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Season 1

30 Oct. 2011
Red Riding Hood & Bluebeard
"Red Riding Hood" examines the history and historical context of the popular fairy tale and reveals themes of sexuality, murder, cannibalism, and lycanthropy. "Bluebird" investigates the folk tale of the wife murdering aristocrat and argues that the story may be based on the real life murders of Gilles de Rais.
5 Nov. 2011
Hansel & Gretel and Cinderella
"Hansel and Gretel" examines the historical context of the popular fairy tale and reveals themes of hunger, child abandonment, cannibalism, child abuse,and murder. "Cinderella" looks at the less well know aspects of the surprisingly dark and brutal fairy tale.
3 Dec. 2011
Snow White and the Juniper Tree
"Snow White" looks at the story behind the surprisingly dark and morbid fairy tale arguing that may have been based on the story of Margarete Von Waldeck and her cruel stepmother. "The Juniper Tree" looks at a vicious and bloody fairy tale about a stepmother who murders her stepson and tricks her daughter into thinking that the death was her responsibility.
12 Dec. 2011
The Pied Piper & Rapunzel
"The Pied Piper" looks at the reality behind the legend of a child murdering rat catcher of Hamelin and offers some theories about what really happened to the disappearing children of the village. "Rapunzel" examines the dark aspects of the popular fairy tale about the long haired maiden locked in a tower.

 Season 1 

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