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Alison first introduces the band Train, who perform their new song, "Brand New Book", which they wrote specifically as the new theme song for the show. After doing a retrospective of the season, Alison introduces the three trainers - Bob, Anna and Dolvett - who provide their perspective of the season, for Anna and Dolvett their first. She then introduces the twelve eliminated contestants in three groups of four. One person in each of those three groups have the highest percentage of weight loss of the at-home contestants, those three who will step on the scale for one last time to determine the winner of the $100,000 at-home prize. She provides some glimpses into season 13 which she mentions has some Biggest Loser firsts and new twists. She then introduces the three finalists - Antone, John and Ramon - who too will step on the scale for the final time to see who is the winner of the $250,000 and the title of the Biggest Loser Season 12.

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