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Promising and intrigueing

Author: Cantwr from United Kingdom
7 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was fascinating and promising though inevitably disjointed because of the new paradigm and new characters. Unusually we had a plethora of new characters and I am intrigued as to which will endure - certainly it was the vampires - Regus (Mark Williams) Cutler (Andrew Gower) - who provided the only comedy in this episode together with the sweet Dewi.

I am not clear what is supposed to have happened to the old one Wyndham as he was absent yet a reference was made to George having killed him! If he is gone that would be a pity as Lee Ingleby in a baddie role was very promising.

Of course the big news is the discovery of Damien Molony. Having also viewed his 5 minute prequel on the BH website he has immense presence and a voice so like Russell Crowe's it is uncanny (him being Irish not antipodean!). The relationship between him and young Leo is powerful and I hope we will see more of this in flashback. The tragedy of Human & werewolf ageing again...

Finally, sorry to be a bit mean but it has to be said; the plot lines are rather reminiscent of The Terminator! Saviour baby, humans struggling against powerful oppressors, future dimension etc etc. No complaints though as this is one of the classic story lines of course and I would be surprised if the BH producers don't do something interesting with it.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Will things be as good without Mitchell?

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
7 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought the relocation from Bristol to Barry Island at the start of series three was a fairly major change but that is nothing compared to the changes as series four begins; we saw Mitchell die at the end of the last series and it turns out that Nina has been killed too! George and Annie are still together along with George and Nina's baby. Things clearly aren't going well for them; George is watching over the as yet unnamed little girl and has clearly not slept in days. The vampires have not been resting and are preparing for the coming war and the arrival of 'The Old Ones'. Away from Barry, on the other side of the UK we see another household that also consists of a ghost a werewolf and a vampire; at this point little is explained about them apart from the fact that the werewolf is dying; no doubt they will become more important in the future. We also see several flash forwards to 2037 where a war between humanity and the vampires seems to be going badly for humanity.

This was an interesting start to the series; Aiden Turner's presence as Mitchell was certainly missed but the story was solid with some good scares and some fairly gory moments. There were some laughs; largely provided by Mark Williams, who played the 'vampire historian'; I think this character did cross over to being silly for a while but not enough to spoil the story… talking of spoiling there was a real shock at the end of the episode that I won't spoil here; it will certainly have a huge affect on the series. I look forward to further episodes and hope this series will be as good as previous ones; as things stand this is still probably the best programme on BBC3.

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Feels like a spin-off rather than Being Human

Author: dalelawson-1 from United Kingdom
7 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very excited about the fourth season of Being Human, having been a huge fan of the first three. Being Human: Eve of the War (Dir. Philip John, 5.2.2012) was as I expected it would be. The most disappointing part of this episode was the lack of Mitchell (Aidan Turner), due to his death at the end of season 3. That and the severe need for more George (Russell Tovey) in the episode made this instalment of Being Human less than enjoyable.

I have always had a dislike for Annie (Lenora Crichlow); her character is too bland and Crichlow's acting ability is questionable, unlike the acting of Tovey and Turner. Unfortunately there is an abundance of her in this episode, already lowering my enjoyment of season 4. Thankfully Annie shares the majority of her screen-time with Tom (Michael Socha), who is a werewolf introduced in season 3, and a fantastic character. As well as some returning old characters a variety of new ones were introduced in Eve of the War, including a horde of new vampires. The appearance of Mark Williams as a vampire scribe was surprising and obviously fantastic compared to the rest of the cast.

The episode is set in the present day, as well as having multiple scenes set in the 2030s. The concept of the future created in Being Human: Eve of the War is an interesting perception, due to the vampires controlling the world, which is a good reference back to the notions discussed in season 3.

After paragraphs of complaints the last thing I have to mention is the fact that the new season seems more like a Being Human spin-off than a fourth season of the show. All the characters from the previous three seasons are dying off and getting less screen-time making way for new characters and a new story.

Being Human: Eve of the War was a depressing start to a new season. The concept of the future was interesting, but the characters presented in the episode were not relatable, and the decision to keep Annie as a protagonist but discard Mitchell and George was a poor one. All I can hope for is that the rest of the season becomes far more entertaining, although with the character roster the way it is I won't hold my hopes too high.

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From good (series 1-3) to Poor - really hope it improves

Author: JammyBux from United Kingdom
9 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched BH from the beginning and its always had a fairly decent storyline with decent special effects (considering the budget compared to other shows).

This episode left me very disappointed.

Spoilers ahead.

Mitchell's death I understand and can see how they could write him back in like they did Heric if and when he comes back from staring in the Hobbit !.

However I was very disappointed with Nina's death and the way it was dealt with. Oh she's dead killed by the Vampires but no actual scenes. I can only assume she didn't want to appear in this series at all.

Annie screaming half the episode and being about as much use as a Chocolate teapot and poor old George killing himself with a poor plot idea.

Never mind the whole parallel universe concept with 3 similar characters etc.

I really hope it improves as it was a brilliant show before and has started very poorly.

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The future does not look good for this show.

Author: derekfit from Ireland
8 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alarm bells started to go off as soon as the first scene announced it was based some twenty five years or so into the future and the audience is presented with a post apocalyptic cityscape backdrop and what's left of London's branch of the 'Resistance' in some conflict with the Vampires that humanity has lost... YAWN.

This show has lost its way and the season four premier had all the hallmarks of future cancellation. I'm really intrigued to know who actually green-lit this new 'tried and failed / done to death' plot direction? Practically all the original cast are now gone (bar one) and a new contrived, clichéd futuristic 'Terminator style' plot with a whole new set of characters (and of course an obligatory 'chosen one') has been heaped onto the loyal fan-base. Unfortunately, what we're left with bears no resemblance to the original concept. I've watched and enjoyed this show from the very start but no more.

No thanks. I'm out.

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