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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested MPAA rating: Rated R for sequences of crude and sexual content, including some dialogue, nudity, some drug use and language
  • This is a story of a group of guys who find has-been celebrities who want to have a sex tape online to regain their notoriety. There are many sex scenes (though some are brief) and there is constant nudity. One of the characters is a chronic masturbate who is a webmaster for a sex site; he is shown masturbating (no nudity) or having just masturbated (pants down) several times.
  • Talk about a guy's girlfriend not being sexually active.
  • A guy watches two girls on the internet, both have their breasts clearly visible. He tells them to do sexual things to each other. They are shown a few times throughout the movie.
  • At a party, there are a few women in thongs, and a couple of women are topless with their breasts clearly visible. Upstairs, a girl falls on a bed and her dress falls down, revealing her breasts. She and a man have sex; she talks dirty, her breasts are shown bouncing, and it is recorded on a camera phone. Another guy interrupts and grabs her breasts. Some "cool guys" ask one of the "nerds" to ask a girl if he can "get all up in that lab[ia]".
  • A few guys are at a strip club, where a few girls are shown with their breasts exposed and in thongs. One of the girls grabs her breasts several times in a sexual manner.
  • A guy and another girl have sex, her breasts and butt shown. Again, a lot of dirty talk and moaning, and it is recorded on video. A man is shown masturbating to it all and sounds are made indicating that he ejaculates.
  • There is a montage showing the main character having sex with several women in several positions. Most of the women are shown topless or at least in their thong underwear. Also some women are shown flashing the camera.
  • A woman is shown fully nude, both from the front and back, breasts, butt, and pubic region clearly visible. She then shoves a man's face into her pubic area and makes him eat her out. Very graphic dialogue and sounds ensue. She orgasms and ejaculates on the man.
  • A large woman is shown fully nude, running to the bed to have sex. Breasts and pubic region shown.
  • Another woman and a man in a costume have sex, her breasts clearly shown, and there is some dirty talk.
  • A man takes Viagra pill to get an erection. He meets a woman on a blanket where she proceeds to take off her shirt and shorts. She is fully nude, breasts, butt, and pubic region visible. The man passes out and the woman proceeds to have sex with him while he's unconscious.
  • In preparation for a live sex video, a couple of men are shown preparing to masturbate. In the studio, there are a few women whose breasts are clearly visible. One woman takes off her robe, her breasts, butt, and pubic region clearly visible. She is shown having sex.
  • A guy and girl make out. She takes off her top, revealing her bra. Then she takes off her bra and reveals her breasts. It is implied they have sex, both of them being virgins at the time.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl is grabbed and thrown into a pool.
  • Some people are punched.
  • A man is shot at with a paintball gun.
  • Two men slap each other in a bathroom.
  • A few people get into a fight.
  • A woman handcuffs and manhandles a guy. She hits him a few times with a whip. It is implied that she shoves some paper up his butt.


  • Some strong profanity, mostly the "f" word.
  • Quite a few references an innuendos about men being homosexuals.
  • Lots of derogatory put-downs ("pussy").
  • Constant sexual dialogue ("f*ing", "pussy", "tits", "cumming", "cock", "sluts")
  • A few references to lesbians.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a party with a lot of drinking. One woman and man snorts cocaine.
  • One woman is constantly drunk.
  • Some talk about a party that will have a lot of drinking and drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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