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Season 1

13 Dec. 2011
Episode #1.1
December 23rd 1988:- Lol is bringing up Lisa,her daughter by Milky,in a sparsely furnished flat and is still haunted by images of Mick.Milky visits her,bringing presents for the little girl. Woody is living with his parents,has a new girlfriend Jennifer and is offered a job promotion. He is deliberately distancing himself from his old friends,watching them through a window as they perform bad karaoke. Shaun is now a drama student and dating Smell. However he is falling for fellow student Fay,his leading lady in their end of term play and,after enduring a social ...
14 Dec. 2011
Episode #1.2
Christmas Eve:- A depressed Lol opens up to a sympathetic nurse about her troubled past before visiting Combo in prison to thank him for his sacrifice. Returning home she has a night out with Milky whilst Woody and Jennifer celebrate his promotion by having a meal at a restaurant with his boss. The end of term play,watched by the gang,is a success but Smell catches Shaun in bed with Fay at the after show party and dumps him.
15 Dec. 2011
Episode #1.3
In the early hours of Christmas Day Shaun confesses to his mother what he has done whilst Woody,walking home with Jennifer,meets his old gang and picks a fight with Milky,whom he accuses of splitting him up with Lol. Lol gains temporary peace by attending Midnight Mass but,still haunted by the ghost of Mick,takes an over-dose. After a heart to heart with the understanding Jennifer,Woody,informed by Trev of what has happened to Lol,rushes to see her in the hospital.She tells him of her guilt in that she killed Mick and let Combo take the blame for it, a fact which has ...

 Season 1 

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