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Edinburgh interview: 'Moon Dogs'

Edinburgh interview: 'Moon Dogs'
Screen spoke to the first-time feature producer of well-received Edinburgh title Moon Dogs, backed by Welsh, Irish and Scottish film bodies.

Moon Dogs is a gem that unearthed at the Edinburgh Film Festival, a Scottish Y Tu Mamá También that sees two half-brothers (Jack Parry Jones and newcomer Christy O’Donnell) journey from the Shetlands to Glasgow pursuing romantic and musical dreams.

First time feature film producer Kathy Speirs, who set up her company Un Helly Aa / Clydebank Films in 2012, tells how she managed to persuade the Welsh, Scottish and Irish film boards to finance a film [budgeted between £500k-£1m] from a first time director (Philip John) and producer, featuring no star names.

What were the origins of the film?

The film came about because of my friendship with screenwriters Raymond Friel and Derek Boyle, who I have known for a number of years and they have written two feature films, The Calcium Kid (2004) with Orlando Bloom and Botched (2007), starring
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'Flying Blind' Begs The Question... What Would You Do?

'Flying Blind' Begs The Question... What Would You Do?
Imagine falling passionately in love with someone unsuitable. He's 20 years younger than you, but you get over that. He's from a completely different culture and speaks another language, but you somehow bridge your differences. Then the authorities come knocking, and tell you he's someone of great interest to them. You don't get over that.

Helen McCrory and Najib Oudghiri co-star in 'Flying Blind'

This is the premise of 'Flying Blind', starring Helen McCrory as Frankie, a woman I think we can safely deem a success. Professionally, she is a scientist, charged with the development of military machines. Academically, she's a well-respected lecturer. Her father (Kenneth Cranham) used to work on Concorde. Her down time is spent, solo, on her running machine. Romantically, she's a sitting duck, which is where one of her students, Kahil (Najib Oudghiri) comes in.

Their connection is magnetic, by turns sweet and challenging,
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This week's new films

The Cabin In The Woods (15)

(Drew Goddard, 2011, Us) Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz. 95 mins

It's clear from the outset this Jj Abrams-produced genre offering isn't your standard slasher movie, as a traditional teen country break set-up is monitored by wisecracking officials in some mysterious bunker. But exactly what the twist is, it's better to discover for yourself. Let's just say it gives the horror formula an exhilarating jolt without destroying it, in a Lost-meets-Scooby-Doo sort of way – a meta-mystery tour signposted with spoiler alerts.

Battleship (12A)

(Peter Berg, 2012, Us) Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna. 131 mins

After the triumph of Transformers, Hasbro spin off another of their products, resulting in an effects-driven alien invasion that looks a lot like, er, Transformers. Expect Michael Bay-scale destruction, lots of CG explosions and military heroism, with extra cheese.

A Night To Remember (PG)

(Roy Ward Baker,
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