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Though Dick focuses heavily on just a few women, The Invisible War builds to a stunning montage of victim after victim telling their story to the camera without pseudonyms or silhouettes.
Repressing its rage to tell an important story, The Invisible War identifies soldiers who are true heroes because they dared to fight for justice.
Kirby Dick's shocking investigation into widespread sexual assault in the U.S. military is an urgent call to action.
Every adult who owes a debt of gratitude to American soldiers should see Kirby Dick's heartbreaking documentary about sexual violence in the military.
This means that the violations chronicled in The Invisible War are compounded by a deep and terrible betrayal, which ripples outward from the various branches of the service into the society as a whole. This is not a movie that can be ignored.
Slant Magazine
Kirby Dick's spartan use of graphics and statistics conveys arguments with little grandstanding.
Boxoffice Magazine
The Invisible War is that rare, issues-driven documentary that is so powerful it's apt to change minds.
An aptly infuriating expose of sexual abuse within the U.S. military, Kirby Dick's documentary The Invisible War calls high-ranking officials to account for turning a blind eye to a violent epidemic.
Village Voice
The Invisible War, though revelatory, is perhaps the most straightforward film yet from a director who likes to broach the fault lines of sex and society.
These victims are now no longer invisible-an achievement that shouldn't be dishonorably dismissed.

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