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  • A Las Vegas accountant runs off with his clients' money and waits for them to find him. Distracted by a call girl looking for a better life, he passes his final days falling in love with her. Written and directed by Robbie Moffat, the film shot in the deserts and mountains of Utah and stars Fernanda Romero, Jon Paul Gates, Marty Kove, Patrick Kilpatrick, Leslie Easterborook and Mike Genovese.


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  • Harry Gillespie, a British accountant, who has lived in Las Vegas in the USA so long that his visa ran own year before, decides that he is tired of enriching the criminals who are his clients and so he skims off money from their accounts and hides it in the desert close to that city. Afterwards, he rents a house and moves in with his girlfriend, a fiery Mexican woman, who has been ill-treated by a good number of brutal and nasty male customers at the massage parlour where she worked. One day, he receives a postcard with a black dot on it and knows that somebody will be sent to kill him. However, he is beginning to change and overcome his former reticent and unassuming self and refuse to let him and his girlfriend be killed. Instead they overpower their would be assassin and bury his body in the desert sand. A second hired killer comes to visit them and they even take him out for a barbecue, but he ends up dead too. Some time passes and a German woman, Babette, comes to visit him and ask for the return of the DM 100,000 that he stole from her, and she tries to get close to Ebony and undermine Harrys influence over her. She, too, meets the same fate. A couple of weeks pass and then they receive yet another card. This time their nemesis is summoned by Ebony who can no longer cope with the way in which Harry has changed, and she contacts her old employer from whom she ran away. He turns up and it takes the two of them to kill him in an attack where she strikes the fatal blow. Unable to live with their crimes, they take the only way out.

    This movie utilises the same script and characters as in The Hawk and the Dove, and the same narrative structure. Despite the change of location from Scotland to Nevada, and the presence of some veteran American actors and actress, the movie offers no fresh insights into the troubled mental state of our two doomed lovers. The solid performances and the desert surroundings add a good deal of interest and result in a well-made little thriller.

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