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No wonder some actors wanted out - really, really downhill storytelling
gwynhafar5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the original "Upstairs Downstairs" as well as so many other wonderful British miniseries on PBS through the years. But this incarnation of UD was lukewarm to begin with and has steadily gone downhill. I was so disgusted by the plot and characters in this episode (along with the downhill slide of plot development and characters in the preceding episodes) that I will probably choose to view more of the original series on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video instead of ever watching this series again.

It feels like the production staff gave up and threw every disgusting thing they could at the wall (like spaghetti) to see if anything would stick. BBC seems to have gone completely off the rails and ruined many shows with the possibility of being something new, fresh, exciting, and innovative. I love what I have seen of "Vexed", but Season 2 was effectively buried by broadcasting it against the Olympics. I will be buying the DVD box set of "Vexed" as soon as I can legally purchase it in the US. I will NOT be buying either season of the UD reboot.

BBC/CPB/PBS - Get great writers back on staff and give production teams the budget to develop anew the wonderful storytelling that you have been so successful at in the past. Don't just be crass and disgusting, but nurture wit and resonating human characters and struggles.
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