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Season 2

16 May 2013
Little Foodie Cutie
With a lifetime supply of anything up for grabs, Orange convinces Midget Apple to flaunt his adorableness and enter the Little Foodie Cutie pageant. Who wants to be the next Little Foodie Cutie? Orange convinces Midget Apple he's adorable enough to win the title - and a lifetime supply of whatever he wants! But they'll have to face off against the super-sweet pageant queen Honey Dew Dew.
23 May 2013
Isle of Dr. Fruitenstein
When Apple wins a fabulous trip to Fruitastic Island, the others join him. But Dr. Fruitenstein has plans for them that are even worse than a time-share pitch.Who could pass up a free trip to Fruitastic Island? Apple brings all the other fruits along for some fun in the sun. But it seems they are walking straight into Dr. Fruitenstein's trap to create unholy fruit hybrids!
Jan. 2013
Orange's Run
It's the year 3057 and life is perfect in the Fruit Dome. Orange works as a Compost Man, seizing runaway fruits who cannot face their fate of being recycled for the greater good. But when Orange discovers a gruesome truth he winds up on the wrong side of the law.
6 Jun. 2013
Marshmallow Wedding
Volcanoes, death, mayhem - it's a wedding on Marshmalia! Marshmallow is forced into an arranged marriage to the hideous ravenous beast Grumblala, who might just eat all the guests before the ceremony is even over. But Orange has a plan to save the day! Yay!
13 Jun. 2013
Orange James Orange
It's up to Secret Agent Orange to outwit the evil Dr. Po and his sinister scheme to thaw all the market's frozen foods.Who can possibly stop the maniacal Dr. Po and his diabolical plot to thaw all the market's frozen foods?One fruit has what it takes. Suave, sophisticated and annoying beyond belief - he's Secret Agent Orange. And he's on a mission.
19 Jun. 2013
As a human, Nerville feels he's missing out on the fun - so he enlists the aid of the sinister Broccoli Alien Overlord to become one of the fruits.
26 Jun. 2013
Food Carnival
Nerville builds a carnival for the fruits to enjoy. But a fun day out turns perilous when the rides start to malfunction, trapping Orange and Passion at the top of the dizzying Ferris wheel. Will they escape alive? And if they do, will Grapefruit ever stop making fun of them?
17 Jul. 2013
Everybody Loves Cabbage
After he gets his wisdom teeth out, Orange can't speak. So how can he warn the others that their beloved pal Cabbage is actually a veggie-killing maniac?
24 Jul. 2013
King Coco
The other fruits mock Coconut for not having seeds. But after eating a freak meteor turns him into a ravenous 50-foot beast, the fruits don't annoy him anymore. Instead, they attack him with airplanes to stop his rampage.
31 Jul. 2013
The Further Adventures of Sherleek Holmes
Crikey! Orange and Pear travel to London only to find their luggage has been lost. Thankfully, famous detective Sherleek Holmes is investigating. But before solving the case, Holmes must decide who can be his new sidekick now that Dr. Watercress is gone.
Jan. 2013
Orange is frozen in a tub of sorbet, leaving the other fruits free to be productive. But he awakes in a distant dystopian future where they live in fear of the robot Gort. These future fruits claim Orange is the chosen annoying one who can free them all!
11 Sep. 2013
Cereal Killer
When Crispy Cereal is found crunched, it's up to the mismatched police duo of Orange and Pear to solve the crime. But what happens when all signs point to a citrus culprit?
18 Sep. 2013
Orange Julius Caesar
In the times of the Romaine Emperor, gladiator Orange achieves glory in the arena. But will victory render him even more annoying than ever? All hail emperor Orange! From mere gladiator to almighty ruler of the Romaine Empire, Orange reigns supreme. But will his hubris be his undoing? Or at least really annoy his subjects?
2 Oct. 2013
Orange Say Knock You Out
Phat beats and delicious rhymes are needed when the rap crew of wrap sandwiches aims to take over Daneboe's. But is Orange up to the task after an on-stage meltdown?
9 Oct. 2013
Hungry Fruit Games
After a broccoli invasion, the fruit must battle in an arena of death. But Orange is a lover, not a fighter. Can he and Passion escape their cruel fate together?
Jan. 2014
The fruits of Camp Fruit-A-Wanga have had it with losing - this year they'll beat those stuck-up veggies and win the Grocery Relay trophy! Even if it means arming the evil Broccoli Alien Overlord with a tool to ensure their ultimate destruction.

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