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Who is to blame; gangsters, the IRA or MI-5?
Tweekums23 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The team are rather surprised when DAC Strickland arranges to meet them in a car park and arrives in a taxi… it turns out somebody is clearing up loose ends from a case thirty years ago and Strickland is one of those loose ends. He and a small group he was at Sandhurst with had broken into the house of a journalist at the behest of MI-5; soon afterwards the journalist was killed in a hit and run accident. At the time the journalist had been investigating ties between a London gangster and the IRA. Two members of the team are dead already and Strickland and his friend Stephen Fisher believe they might be next on the hit list. It turns out that a document that they photographed that night had gone missing from the journalist's study; clearly whatever it contained was worth killing for and somebody feared that those involved in the break in might work out its significance… Strickland, Fisher and the UCOS team will have to find out what was on that document if they are to learn why the group is being targeted thirty years after the initial break in.

This was a much more convoluted episode than usual; that wasn't a surprise though as anything involving Ireland in the bad old days and the security services is bound to be fairly murky… especially when you have Tim McInnerny putting in his excellent trademark performance as a slightly sinister Whitehall type; it is hard to believe that he was once Blackadder's idiotic sidekick Percy! Anthony Calf also but in a good performance as Strickland; getting far more screen time than his character usually gets. There was more action than usual with shootings, explosions and even a hit man getting rundown. Just because it was more complex than usual doesn't mean there weren't any laughs; McAndrew's method of overhearing a conversation was both amusing and inventive.
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More Spooks than New Tricks
tjhyb115 January 2015
If any episode was proof that Redman & Armstrong's fears that the writers had veered far from the show's original concept were well-founded, this is it. The four regulars feature almost as bit-part players with Strickland and arch-slimeball Stephen Fisher promoted to centre stage in what appears to be an old script left over from "Spooks". "New Tricks" it certainly isn't. Solving unsolved "civilian" crimes is pushed to one side to deal with the unravelling of a conspiracy involving sleeper agents and a plot to systematically wipe them out. Earlier delvings into the sinister world of security service dealings had been fairly well tackled; secret drug tests on serving soldiers in "Mad Dogs", illegal rendition in "The Truth is Out There", preventing the loss of potentially valuable scientific methods in "The Gentleman Vanishes", all these worked well within the show's remit as they were believable and could be related to everyday life. "Part of a Whole" on the other hand is so far removed from what most people would regard as normal it simply doesn't fit into what "New Tricks" was all about, i.e. retired police officers using their skills to solve seemingly insolvable crimes. If this episode was designed to teach Redman and Armstrong a lesson over their well-publicised criticisms of the direction the show was taking, it failed. If, instead, it was an example of the way the show was heading then maybe they did the right thing in leaving when they did.
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Spies coming in from the British cold
Parker Lewis20 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is Fisher's final appearance in New Tricks, and what a send-off. He and DAC Strickland share the most screen time in this episode, and maybe there can be a Fisher spin-off series. Anyway, we learn more about the duo's time at Sandhurst and their spy days.

Julian Simpson writes and directs, and Gerry and Steve have more screen time than Sandra and Brian. New Zealander Kerry Fox, who appeared in Intimacy, appears as one of Strickland's former spy pals.
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It must be OK to focus on other characters from time to time
howard-kerr27 July 2017
I accept that New Tricks did rather lose its way in later seasons, and the loss of Alun Armstrong was a big nail in the coffin. However, the criticism in one of the reviews that this episode focuses more on Strickland than the rest of the regulars I don't accept as an issue. I am a Dr Who fan and one of the best episodes is The Weeping Angels and this is billed as a 'Dr Who Lite' episode because he doesn't feature in it much. I think it does some good for any long running series to have story lines that aren't always heavy on the main cast. That said, this is just a great episode on its own - not only do we see a bit more of Strickland, we have Tim McInnerny playing the MI5 role really well. I have seen this episode a few times now and it is a great watch.
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