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Christmas movie

Author: mabsrgs from Orlando
20 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A soothing, relaxing and predictable movie. Something light for the evening. One should understand that as a Hallmark Channel movie,themes and endings are light. I watched this movie because I wanted to be in the Xmas spirit. Acting was OK but what does one expect for a TV made movie. This is not really drama or romance. Nor is it science fiction. But I guess it can be categorized that way too. I guess one has to realize that TV movies are not going to be Emmy Award winning performances. But story line wise - one does not mind watching this. Not one of my favorites but the actor and actress deliver a stellar performance. No reason why one cannot just sit back, relax and enjoy the story line.

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Author: indiacarless-32-441865
18 December 2011

This movie is different from the other holiday movies I've seen this year. A few minutes into the film I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue watching. I didn't see how I could like the ending, however I chose to see it through to the end. The movie leads you to believe one possible ending but surprises you with another one.

Lindy Booth brings real depth to her character, which is very likable. The other actors also did a good job of making the story believable. There are some problems with the film such as make-up, the hospital set, lip syncing and how Carrie jumped into her task so easily. Also the end of the film is a little rushed. You have to realize that this is an Hallmark Channel TV movie. It's a less expensive movie than major network TV movies and has maybe one or two recognizable stars. It's meant to be for all members of the family and give a warm fuzzy holiday feeling.

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Author: storygal141 from Canada
30 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Hallmark classic if I ever did see one. The movie "Christmas Magic" starring Paul McGillion and Lindy Booth is a heartwarming Christmas tale made all the better considering that they're both Canadian. ^_^

"Christmas Magic" is about Kerry, a event planner who has no time for anything or anyone else. She is warned by a friendly bus driver to watch the road and not talk on her cell phone and when she doesn't she ends up as an angel who needs to earn her wings by completing an assignment by Christmas Eve.

The assignment is to help Scott Walker, a widowed father who is struggling with a restaurant and the weight of his wife's death five years previously. Kerry just waltzes into his life, charms his staff, endears herself to his daughter who can see that she's an angel, and ends up completely turning his business around by introducing him to 'Dimitri' an up and coming artist.

Throughout it all, sparks begin to fly between Kerry and Scott however their fledging relationship is threatened by Kerry's distance (due to the fact that she's an angel) and Scott's semi-interest in another woman (Lynett, a rival of Kerry's) however thanks to Lynett bragging about her apparent win over Kerry, Scott realizes that his daughter was right about Kerry being an angel and with moments to spare on Christmas Eve, he finds out that Kerry has only been in a coma and through a song, Scott is able to bring her back to him.

All in all, this movie is fantastic and I've watched it three times in the past three days.

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Heartwarming Christmas Story for the Family

Author: jnoller from United States
24 December 2012

I completely disagree with the reviewer that gave this movie a poor rating. In a day where all we see on TV is violence, death, and sex- this is a refreshing and heartwarming Christmas story for the entire family. Lindy Booth gives a great performance as a woman who is a planner and assists businesses and individuals who need advertisement or just advise how to succeed- however living such a busy and hollow materialistic life has left her loveless, cynical, and alone. Her relationship with her father is non-existent, and she is in desperate need of a wakeup call before it's too late! She meets a kindly older gentleman while filling up her automobile at a local gas station who will change her life in ways she never expected. This is a must see movie for Christmas!!

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No Magic Here

Author: utgard14 from USA
7 December 2013

Cheesy TV Christmas flick. Starts out OK but runs out of steam fast. The story is about a career-driven woman (Lindy Booth, adorable as usual) who seemingly dies and is brought back as an angel. Her first task is to help a single father (Paul McGillion) turn his restaurant business around by Christmas.

If the movie had stayed in the Highway to Heaven mold it started out as, it might have been slightly better. However, they decided to go the romance route. I saw no chemistry between the young attractive Lindy Booth and the older paunchy Paul McGillion, who apparently is also a mouth-breather. It was kind of gross actually. I'm sure I'm sounding shallow here. I could buy her with an overweight older actor if maybe it was someone like Kevin James, who is likable and has a fun personality. But McGillion is about as personable as frozen fishsticks.

Another unimpressive part of the cast was Paul's annoying friend, played by Teresa Pavlinek. I was surprised to discover this was not her first acting job as she was quite terrible. One bright note on the casting was Derek McGrath, an actor I had not seen in many years but have pleasant memories of from many television series in the 1980s, most notably that of "Andy Andy" on Cheers. McGrath plays the angel who guides Lindy throughout the movie and, besides Lindy, he's the only actor with any real presence or charm about him.

Look, it's a made-for-TV Christmas movie. There's a ceiling on how good this could possibly be. I'm sure my ceiling is lower than most others who might check this sort of material out. Judging by some other reviews here, I know that some will enjoy the movie far more than I did. But the romance between two people with zero chemistry and a rather predictable cornball story with a cheat ending just made this movie a chore to sit through for me.

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wonderful story line.

Author: amanda scott ( from United States
11 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not normally a fan of angel movies, it's nothing against them. Unlike most of the angel movies, this one ends happily. The ending is a twist in a great way. it had multiple twists. they were well written, I have seen a thousand movies and did not see these coming. the connection between the little girl and the angel is really touching. when we first meet Carrie she is married to her work, and did not celebrate Christmas. When she gets into a car accident and dies. She is told that she must complete a assignment, in order to get into heaven. Scott has lost his wife on Christmas and no longer celebrates. he owns a restraint and also has a little girl. This story line seems to be predictable and on some level it is, but at the same time while watching and hoping that these two will end up together you have to conceder that she is a angel and cannot date a living person. so how will the story end?

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Enjoyed this movie very much

Author: Geeman1 from United States
29 December 2012

A nice twist on a Christmas story line. Main character does not realize her life is unfulfilled. Lindy Booth does a nice job of carrying the emotions of the season. This has become an annual watch for myself and my family! The Christmas angel played by bus driving Dererk McGrath is well done and subtle...never over the top. I found the background music soothing and understated. I hate movies where the music does not fit the movie and causes the scenes to be cluttered and rough to watch. Kiara Glasco as the daughter is terrific as well. The actors all do fine starting out slow and building relationships. Again I have to give credit to Lindy Booth...she does not try to hard to show emotion but allows her genuine spirit to shine.

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Reasonable Christmas movie

Author: davidleslie1001
30 November 2012

It's a TV movie, so don't expect too much, and unfortunately it looks like it was edited around advert breaks, so it cuts away at strange times. Okay, it's contrived, but then so is a story where a man gets visited by 4 ghosts all in the same night and then wakes to find that the prize Christmas turkey is still for sale, which gets delivered, cooked and eaten all in one day. The ending does go a bit quickly, which is a shame, as they could have extended that whilst speeding up some of the middle bits of the film, which did drag a bit. I enjoyed the movie, but will i watch it again? We will have to see this time next year.

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I love Christmas movies, but......

Author: wraith_fan_1 from United States
16 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one is beyond bad. Every year, I look forward to Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. I love their movies. However, this one was pretty awful. The lead actress (Booth) was unlikable and completely unbelieving in her role. The male lead was equally as bad. I felt like the whole relationship between the two of them was forced and contrived. I felt no on-screen chemistry.

And the singing, oh my gosh. Terrible lip-synching and corny songs. I was embarrassed for everyone involved. The ending was the worst though. With it being revealed Kerry is in a coma, Scott and his daughter go there. She is lying in a hospital bed that appears to sit in the middle of the nurses station. The only apparatus that she has on is a breathing mask (no breathing tube, IV, or chest monitors)while supposedly being on life support. The whole time people are talking around her, she has a frown on her face. You don't frown or make any facial expressions in a coma. The whole scene was very poorly done. I don't think I've ever watched such a bad Hallmark Christmas movie before. This one takes the cake.

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Bad B-rate Made for TV Cheese Movie

Author: unknowntothee from Canada
13 December 2011

It doesn't get much worse than this. Bad acting, really bad. Bad direction and editing, really bad. A tired plot that feels contrived and devoid of any Christmas magic (ironically). The cast lacks chemistry. They looked like actors forced to make a Christmas movie together and weren't given much direction. A side note to the filmmakers, if you're going to use a blue screen, at least make sure the lighting makes it look somewhat realistic. I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because I'm sure some young children could still enjoy it (if they don't fall asleep from it's slow and unnecessarily long pace). If you've seen ALL the other Christmas specials and are really craving for something more, then - and only then - can you put this movie on (to fall asleep to). I couldn't watch it in one sitting. And if the ending doesn't make you cringe and regret the time you spent watching it, the bad singing and lip syncing of songs will. Merry Christmas!

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