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This is the weak episode of the three
pawebster1 January 2012
As IMDb doesn't seem to be allowing comments on the serial as a whole, I'm doing them episode by episode.

This one is by far the weakest. The biggest failing is that Douglas Booth is a pretty useless Pip. Booth is a fashion model and his perfectly made up doll-like face makes him look as if he is on a photo shoot for most of the time. His main expression, which rarely changes, is a slight pout. A country lad from the forge trying to become a convincing gentleman? Sorry, but no. Incidentally, he looks absolutely nothing like Oscar Kennedy who played young Pip so expressively in episode 1. Others have noticed that he is supposed to be plain and Estella beautiful - it's the wrong way round here. His voice is wrong, too. He too quickly masters an actorish type of standard pronunciation, which is unfortunately much too modern in style and includes the dreaded glottal stop in places (e.g. bu' for but).

Another big failing is that the script writer (why do they do this?) decided to sex the story up by including a sleazy brothel scene.

On the positive side, smiley Harry Lloyd is excellent as Herbert Pocket.

Things pick up in episode 3.
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