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Plot Summary

  • An optical illusion afterimage deconstructs geometrical solids structures and reveals their inherent divine progressions. Dynamic symmetry interlaces self reflective mirror images of the original icon and creates a hypnotic procedure leading to extreme consciousness and visual telepathy. The symbolism of Kabbalah's and Christian omnipotent God reveals itself as Buddhist or Taoist illusionary rotational mandalas or Yantras emphasizing Maya's attributes. The Infinitude in Brahma and in Ein Sof being the complete Void and nonetheless being the source of endless energy is reflected at a cosmological scientific level as singularity that contains the primordial energy whose explosion originated the four visible dimensions of the universe where space-time is an illusionary phenomena and paradox is latent in every polarized assumption only culminating in Absolute absurdity ad aeternum.

    - Written by Margarida Sardinha
  • Sample of Dialogue Poem Colour is the eyes of Faith, Ideal forms Faith, Colour encodes Faith, Ideal images of Faith's symbols.

    - Written by Margarida Sardinha


HyperLightness ad absurdum is an animation where one sees several geometrical forms rotating when in fact theres only one (if you stop the animation youll only see one geometrical solid)...

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