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daniel_luck_711 October 2012
In contrast to the other review titled "Mediocre", I would like to say that I thought this South Park was fantastic.

It wasn't one of the very current affair/topical episodes, and did not necessarily relate to everyone, but it had some excellent one-liners, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed hysterically at points.

Furthermore, I think South Park seems to be more cutting than some other animated comedies such as Family Guy and American Dad (which I both love also).

If you are a true South Park fan, or you just appreciate good humour you will not be disappointed.
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It's getting better this season
varun_12012 October 2012
This episode was also a good episode in this season, maybe not as good as the previous episode but still very good episode. In this episode all the husbands in south park doubt that their wives are getting ban#ed by the UPS man of Amazon.

The situation in which this confusion is created is just fantastic. The episode starts with a funny commercial and the laughs just never end till the end of the episode.

I don't think this episode tries to convey any special message nor it ripped any current event off, but still the episode was very much hilarious.

Both the episode after the mid season break are good, I hope the rest episodes are also enjoyable. As always I love South Park and keep enjoying watching its episodes.
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omar_kmail10 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show, I've been a fan of it for since 2007. Just like I was thinking, whenever South Park makes a really good episode like the last one "Raising The Bar", the episode right after always blows. The plot in this one was very uninteresting. Kyle's father wears a UPS costume and has sex with his wife, and while they're having sex Ike sees that they're having sex, he thinks Kyle's mom is having sex with the UPS man, and then Ike draws a picture, shows it to the four boys, and then Randy Marsh hears them while they are in the room and it just starts spreading. I just didn't see what was significant about this episode. I had a few laughs, the episode didn't make my night which is very unusual. So as a long time South Park fan, I give this a 6.5/10.

***UPDATE*** (17/10/12) I just rewatched this episode again and for some reason I really liked it this time, I seemed to be in a bad mood that night, after re-watching it, I actually really enjoyed it and I got the message for the episode. I change my rating to an 8.5, round that to a 9/10.
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Funniest episode from season 16
martijnwouters7623 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For me, this is by far the best episode of season 16. Cartman was the main person whats always good. Then u get all the fathers joining and make up a plan to get rid of the milkman. Kyle and Stan appearing at some points. By the way the Matt and Trey change the normal security systems (alarm going off in a house and someone calls if everything is alright) into INsecurity systems (alarm goes off in someones body) is hilarious. The calls with the INsecurity phone lines are exactly as useless as it is in real life, and they work it out in a great way. The Baine mask part was well thought but a bit unnecessary. Then u get the at random returning old man thats giving advice what was a great addition. Matt and Trey have surpassed themselves with this ep.
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