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Sex & Nudity

  • 9/10
  • **Strong sexual discussions and humour regarding sex and sexual anatomy**
  • At the start of the movie, a man is shown thrusting on top of a sleeping woman, her bare breasts can be seen.
  • A woman is shown in her bra as she talks on the phone.
  • At a strip club, the bare breasts of various strippers are seen.
  • A woman poses provocatively with a man and takes a photo with him.
  • A woman is shown performing cunnilingus on another woman, a dildo is seen and a man's flaccid penis is visible as he approaches the bed, a threesome is implied, but they are interrupted. The bare breasts of one of the women is also seen.
  • A masseuse is seen in her bra and panties as she provides a man a sensual massage. It's implied that she is manually stimulating him off-screen. The man ejaculates in the masseuse's eye and his bare butt can be seen as he stands up.
  • A man practises cunnilingus on a melon and is later shown practising on his female friend, her pubic hair is briefly seen.
  • It's implied a man performs cunnilingus on a woman.
  • At the end of the movie, a man and woman are heard having sex.

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