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  • The team analyzes the significance of dreams.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Open with an 8-year old boy named Lue having a bad dream about being choked by an older woman. His mother comes in to try and calm him down, but he can't breathe and slips into unconsciousness.

    House isn't interested in the case until Foreman tells him about the night terrors.

    House brings several boxes of files to the team related to Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome among males in the Hmong community. They eventually decide to look into infection, as well as the possibility of inhaled toxins.

    Chase asks Lue's mother Lida about the possibility her son believes in evil spirits. She is an engineer and has a healthy appreciation for science.

    House tells Wilson he had a dream about Dominika involving floss.

    At Lue's home Taub and Park talk about her having a dream about sleeping with Chase. They smell something moldy, which turns out to be from a dismembered pig in Lue's room.

    When they tell Lida, she immediately blames her father-in-law Xang. Xang tells her he only did what she should have done weeks ago in order to save Lue. Lue starts to crash and is shocked back to life.

    Park tells House the pig thing is a traditional Hmong ritual used to re-call the soul. Xang thinks Lue's soul was taken along with that of his son, who is in jail after beating his boss to death. Taub suggests acute pericarditis and they decide to run a test. Park is acting strange.

    Wilson thinks House's dream is the result of feeling guilty for not telling Dominika about her citizenship coming through.

    Park and Chase talk about the dream.

    Lue's echo was negative, but he has abdominal pain. Chase suggests thyroiditis.

    House tells Dominika that it will be a few weeks, perhaps a month, until they finalize their decision.

    Lue begins to panic when about to given an injection. He starts speaking in Hmong (according to Xang), even though his mother says he's never heard it. He starts seizing.

    House points out the team has no idea whether or not Lue actually spoke Hmong. House doesn't trust Xang, who wants to believe his son is also possessed. House orders an MRI to check for a kind of encephalitis.

    Xang thinks the doctor's are wasting Lue's time. Xang says the exact same thing happened to his son. Chase suggests he not scare Lue.

    Taub tells Park she and Chase have a good thing going and she shouldn't let House try to screw it up.

    House takes Dominika to the shooting range. She has been reading his physics books, which seems to appeal to House even more.

    Xang tells Lue the doctors aren't looking the right place. He tells him the key is for him to talk to their ancestors and asks for forgiveness. He begins to strangle Lue, and we see that this is another nightmare. When Lue wakes up he tells them that his grandfather grabbed his neck. Taub notices neck abrasions that weren't there earlier.

    House thinks Lue's brain created the dream to explain the injury. House continues to analyze Park's dreams. Liver failure is suggested and a biopsy is ordered.

    Chase wants Park to get over the fact she likes him more than he likes her. They call each other names and then passionately kiss. Park climbs on top of him and rips his shirt off. We see that this was a dream of Chase's.

    The biopsy was negative. Lue then looks as if he's hovering a few inches off the bed.

    House and Chase don't believe that Taub and Adams saw him levitating. House thinks Xang is responsible. Chase goes with hypercalcemia and House guesses Chase had a dream about Park.

    Lida is starting to think her father-in-law might be right and wants to bring Lue home so Xang can perform the exorcism. She thinks her ex-husband might have been possessed.

    Foreman doesn't see any problem with catering to a scared parent and having the exorcism in the hospital. House points out the animal sacrifice component of the procedure.

    After she tells him she's consulted with a lawyer, Foreman asks Lida to give them 24 hours.

    House comes home to find Dominika crying. She's holding another letter, which House thinks is from immigration. In reality it's about a sick relative. She hugs him and he agrees to stay home with her.

    Lue is not responding. Lida says she's calling Xang.

    Xang performs the ceremony in the hospital. House wants to wait until afterwards to treat him. House suggests a long shot heart problem, while the team thinks it's something else.

    Lue begins crashing and Adams gives him ibuprofen, which would be the treatment for House's diagnosis.

    House and Dominika begin fooling around and are interrupted by the phone ringing. The call is from immigration, wanting her to come pick up a certificate. House apologizes and she leaves the room.

    Lue is getting better. Lida and Xang think the exorcism was what saved him. She tells Lue that his grandfather saved him.

    Dominika packs and leaves.

    Park and Chase joke about the dreams and wonder whether it means they feel safe and trust each other. She breaks wind in the elevator to test her theory.

    House tells Wilson about Dominika and says he's surprisingly depressed. Wilson tells him he has Stage 2 cancer.

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