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A beautiful and whimsical show.
Shopaholic3528 June 2014
No matter what, little girls are always going to want to be princesses. Sofia the first is the perfect princess for little girls to look up to. She may not always get everything right but she genuinely tries to be kind-hearted and compassionate towards all. Most importantly she learns from her mistakes that even the best of us can make.

Aside from the strong moral values of the show, Disney has created a beautiful kingdom that will entrance you. There is magic, fun, the occasional song and each episode is very entertaining. We also can't forget Sofia's animal friends that can talk to her. It is a truly whimsical adventure that all children young and old can enjoy.
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A Timeless Disney series for everyone to enjoy
railroadengineer 600020 January 2014
I have always liked Disney movies and T.V. shows. This T.V. series is something everyone will enjoy. If you haven't watched Sofia the First yet, maybe you should try watching it with your children to enjoy this timelessly beloved Princess. She teaches everyone valuable lessons about how to work with one another. Our favorite moments are when we share our love to our friends and family. Everyone will cherish their memories watching this too. If we always help each other, we will be loved by one another. Sofia has such a loving heart and a kind and caring side whenever someone's in trouble. I wish everyone could see a good side of themselves and remember the importance of what it takes to be a good helper in case something happens and reach out to give a hand to that person or even an animal. I enjoyed watching this series and everyone will too. Many memories live within us and we will always cherish them as a part of our hearts and great deeds.
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Mireya Cardenas25 October 2014
Since the first episode I watched I just fell in love. First of all Sofia is just such a cute lovable little girl. She is kind, and sweet, and caring. There are also plenty of musicals throughout the show. I am a 22 year old and I love this show. Normally Im not a big fan of Dinsey shows ( I think they are dumb and unoriginal ), but this is just such a great show and one actually learns good virtues. There should be more shows like this out there instead of shows that just kill people's neurons. I would honestly recommend this show to anyone. I would be upset or anxious about taking exams and just watching Sofia be brave and go against other's negative thoughts that she can't do it,it just gives me motivation and reminds me I can do anything I put my mind to.
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just lovely
Armand21 March 2015
its great virtue - courage to not be original. than - the old fashion message who reminds the dreams of little girls to be princesses, the magic of Disney from the creator 's movies, the joy of childhood, the moral lessons in convincing, sweet forms. a princess like each of her viewers- nice, clever, wise in many moments, innocent, fan of justice. and a seductive universe around her. short - a series who must see it. not only for drawings or music, for the status of vehicle to a lovely universe but for an interesting script who teach in the right manner. Sofia the First is almost an oasis for its public. and the best thing is the measure who defines it.
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Kirpianuscus22 January 2017
each animation is special. because it reminds the flavor of childhood to the parents, discovers the magnificent worlds of fiction to child, gives new dimension to time, life, love and joy. but "Sofia the First" is not an ordinary case. because it use the princess theme in a precise and inspired manner. it is a down to earth animation, a sort of guide for young public in which errors and events and meets and good facts, moral values and fight against evil are not exactly parts of magic universe but pieces of each new day. and this is a precious virtue because the series represents , almost, a didactic tool. sure, the ingredients of fairy tale are not ignored but the message is more profound. and more practical. so, a special series. nothing else.
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Wow...this is rather quite interesting.
Klaus Kalitz17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I did scroll down the reviews on this, and saw someone who's 22 that watches this. I'm 21 and I do sometimes watch this show. I'm quite convinced that this show is rather interesting to look into compared to most of the random cartoon shows I've seen. I actually have a friend that works at Ala Moana on a Disney store that actually has her around all things Disney, which includes Sofia the First and so much more. Aside from that, the story does look well organized, each with a lesson learned in this. After all, who doesn't want to like being a princess? Girls who watch this should learn from this. The one thing that does question me is if they'll do a lot more appearances for the other Disney princesses. I would be a lot more impressed if they actually would do that.
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Sofia the Cutest
kimnaeun2 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When I first came across Sofia the first, my expectations were kind of low, because it was labeled as Disney Junior. I was babysitting my cousin at the time and I was tired of it. Anyways, I found this show on Netflix and started watching with my little cousin. Then, I fell in love with this show.

Sofia looks really adorable. She has a chubby cheek, very cute smile and many facial expressions. Also her personality isn't perfect, but she has genuine feelings and morals, which makes her very likable person.

The stories are quite simple, yet not too shabby. It's not dramatic, or complicated, and anyone in the show make mistakes and reflect upon themselves and learn what they have done wrong. There's no permanent antagonist or protagonist.

I would recommend this show to age 5-20 girls.
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I Tried So Hard To Hate This Show
TheBadGamingBoy30 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just really wanted to hate this show because it was a show for little girls. But I couldn't help myself. After a couple of hours of watching Sofia, I just had to admit to myself that I LOVE the show. It is such a remarkable one and teaches kids lessons. Like how you should give some people second chances and how you need to be nice to your friends no matter who's around. Sofia is absolutely adorable and almost perfect. If she ever makes a mistake, she apologizes and doesn't do it again. It is a nice show that teaches kids lessons as I said before. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who has a 5 year old or younger girl who wants to be a princess and learn proper manners and lessons!
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An annoying insult to children's intelligence
captainjack_da27 March 2017
This show is an annoying pile of ugly. Why do you reviewers think it is so great. The show is so boring and i hate Sofia. She is such an annoying brat. The comedy is horrendous. Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It teaches kids things and does thru creative animation and stories. I think this is the worst Disney cartoon, or even the worst show on Disney.
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