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Season 2

1 Nov. 2010
How to Kill Your Husband
Louise faces the facts about Phineas.
30 Nov. 2010
How to Make Matters Worse
Louise gets to the bottom of things.
31 Dec. 2010
How to Be Free of Envy
Ava to the rescue. Not.
31 Jan. 2011
How to Welcome a Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor makes a house call. Louise's sister Ava, her lesbian lover, the emo niece, and the hot babysitter, all help in trying to bring Phineas out of his coma.
1 Mar. 2011
How to Lose Weight
Louise learns of a surprising new technique for weight loss and fitness.
1 May 2011
How to Light Your Inner Firecracker
Louise realizes that if she wants to hold on to her hot new husband, she'd better figure out how to connect to the hot self within which lives under her housewife self.
31 May 2011
How to Cope with Your Inner Cat
Louise has issues.
30 Jun. 2011
How Not to Make a Webseries
Plagued by self-doubt, her high-maintenance husband, her mean-girl sister, and major technical problems, Louise starts to shoot her webseries.
1 Aug. 2011
How to Flirt
Louise's bossy sister Ava insists on being at the meeting with Matt Kirsch, the star and creator of the Webby-honored web series 'duder'.
30 Nov. 2011
How to Be a MILF
Louise's sister Ava - she of the bedroom eyes and absolutely no morals - presents a step-by-step guide on how to be a MILF.
31 Dec. 2011
How to Be Cool
Louise and her sister Ava are co-producing. This episode shows, blow by blow, how not to shoot a video web series.
1 Feb. 2012
How to Cope with War on a Video Set
All hell breaks loose after Ava fires Louise and tries to direct and star in the video herself.
1 Mar. 2012
How to be a woman
Angry about Ava stealing her video series, Louise cools off on The Highline.
1 Apr. 2012
How to Fake It
Louise and her power mad sister collide and burst into flames on set. It's War and Peace in three and a half minutes.
1 May 2012
How to Tap Into Your Power
Louise and her power mad sister seem to have worked things out. Or have they?
1 Jun. 2012
How to be where you are
Louise's power-mad sister and niece have a relationship crisis over a red dress.
15 Oct. 2012
How to Bully a Bully
Louise directs her sister Ava, a bully, and her out-of-control niece Monique in a music video.

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