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Boring Generics
Mek Torres26 December 2011
Ang Panday 2 still suffers with the same old problem. Except this one is bigger than the first film. The script is still preachy. The acting is still as boring as a school play. The action is messed up. The CGI is impressive though. The film gets a brand new flaw and that's being generic. Not the story that's generic but the creature design and the scenarios. There is no scene that you've never seen before. It's sad that the film could have been at least make things innovating. Other than that, the story is never interesting. The plot is very weak. Most of the film is as painful as the first film. It has unintentionally laughable scenes but really, this is still unwatchable.

Let's start with the script. It's too preachy. It's like it's written for a theater play. It's not a bad thing but this film executed it like a school play. A horrible one. The character's line delivery is like a first-timer high-school student who tries too hard to be fascinating but ends up being boring. The performances doesn't give any life to the picture. Ramon Revilla is probably too old and too overweight to fight and when he is not fighting, he becomes a generic bland hero. Iza Calzado and Marian Rivera are both bland too. Benjie Paras tries too hard to be the comic relief but he hams it up like what Phillip Salvador did as Lizardo. But Paras hams it up much more and it's too uncomfortable to watch.

The storyline is just bad. It starts with talking then later some plain looking witch throwing some monsters then Lizardo is throwing some monsters then Flavio will predictably win and more talking. When the heroes meet Marian Rivera's character, everything stops and more preachy talking. Explaining too much and do nothing to the plot. The most awkward moment is when Flavio hurts his kid friends' feelings. The little kids doesn't talk like real kids. And also, it's hard to buy that Bugoy also gets hurt by Flavio's little sermon since he is a mature experienced kid. There are more scenes like this to find in this film and it will only give you facepalm. It's just too sad.

The story doesn't show anything interesting but this film could have been fun. Unfortunately, the action remains the same. The bad guys running to the hero then eventually dies. It adds bigger creatures but they don't look innovating. You may think of Clash of The Titans when you see the giant scorpions and Lizardo's giant monster form. The dragon was already known as the dragon from Eragon. The witch looks too plain and out of place to its visuals. The rock monsters looks cool though. And what these new creatures do are the same thing as the other bad guys do. Fighting without any entertainment. The editing is still messed up and choppy. There is one shot when Flavio was standing then in the next shot, he is grabbed by the rock monsters. It's just confusing.

The production design looks decent though but it could have worked better as a horror film. With these schlocky looking monsters and some jump scares. But this is meant to be an action adventure fantasy but it fails to be intriguing, innovating and exciting. Stealing some designs from other movies. This is just a dull and lamer version of any fantasy cookie cutter movies we usually get. I bet the sequel will remain the same. Boring action, more boring dialogue with some boring performances. Some people are only enjoying this because of the cast and the person they are sitting with, but in the end, they would realize that this is just too bland and too boring to be enjoyed. Once again, it fails to be great.
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MAC ALEJANDRE flounders with the second PANDAY film
Step Up Guy31 December 2011
ANG PANDAY 2, with a star-studded cast led by Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr, is a dismal failure -- as far as substance is concerned. Voiceovers on the TV trailers boast of the film's Hollywood-caliber special effects, which is true enough, but a derivative plot and banal characterizations sink the glossy film faster than you can say Fernando Poe Junior. The excitement of having two leading ladies (Marian Rivera, Iza Calzado) and Ms Lorna Tolentino and Ms Alice Dixson in supporting roles is quickly dissipated with Calzado's turning into an old lady (Rustica Carpio) midway in the film and Dixson's very brief screen time (with little to do). Alas, Tolentino herself is also given little to do except don a hideous witch mask and laugh maniacally throughout. But most disappointing of all is Phillip Salvador's hammy performance as the chief villain Lizardo, supposedly a character akin to Lord Voldemort from the HARRY POTTER series, or Sauron, from the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Even Salvador's makeup look suspiciously copied from Jack Nicholson/Heath Ledger (Joker, from the BATMAN films), and the monster Lizardo later turns into resembles the sea monster from the recent Hollywood blockbuster CLASH OF THE TITANS. After all, this film's target market is really the kids at Christmastime, so pander it does to the young ones' preconceived notions of evil monsters and good heroes and fire-breathing dragons and kidnapped damsels. Providing much-need comic relief (but suffering from insipid dialogue) is Benjie Paras, and Rhian Ramos returns (with a twist to her role). Eddie Garcia plays the sage leader of the dragon-people called "Ragona," and has the most earnest lines. The exquisite Lucy Torres has a brief role as Calzado's mother/queen of the "encantadas," but her one-liner upon Calzado's death is puzzling (unless she's also cast in the third installment, to avenge Calzado's death?) Revilla can do this role in his sleep but generously surrounds himself with actor friends and plenty of ladies. Alas, Alejandre's direction meanders and flounders, a talented cast is largely wasted, and by the movie's glib ending one hopes Tolentino and other sterling actors can have meatier roles for the third film. Kudos, however, to Salvador and Tolentino for their sportsmanship (one can't really expect much pathos from a formulaic film series), Garcia and Joonee Gamboa's ardent portrayals and Toto Uy's luscious cinematography/Von De Guzman's thrilling music.
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