizza Pi Party
When Doc's new super-yeast causes havoc at Griffin Rock's Pizza Pi Festival, the Bots have to find unconventional ways to deal with a rising problem.
13 Aug. 2016
Uninvited Guest
Bumblebee's unexpected appearance at the Bots' Training Center brings more than a few surprises to the Team.
27 Aug. 2016
Camp Cody
When Blades is unable to participate in a Lad Pioneer leveling up ceremony on the mainland due to his Bot form, Graham and Cody help disguise him - and uncover a few more surprises along the way.
3 Sep. 2016
Once Upon a Time
The Rescue Team is drawn into the woods to solve the mystery of what's making the Griffin Spruces fall... but is the answer based in science, or fairy tales?
10 Sep. 2016
The Need for Speed
A mysterious criminal and unexpected visitor challenge Blurr's future as a Rescue Bot.
17 Sep. 2016
Cody's 11
The Burns family and their Bots plan a heist to steal back Energon and technology that have fallen into dangerous hands.
1 Oct. 2016
A Brush with Danger
Cody rides along with each of the Bots to decide what kind of rescue worker he wants to be -- but when a member of his family is in danger, Cody's true calling becomes clear.
8 Oct. 2016
To Infinity... And Back
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15 Oct. 2016
Family Business
When Optimus Prime splits the Rescue Bots into different teams for new assignments, the evil genius of Doctor Morocco return to wreak havoc.
22 Oct. 2016
The computer-generated Doctor morocco hatches a bold new plot to win against the Rescue Bots... by becoming one of them.
22 Oct. 2016
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