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As with her best films, Coppola is utterly at ease in this milieu and it shows.
The Bling Ring traces an intriguing feedback loop of which it is knowingly a part: a movie that affords its subjects the very immortality they so aggressively sought.
Coppola’s uproarious and bitingly timely film feels every inch a necessary artwork.
The New Yorker
May be the most exquisitely crafted movie ever made about a bunch of nitwits. [10 & 17 June 2013, p. 110]
Coppola presents a smart cross-examination of the impact of media exposure on fickle young minds. While the ambitions of its young thieves often blur together and lack precise definition, The Bling Ring is the director's breeziest work, allowing the story to glide along with the ease of a heist movie.
Apart from scenes with Leslie Mann as a mother who propagates the wisdom of The Secret (she’d be too heavy-handed for a Disney Channel sitcom), The Bling Ring is enjoyable. And it’s always easy on the eyes.
The Hollywood Reporter
Coppola’s attitude toward her subject seems equivocal, uncertain; there is perhaps a smidgen of social commentary, but she seems far too at home in the world she depicts to offer a rewarding critique of it.
The Guardian
The final notes of irony and repudiation may be laboured and obvious, but this is an intriguingly intuitive and atmospheric movie.
It's the picture's lack of focus that eventually diminishes whatever little The Bling Ring has to say.
Slant Magazine
Sofia Coppola seems curiously unmotivated to bring full analysis or provocation to her themes, leaving the film feeling like a disappointingly toothless satire.

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