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Cobie Smulders is underrated
Sam6 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was the best Robin centric episode yet. I always knew Cobie Smulders could act but damn, she was outstanding in this episode.

I also loved the fact that her response to not being able to have kids wasn't the typical "oh, I didn't want them anyway." She portrayed the true and raw emotion of finding out such news so perfectly. I guess when you know you can't have something, you realise all of the good things about it. Sort of like "Graduation Goggles." Similar anyway.

I really hope things pick up for Robin and get better. This episode truly was a heartbreaking one.

I gave it a 9 out of 10 and not a full 10 because I didn't enjoy Marshall's scenes on the roof. It wasn't that funny considering the main plot of that episode. We needed solid gold comedy to bring us back from the devastation of Robin's news.

The scene at the end with Ted was the sweetest thing ever. He's such a good person. Their friendship really is something special. The best friendship out of the whole gang.
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Cobie Smulders Best Performance
slightlymad228 February 2015
This is a really touching episode, that reveals depth to Robin we had not previously seen, and is easily Cobie Smulders best performance as Robin.

Plot In A Paragraph: After Robin tells Barney that she's pregnant with his child, she receives some shocking news from her doctor. Meanwhile, a neighbourhood teen plays a trick on Marshall while he decorates his new house with Christmas lights.

The episode plays it for laughs to start with, with a lot of fun between Robin and Barney, both Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris are great at the physical comedy in the opening scene, and throughout the rest of the episode.

In the subplot Jason Segel is his usual fun self, and I did laugh at Lily (Alyson Hannigan) sending rude photos to Marshal unaware somebody else had his phone, but it seemed out of place in the episode.

As for Ted at the end, he always goes big for Robin, and I don't care what he says, but he clearly is still in love with her
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Cobie Smulders at her best!
nirinsanity15 February 2015
If this episode of How I Met Your Mother doesn't get you in tears, I don't know what will. I've watched this episode literally dozens of times and I still cry every time I watch Cobie Smulders' amazing performance.

Honestly, the best episode of season 7 and one of the best in the whole series. Although the episode is amazing, Marshall's plot line is really boring and not at all funny. One would expect this plot line to be funny and complement Smulders' plot line, but it fails there.

I've still given it a 10 because you can block Marshall's plot line and focus only on Robin's, which makes it worth it.
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I am not a Robin fan, but this episode temporarily invalidates such opinion
SLionsCricketreviews26 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode has a very unusual opening in that an older Robin recounts the story to her two children of how she met their father (Barney). It was immediately an interesting opening that generally stood against what the character represented. From this point on, the episode rarely lets down.

Marshall spends Christmas at home, preparing some decorations, when he meets a teenage boy, Scott, who decides to help him out with some of the workload. The kid soon turns against Marshall, as he has intended to, and parties at the place.

This storyline is the one that has lesser significance, but this time it contradicts the excitement with which Marshall and Lily try to have kids. It presents the argument that kids can become uncontrollable and devilish later in life, something which a parent cannot always stray a child away from. A child can only really grow so much from a parent, the rest of their growth is shaped by external factors. It certainly widens the scope of the two characters, who may look at the idea of having children with more care. As for the scenes themselves, they were certainly fun and entertaining.

Robin's story is done wonderfully well this episode, as we see the character slowly realize the downs of never being able to have a child of her own. She goes from ecstatic, at the news that she cannot have children, to ultimately realizing that life will always leave a hole for her. One of the later scenes in this episode reveals that Robin indeed never had kids, and she was fantasizing the idea that she was recounting to her children the story of how her father found out about their kids. Cobie Smulders demonstrates her best acting yet, as we see the sense of hopelessness in Robin. It really is something of a tragedy for Robin's character, and although I have never been fully invested in the character, Cobie Smulders's acting mixed with some terrific writing make for a highly engaging episode.

"Symphony of Illumination" is a terrific episode, that makes Robin's prospects bleaker for life, and whilst making for compelling HIMYM episodes to come.
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Symphony of Illumination (#7.12)
ComedyFan201029 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ah that was a sweet episode. From start until finish. Robin goes through all the issues one can have about having babies. She is worried she is pregnant and then gets the great news that she isn't. The dance her and Barney did was hilarious including Dr. Sonya joining them.

And then comes the more emotional part, she finds out she can't have children. And sure, she never wanted any and I am sure she will not worry about it in life, but when finding out such information it can take a while to digest it. Great acting. And wonderful how Ted was a great friend that he always is to her.

The use of Robin's "children" was a good idea. It tricks the viewer into first believe that she had kids, and not just kids but with Barney. And then we find out that they were imaginary. Which keep the future open about Barney, even though we know she will have no kids.
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