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Eye opening...
abraham_wrinklin7 January 2012
This particular documentary gives the viewer an inside look into the missing pieces of an investigation that was fast tracked by the government, anyone alive at the time remembers how easily the pieces fit into the constructed explanation, with what amounted to the lone gunman theory. Worth watching if you're interested in finding out more about the events, using some archive footage the director weaves a masterpiece exposing the holes in the story whilst still meshing the interviews of those actually involved in the events. This documentary not only raises more questions it answers some, I highly recommend this film to people who like to look at situations from all aspects and don't always accept the manufactured answers we're given when such atrocities occur.
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Well Done
Ryan Taylor26 June 2012
I was very impressed with the way A Noble Lie tells the story of the OKC bombing. The film makers don't use cheesy sound fx, savvy editing or the like to add fluff here. Any documentary that does usually means the content is not strong enough to rest on its own. That is not the case with this one.

A Noble Lie uses physical evidence, eye witness testimony, media reports, and court documents to allow the viewer to come to their own conclusion. All in all it was very informative, and did not pile on too much at the same time. I would like to see some things discussed more in detail, like Tim McVeigh's interviews in prison, and I'm hearing a sequel is in the works, so hopefully that happens.

Any person with a critical eye that likes to think for themselves, I recommend checking this one out.
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Slow to start, but hang in there
ereetos3 February 2012
The film was a bit slow to start off. The intro was well done and grabbed my attention for the first few minutes but it jumped into what seemed like a whole lot of "here-say" from eyewitnesses. i was beginning to lose interest (having been spoiled by the overwhelming hard hitting quick facts from documentaries like "Loose Change").

The movie took a turn for the better when they started getting into the facts of the bombing, the inconsistencies, etc. Once the movie hit this stride, it became more and more interesting while infuriating at the same time. watching it i felt like i was duped by the "official" story.

Overall it was a great film that didn't force an opinion on you but laid out all the evidence for you to analyze.

Other films and books i'd have to recommend if you're interested in these types of cover ups would be the following:

Loose Change 2nd edition Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza by Craig Roberts

The truth is stranger than fiction my friends, don't believe everything you're told to believe.
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A Thoughtful Slam Dunk
jonlakey10012 January 2012
I approached this film from the perspective of a native Oklahoman, harsh judge of outlandish claims and dedicated purveyor of the expository genre. Some internet homework on the credits reveal the makers of the film to be a group of libertarian activists and internet radio hounds in OKC whose previous work consisted mainly of YouTube videos whose quality ranged from mediocre to somewhat promising.

Given that, I was preparing myself for a choppy video (with a bomb soundtrack of course) of ranting wingnuts, "confrontations," and a montage of every single news clip that could be taken out of context regarding the bombing.

The opening scene betrayed the filmmakers' ambition to be taken seriously, and it was well done enough that I was ready to give them a chance. The film quickly delves into the official story of the bombing, with appropriate halts to register the emotional pain accompanying such dry regurgitation of facts.

What becomes increasingly clear as the story progresses is that the rumors and obscure blurbs that seemed to confuse the official story have a solid basis in provable fact. The narration is kept to a minimum, and the players and witnesses are allowed to tell their stories.

This being Free Mind Films' first documentary (and seemingly lack of professional credentials), I was suitably impressed enough by the quality of production that I quickly forgot my earlier bias. It is obvious that the filmmakers were learning as they went. You can almost time code the learning curve as they gained control of the story. But this is forgivable, especially for a debut production.

What is demonstrated in this film is that the official story of the OKC bombing is a lie, and that certain powerful officials are invested in the cover-up. Thankfully, the film does not slam home a concrete conclusion, but rather leaves it open for one to consume and digest what materiel one can.

I have rarely been as stunned, and forced into submission regarding my previous position, as this film left me. It would be hard to put into words the magnitude of the implications of that the evidence reveals. It left me near enraged. At the perpetrators who got away, at the government for covering it up and at myself for being so ignorant of what happened in my hometown.

Call me a zealot now, but this film accomplishes what so many can only aspire to: changing the way the audience views the world, and enlarging their perspective.
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A Documentary of the Highest Quality!
This documentary stands as a monument to those that lost their lives needlessly in the Oklahoma City bombing.

As if speaking from the dead the souls lost that dreadful day are finally heard through the voices of the rescuer's, the Police, the witnesses and the surviving family members in their call for a proper investigation!

Shockingly this film reveals to us that the official story is a cancerous lie that needs to be cut out of the history books. It also makes obvious that only when the truth is known will the victims finally have closure and be able move towards justice.

The main reason I found this documentary so outstanding is its respect for those it represents; honouring the subject without arrogance and clearly wary of sensationalism or theorising. A "Noble Lie" lets the facts and the eyewitnesses do the talking; which is why its a must see!"
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Where is the photo of two of the perpetrators?
packoftwenty12 January 2013
So Jane Graham appears in this film, but they don't ask her about the two perpetrators of the bombing, who she saw in the building twice, on the two days before the bombing, and then saw, by accident, on television, walking in front of the cameras, right in front of the Murrah Building? Jane Graham gave video testimony to this effect, in great detail, in the video 'Coverup in Oklahoma', where she holds a photograph of a screen grab of that video of two of the perpetrators. She talks for almost one hour, in two interviews, about those two perpetrators. Their photo is very clearly shown both at 47:10 and at the very end of 'Coverup in Oklahoma' - so why does A Noble Lie not mention these two murderers? Why didn't Alex Jones ask Jane Graham about these two perpetrators when he interviewed her? Therefore, you can take 'A Noble Lie' as a REAL 'noble lie', it is disinformation, designed to allow the perpetrators to go free, because we have VIDEO evidence of who they are, yet these two men have never been arrested or charged.
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