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  • The Phoenix team overwhelm the Terra Nova campsite while Taylor's remaining men hide in the forest. For mysterious reasons, the next step is clearing out the southern desert with mega-bombs. Lucas ultimately finds, traps and fights father Taylor, who is amazed the grudge goes deeper and weirder then he feared since he let his wife die to save Lucas's life. Jim decides the only hope for a lasting defense in shutting off the time portal.

  • Jim and Taylor team up in a last stand against the Phoenix Group, a colonist makes the ultimate sacrifice and a decision is made that will change life in Terra Nova.


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  • Taylor watches through binoculars from beyond the fence as Lucas shoots Washington in the head. He lowers the binoculars in shame and sadness. The Shannons, meanwhile, scramble into Taylor's waiting rover. Thanks to Washington's sacrifice, they've escaped. By morning, the Shannons arrive at the rebel camp. Maddy is reunited with Reynolds. Back at Terra Nova, Mira has returned from the "Badlands," which she explored at Weaver's request. She found "something" -- something obviously special. But what is it? CUT to the rebel camp. Jim tells Taylor that Washington spoke of a past battle before her death. Taylor remembers the battle in which his forces were trapped and outnumbered on an island and blew up the only bridge so that the enemy couldn't bring reinforcements. Taylor likes the suggestion. He proposes to Jim that they blow up Hope Plaza. "That means no more meds, no more technology, no more colonists," Jim warns. "We'll just have to survive out here with what we've got." Grunts Taylor: "We'll survive. But, first, let's kick some ass." Jim then breaks the news to Elisabeth -- and readies for war.

    Taylor soon arrives with two soldiers -- Reynolds and Dunham -- dressed in Phoenix Group uniforms taken from not-so-fortunate enemies. Back at Terra Nova, Skye approaches Lucas and begs his forgiveness. "What if I told you that I knew how to get in touch with your father?" Skye asks. She offers to lure Taylor into an ambush -- and leads Lucas to a spot in the jungle. Of course, the ambush turns out to be for Lucas, who is soon surrounded by Taylor's men. Skye smirks at Lucas. CUT to Jim, who hides in the cargo hold of a Phoenix truck driven by Dunham and Reynolds. The disguised soldiers unload the cargo and send it through the portal, hurtling Jim back to the future.

    So Jim arrives in 2149 -- just as Lucas manages to escape his bonds and BASH Skye's head into the side of the rover. Meanwhile, Taylor and Elisabeth watch the portal through binoculars. Taylor tells Elisabeth that once the portal is "un-tethered," Jim will return to the past within three clicks of the location. They'll just have to find him. CUT to Jim, who hides in the cargo bin as Weaver explains to some well-dressed old men that they are all now very rich. Jim notices that the cargo bin contains a dino. He releases the creature from its cage just as Weaver opens the door. The dino ATTACKS the baddies, crushing one underfoot. As Weaver flees, Jim sneaks out of the bin and disappears into the depth of the industrial complex. He fights off some guards and then arms the bomb.

    CUT back to the past, where Taylor gets a call from Skye: Lucas has escaped and is likely heading toward the portal. Sure enough, Taylor intercepts his son, KNOCKING him to the ground. "This is the first time I'm glad your mother is dead," Taylor says. "She would be so ashamed of what you have become." Lucas begins to weep, and reaches up to hug his father -- and STABS him in the gut. Suddenly, a SHOT rings out. Lucas falls to the ground, shot by Skye. She then runs to Taylor, who is gasping in pain.

    CUT to the future, where Jim rounds a corner and discovers Weaver holding a gun. "Do you know what you've cost us!?" Weaver screams. Just then, the dino appears and BITES Weaver's head, whipping him back and forth. Jim turns and sprints toward the portal with the dino in hot pursuit. Behind them, the facility EXPLODES. CUT to the past, where Jim emerges from the jungle to embrace Elisabeth. Mission accomplished. Skye, meanwhile, goes to Lucas's body, but discovers it is gone. The Taylor boy lives.

    Later that night, a Phoenix soldier explains to Mira that Hope Plaza has been destroyed. "We're stuck here ... forever," he says. Mira's jaw drops. She will never again see her daughter. The next morning, the surviving rebels return home to Terra Nova and are greeted by a throng of recently liberated citizens. Turns out the remaining Phoenix Group soldiers -- about 100 men -- have all retreated to the north ... to the Badlands. But why? Taylor and Jim then open the cargo bin containing the "something special" that Mira found in the Badlands. It contains what appears to be an ancient statue. "It's not a statue," Taylor says. "It's the prow of a ship." An 18th century ship from the looks of it. So how did it arrive in the past? What is in the Badlands? What does the Phoenix Group know?

    But those are questions for another day. The long ordeal ends with the Shannons watching a meteor shower from their porch inside Terra Nova. Safe. For now.

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