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"Two and a Half Men" - "What a Lovely Landing Strip" - Dec. 5, 2011

Walden is waiting in a cafe when a sassy black woman tries to take the other chair at his table. They tussle over it until Zoey arrives. She apologizes for being late but she's working on getting her daughter Ava into a prestigiou school, Bellwood, and she tests well but doesn't give a good interview. Walden inquires after her age. She's five. In any case, a whole week after their first date-- in which Zoey pointed out that Walden was still in love with Bridget-- he's decided to show her he's ready to move on. He's brought his final divorce papers and is going to sign them in front of her. Except he doesn't have a pen. He asks aloud in the cafe who does. No one answers. Guess who does? That's right, the sassy black lady he annoyed earlier. She doesn't want to part with it though. He offers her $100 for the pen and then suddenly everyone in the place has one.

Later they smooch on the balcony at his house and Walden talks in a goofy British accent and makes her laugh. In between kisses and laughs he asks if she likes Mexican food. She does. He proposes taking her to Guadalajara over the weekend. She asks if that's the name of the restaurant. He points out that it's the name of an old city in Mexico and they can take his plane. She is incredulous that he has a plane but didn't have a pen. He points out you can borrow a pen much more easily than a plane. He then starts talking about Christmas plans and she tells him to hold his horses since he's on the rebound.

While this is happening on the balcony Alan and Jake are watching TV in the other room reminiscing that it's just like old times when he and his dad watched TV and the good looking owner of the house was outside making out with a hot chick.

Walden enters and rhapsodizes about Zoey, but Alan and Jake both tell him to slow it down just like Zoey did. He says he wants to be in a relationship with romance, intimacy, and commitment. Jake says he gets it, Walden is a chick. Alan points out that they're living in his house. He amends it and says he's a nice chick.

On the plane to Mexico Walden has them wear sombreros, sip margaritas, and eat guacamole. She muses that this is all faintly ridiculous. She points out that she's not going to sleep with him. He says he's not trying to sleep with her. She wonders why not. He then gives her a ridiculous diamond necklace and she says it's crazy. And he asks what about giving a diamond necklace to a woman you haven't slept with yet while flying to Mexico in your private plane is crazy. Once he says this aloud he hears this. He then informs her that he knew some people on the board of the school that she was trying to get her daughter into and he pulled some strings and enrolled her. Zoey jumps into his lap, thanks him, starts kissing him and undressing him. The pilot says they are about to start their descent into Mexico. He tells the pilot to circle. She says Walden's about to descend into London. We cut to the outside of the plane and hear Walden tell her she has a lovely landing strip.

The next day Walden tells Alan and Jake he may be falling in love. Just then Bridget arrives and says she can't sign the divorce papers, she loves him and wants him back. He hems and haws but she drags him up to bed and starts undressing him saying how much she wants him. When he's down to his boxers he sneaks off to get counsel from Alan.

He works it out that Zoey feels like the future and Bridget the past, Alan tells him to go with his heart. When it sounds like he'd have to give away half his money to Bridget if they broke up Alan tells him the future is overrated and to go with Bridget. When Walden points out that this would be easy, he could just sell this house and move back in, Alan tells him he can't live his life in the past and to go with Zoey.

Walden goes to break the news to Bridget, who is now in sexy lingerie in his bed. She is pissed. So much so that she storms out and then returns, in her car through the side of the house.

Later as Zoey and Walden enjoy a date in his kitchen Bridget can be seen on the balcony spying on them through the door. She is confronted by Rose who asks if she wants Walden back or wants him to suffer? Bridget says she doesn't know. Rose says it's often the same thing and she can show Bridget what to do and to just follow her. She then leaps over the balcony railing. Bridget looks bewildered but then shrugs her shoulders and follows.


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