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  • A patient's illness has its roots in the body and mind.


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  • Wilson tells House he's not going to do anymore chemo. With only a projected five months left, Wilson would prefer to have five healthy months than a year or so laid up in a hospital room suffering terribly.

    Foreman gives House a set of season tickets. Since they begin about a month after Wilson's death, House thinks this is Foreman trying to be the new Wilson.

    The team tells House about a 19-year old male cheerleader named Derrick admitted with nosebleeds and dizziness. The team tries to convince House that Wilson just wants to die with dignity, but he isn't convinced.

    They give Derrick a scan. During which time his brain registers as if it is hearing something.

    House drugs Wilson and gives him an IV that knocks him out. The team comes to tell House that Derrick is hearing voices.

    Taub and Adams go to Derrick's dorm room and find a picture of a young boy in his sock drawer.

    Derrick tells him the boy is his brother Christopher, who died about ten years ago.

    Wilson wakes up. House tries to prove to him how great it is he woke up, which won't be the case with death. Wilson isn't convinced, since having watched the transformation of hundreds of dying patients, he doesn't "believe we're just a bag of chemicals."

    With House not around, the team goes with epilepsy as its next guess.

    Derrick's girlfriend is upset. He never told her about the voices. He breaks up with her.

    After Derrick's test, Adams asks about voices. He tells her his brother was killed by a drunk driver, and his father ended up drinking himself into oblivion because of it. Their father moved away and her mother hid all the pictures of Christopher. All of a sudden, Derrick can't see out of his right eye. It is a clot in the artery.

    House brings Wilson to lunch in the hospital cafeteria. It is filled with former patients Wilson has saved. But quickly Wilson figures out they are others posing as the patients. House is attempting to con him into doing the chemo.

    Taub tells Foreman he thinks House is imploding. Water starts seeping from under the bathroom door. House hints he may have flushed the season tickets.

    Wilson is at lunch when he is joined by Thirteen at his request. He asks her about the human response to mortality. He tells her he wants to spend his remaining months with "family and friends."

    House is trying to get Wilson's parents on the phone to convince Wilson to keep on living.

    There continues to be problems with the plumbing.

    Park gives Derrick a spinal tap and asks about hearing his brother's voice. His pressure is way too high.

    Thirteen goes to see House. She tells him firing her so she could spend the rest of her life doing what she wants was an unselfish act.

    House tells Wilson he's been a "disloyal, disrespectful jerk" and wants them to go out for dinner.

    Derrick's mother arrives at the hospital. When he asks her about Christopher, she immediately leaves to get coffee.

    Wilson and House have a great dinner, catching up on old times. Wilson starts to think about doing the chemo, then thinks he's being tricked. House eventually admits he needs Wilson and wants him to be around. This upsets Wilson, because their entire relationship has been about House: "My dying is about me."

    In the parking lot, Wilson weeps in his car. House sits in the passenger seat. Wilson says he needs his friend to be with him and tells him he loves him. House says he won't do it unless Wilson fights.

    During an MRI, the entire ceiling falls on top of Derrick, Park and Adams.

    House arrives at the hospital to find everything a mess. The team gives him grief because his prank damaged the MRI and put them in danger. They tell him Derrick doesn't have a migraine, but thought Park was Adams. House grabs a needle and rushes to Derrick's room. He draws blood out of Derrick's right ear and tells his team he has persistent stapedial artery, a rare congenital vascular anomaly presenting as a pulsatile middle ear mass. It's been pressing against part of brain, explaining all of his symptoms.

    Taub follows House down the hallway and tells him that Wilson doesn't want to live in pain. House screams at him "life is pain" and points out he lives every day of his life in pain.

    The next day Park tells House that Derrick's surgery has been delayed because he drank ammonia, likely since he doesn't want to live without his brother's voice. House goes into the room and wraps a tube around Derrick's neck yelling at him his responsibility is to live. Park hits House in the back with his cane, staggering him and causing him to loosen his grip. She yells at him "sometimes the truth just sucks."

    Wilson tells Foreman he's going to be leaving in the next few days. He tells him House isn't his child and he can't be held responsible for him. Foreman stops him and says over 20 years House has been his only constant and wonders if enduring the pain of chemo for his pal is what life is all about.

    Derrick's mother admits she removed his photo of his brother. He asks if she'll bring it back if he gets the surgery.

    Wilson stops by House's place. He says he's ready to start the next round of chemo because "you need me and I don't think that's a bad thing anymore." House says he thinks it's time for him to accept Wilson is smarter than he is. He's not okay with Wilson only having five months left, "but it's better than nothing."

    Derrick says he knows his surgery worked, "because Christopher's gone." His mother gives him a folder full of photos of his brother.

    Foreman brings the hospital's lawyer to see House. The police are charging him with felony vandalism for clogging the sewage pipe which led to the destruction of the MRI. His parole his been revoked and he needs to report to prison the following day to complete the rest of his sentence . . . six months.

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