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Fun ride with some bumps on the way

Author: Thatdudewiththelongname from United States
18 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Need for speed is like the call of duty of racing a new one each year you can look forward to. this time around we have the Run. is it a cross country epic or does it burn out in the first lap lets find out.

story wise there's not much here you play a driver of a fast car and you are trying to win a cross country race without being disqualified by the mob standard story fair with no real twists or turns.

what dose have twists and turns is the game play which is tight as ever you play across several maps mostly in a car but sometimes you have to get out of the car (Gasp) but only in an amusing QTE sequence every once in a while which are action packed and exciting and the tight game play is prevalent over to all modes.

graphically the game is great. a little more time on the human models would be good but the cars look fantastic as do environments as you race across America to survive

all in all a solid NFS title that does a bit to mix things up but not to much that it unrecognizable story 5/10. game play 8/10. graphics 9/10. replay 7/10. for newbies the game is enjoyable and fun to new racers8/10. for vets the game play is mixed up and is surprising and fresh for people who played the older games to experience a true story mode 8/10. overall 8

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This game hates you worse than Hitler hated Jews

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
4 July 2014

Word of advice to developers and publishers: if you sell your game on speed, the need for it, and have the word in the title, then don't punish the player for wanting it.

Should I actually bother doing a review for this junk or should I just give you a long list of complaints? I suppose they'd be one and the same.

You play as Jack, a young troublemaker who finds himself in deep with the mob. In the opening scene you escape a car compactor and flee the gangsters who are out to kill you. Right away you are enrolled in a West-to-East coast cross-country race (sort of a reverse Turbo OutRun) for a grand prize that will settle your debts with said mobsters. That's it as far as story goes, not that it matters since some of the best racing games have virtually zero story.

It's unlikely that you'll actually enjoy this trip from the Big Orange to the Big Apple as you'll spend half the time struggling to keep your car under control. The handling on all vehicles is simply terrible and anything/everything will make you fishtail. You'll cling to every guard rail, be they concrete or steel, like magnet. If you clip another car even gently, even by the wing mirror, you'll be thrown off the road. Rival drivers are capable of impossible physics and miracles. You are not. Are you enjoying that 1-second burst of speed? Well don't, because you're getting thrown right into a right-angle turn. Do you want a level where you can enjoy going fast? Well tough, because the next one, and the one after that, is mountain-based meaning lots and lots of switchbacks, and the road is wet too so if you even think about having even the slightest control over it then you will be disappointed. Winning any race is based on chance not skill.

And there lies the worst problem of this game - if you go off the road by just a single freakin' INCH the game resets to the last check point, even if you have not past any checkpoints it will send you back to the beginning of the race and you'll still lose a reset point. When going off course, be it merely TOUCHING a grass verge or going off a cliff there is no destruction animation, the game just fades out. I swear it will make you so mad you'll chuck your controller through the TV and go out looking for a fight. Where the programmers complete idiots or cruel sadists? There's no installation either, and you know what that means, kiddies - loooooooooong loading times. I remember when I had Turbo OutRun for my Commodore 64 way back in 1991. It was a multi-load tape and would load each level one a time. I thought this was a chore even back then. Nothing has changed in 20 years.

After playing it through to the end, because I hate myself, I only unlocked 36% of the trophies. Many of them are based on online play, which is a barren after 3 years of being released. As I have said before, online-based trophies should not count towards a Platinum.

I cannot think of any reason to recommend this garbage to you. There are so many, many good driving games out there from Burnout to Motorstorm and Ridge Racer as well as all of the retro titles such as Daytona and OutRun. This is the second time I have been disappointed by the Need for Speed franchise and I will not be returning no matter what it promises.

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