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Finch brings the wounded Reese to a morgue where he confronts a Middle Eastern man in scrubs, telling him that he's a great surgeon unable to practice in this country. He dumps a pile of cash on the table and tells him to patch Reese up.

Snow and the CIA are following Carter. He seems suspicious of how Reese was able to get away.

In the office Carter jumps behind Fusco's desk and gets on his computer. She finds a picture of Finch from the Centre St. robbery under the name Burdette.

Flash back to 2005 when Finch is eavesdropping on a conversation between his business partner, Nathan Ingram, and an unidentified NSA representative. She needs some evidence of his progress with the project. Nathan hands her a nine-digit number. Finch later assures Nathan the number he gave her will satisfy her need to know.

Present day: a building super named Trask introduces the wheelchair-bound Reese to his new apartment. Trask talks about his crazy, former (high) life down in Miami. Finch stops by and tells him there is a reason he chose the apartment building: the Machine just spit out Trask's number.

Trask is 51, born in a small town in Florida. He was obviously exaggerating his personal history. Recently, Trask has been searching pawn shops for an untraceable gun.

Snow and his team are still closely watching Carter, looking for Reese.

Finch hacks into the building's wi-fi and is able to use everybody's electronic devices to monitor what is going on. They see that a chef named Lilly appears to be dating penthouse resident Rick.

Reese breaks his own sink to get Trask out of his apartment and allow Finch to snoop around. Inside Finch finds dozens of pictures of Lilly -- it appears Trask is stalking her. Trask goes back to his apartment to get a different wrench and just catches Finch leaving his place. Finch manages to escape into the elevator, but it later caught by the building's security guard. Reese, using the security cameras, finds that the guard was there because he was stealing from one of the rooms. Reese sends Finch's cell phone video of the theft; once Finch shows the guard the evidence, he agrees to let him go.

Back in 2005 we see Nathan (and Finch) get a surprise visit from a Deputy Director Weeks. He tells them the number they gave him was the social security number of an agent with a spotless record. After following him for a few weeks they catch him trying to sell a sizable quantity of uranium. Weeks wants to know how the Machine works, but Nathan isn't giving up any info. When Weeks brings up the issue of personal profit, he is told Nathan is only being paid $1 to develop the Machine.

We hear Lilly telling a friend she's terrified of a person watching her.

Reese's research finds Lilly's a rising star in the restaurant business and has been romantically linked to Rick. Reese gives Finch some self-defense advise before he heads out to do some foot patrol research.

Finch breaks into Lilly's place to plant a new camera but finds one already placed in her bedroom vent. It's connected to a hidden network, meaning Trask has been following her every move.

Carter manages to lose her CIA tail and follows the trace she has on Finch's cell phone.

Finch calls Fusco to asks why Carter is looking for him. He's sent Fusco a prescription bottle with Reese's fingerprints on it and wants him to plant it someplace far away. Finch is watching Lilly and lets Reese know that she clearly seems to feel terrorized. Reese finds out that Trask had a wife who mysteriously disappeared.

Carter stops when Finch's signal ends. He calls a pay 'phone near her, and when she answers it, he tells her to turn around. He is right there and the two sit at a caf table together. She want to know what he and Reese are doing and he points her to a man at the bar named Watson. The guy has lost his job, his home and his wife and Finch tells her he will soon be involved in a violent crime. Finch leaves her to follow their latest number.

Carter calls to get some background on Watson. She doesn't learn anything suspicious but she finds that he's following a banker named Dalton who filed the foreclosure paperwork on his house.

Reese thinks Trask might be more interested in Rick than Lilly, which could mean he's getting the boyfriend out of the way. He spots an impending confrontation between Trask and Rick, spotting that Trask has a gun. Trask tells Rick he needs to stay away from Lilly. Reese sets off the building's fire alarm, which prevents any further incident.

Lilly receives a barrage of obsessive text messages from a blocked number. Finch says he wants Trask out of the building that night.

Reese waits for Trask and confronts him about Lilly. Trask says he doesn't have feelings for Lilly "like that." At the same moment the computer spits out the source of the hidden network and all of the photos -- it was Rick all along.

We see Rick waiting for Lilly when she returns home. With Finch watching, he pulls her away from the phone. Rick asks her if she "lied" to Trask about him and grabs her by the neck. Finch walks in and temporarily stops him. He gets help from Trask and Reese, who throws Rick out the window.

The CIA guys hear about Reese's fingerprints being found in Connecticut and head off in that direction.

Rick survives the fall and, as the crooked security guard is being arrested, Lilly tells the police that Rick had been stalking her for months. She credits Trask for helping her. Finch has learned that Trask had a different name when he was in Miami. He was telling the truth about his high-flying lifestyle, but is in New York as part of witness protection after testifying against the Cuban mafia. His wife left him when his lifestyle changed.

Carter stops Walton just before he can shoot Dalton in a restaurant. As she slaps the cuffs on him her 'phone rings with Finch on the line: "That, Detective Carter, is what we do."

A final flashback to 2005. Finch and Nathan celebrate the Machine finally getting its government contract. Finch gives Nathan a little insight into how the Machine was able to spot the dirty agent. Finch says he plans to encrypt the device so that nobody else will ever know its secrets, as Weeks has been trying to hack the Machine's code.


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