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Now, at least have the courtesy to say this was a brilliant episode
varun_12013 April 2012
I just don't understand why people want to criticize south park. This is just not about a particular mediocre episode. They just want to slam it, for the sake of slamming it. This season has been better than last season. Only 15th season has not been very good. Otherwise, as far as I remember all the seasons have been good. Particularly I saw reviews of South park on IMDb, by novices who have no experience of reviewing, who have one or two reviews. They haven't seen previous South Park seasons, directly watching South Park in its 16th season, and complaining about it, that the show is not good.

The viewers of South Park are different and if you haven't been following South Park since years, you may not like it. South Park is better than other stupid comedy serials. It does satire on recent events and it always gives a message in a sarcastic manner. People who want to see stupidity in the garb of comedy should stay away from South Park and watch other stupid comedy serials, there are plenty. And foremost if you don't have the knowledge, please don't do a review.

Now talking about this episode, this was a parody on Kony 2012 videos. It is one of the best South Park episodes and certainly the best in this season, so far. Again, people who don't keep abreast with current news and developments may not understand this episode. This episode is a blend of a subject of bullying and the main motive of people who want to help this cause, which is just to make money. Social commentary is one of the highlights of this episode.

It was an excellent episode, but all the criticizers of South Park should at least have the courtesy to admit it.
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