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"House M.D." Love is Blind (2012)

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Open with Will, a blind man, purchasing an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He walks onto the street and grabs his ears. He staggers into the street before falling to the ground.

The team decides to give Will and EEG to check for the possibility of noise-induced seizures. House is hiding from his mother Blithe, who is with Wilson.

Will's girlfriend Melissa is by his side in the hospital. She says she hasn't noticed anything alarming, but admits she hasn't seen him for five months. They were on "a break."

At lunch Blithe asks Wilson how House has been doing. He notices a hospital band on her wrist. She brushes it off, but when she leaves to get a drink Wilson notices books about terminal cancer in her bag.

Taub tells Adams he's convinced Will must have broken it off with Melissa. During the EEG Will begins choking on his own teeth.

X-rays indicate some of Will's teeth Dislodged from the jawbone and lodged in his throat. Poisoning is suggested. House orders Antibiotics.

Wilson finds House hiding in the hospital's pediatric ward. He tells House his mother is sick.

The doctors suggest Periodontitis and Melissa starts to demonstrate that she is somewhat maternal with Will. He gets her to leave and tells the docs that he wants them to hide the engagement ring.

Taub and Park look through Will's home. Park has some food.

House goes to the hotel where his mother is staying and catches her there with a naked Thomas Bell. It turns out Blithe intentionally tricked Wilson because she wanted to tell House that she and Thomas are getting married.

Will has a violent seizure.

Park, who ate some ice cream and a few gummy bears at Will's place, begins tripping. It seems like she's on acid.

Will admits that in an attempt to see some something he's tried LSD five or six times. He got it from his girlfriend, but not Melissa. It turns out (gasp!) the ring isn't for Melissa. Apparently during the break he found somebody else. That woman is out of town and he hasn't told Melissa yet because he's scared of being alone.

House tells Wilson his mother is marrying the man he thinks is his biological father. He saw a second birthmark on Thomas' privates, which seems to confirm it. House has no interest in finding out for sure.

On a scan of Will's brain Adams notices something alarming. She tells Chase she's not thrilled with how Will is acting.

House tells them the abnormality on the scan is a clot. House thinks it is Behcet's Syndrome, which they missed because they weren't examining his eyes at all.

Thomas helps Park through what is turning out to be a very bad trip.

They find fresh scaring and swelling on both of Will's eyes. It's Behcet's. His eyes will need to be wrapped.

Melissa tells Will didn't she see anybody during their break. He begins choking again.

Taub overhears Will begin to tell Melissa what happened. Park, now sober, suggests that a piece of the clot broke off. Meanwhile Melissa storms out of the hospital.

House and Dominika join Blithe, Thomas and Wilson at dinner.

Adams thinks she has a better understanding of what it's like to be Will. Based on a scan of his lung it seems the anticoagulants did keep him alive.

House admits to his mother about his being in jail. Blithe admits that she and Thomas got married just a few months after his father's death. When House pulls down his pants and shows the matching birthmark Thomas realizes House is his son. He starts to get upset with Blithe for not telling them and helping to screw up House. Thomas walks outside for some air.

Will begins screaming. He says he feels as if his eyes are on fire.

The team looks at the lung clot. House says it's the point of infection. He thinks its Mucormycosis. The dosage needed to cure Will is probably going to leave him deaf.

Will tells Adams he'd rather die that be deaf and blind. She says there is only a small chance he won't be completely deaf and he tells her he is refusing treatment.

Thomas shows up in House's office. They come to an understanding based on a mutual love and respect for Blithe.

Melissa goes to Will's room to try and convince him to live. She tells him she won't try and make the decision for him, and says she came back because she loves him. She says she will still love him if he's deaf.

Will is improving, but Adams thinks his hearing is gone. He asks Melissa to marry him and she says yes. He hears her.

Wilson stole a DNA sample from Thomas that indicates he isn't House's father. House seems to like that his mother isn't as boring as he thought she was.


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