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"Chuck" Chuck Versus the Goodbye (2012)

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Chuck (Zachary Levi) rescued Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) from Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) and Sarah was convinced everything Chuck told her was true. Only...she didn't feel love for him anymore and went off to get the life back Quinn stole from her.


On a plane bound for somewhere, Edgar (Mark Pellegrino), who worked for Fulcrum for ten years and only had one little trinket to show for it, was ready to deliver The Key to Quinn, since he had an Intersect, albeit a faulty one. Quinn tells Edgar to keep that to himself, since he has a few enemies. Like the one hiding in one of his bags. Wearing a leather catsuit and six-inch stilettos. (Do you get the feeling Yvonne told the producers of I, Frankenstein she'd only do the movie if she could wear one thing and it couldn't be sexy?) Sarah was armed to the teeth. Edgar told Quinn he needed two other parts to The Key, one of which was purchased by The Ring from Alexei Volkoff. (EDGAR: The Ring. What amateurs.) Quinn figured it out and borrowed Edgar's Walther to aim it at her. They're at a standoff until Edgar lurches the plane to the right. Quinn gets the upper hand. He wants Sarah to go for the gun. Sarah decides to go for the door instead. She falls out of the plane unconscious and plummets to the Earth...

Chuck is sleeping in late. Even Morgan (Joshua Gomez) is up ahead of him. In fact, short of the The Big Lebowski robe and beard, this could be the season 3 premiere all over again. Neither Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) nor Devon (Ryan McPartlin) weren't having it.

ELLIE: Chuck, you are getting Sarah back TODAY.

CHUCK: She's gone. She isn't coming back. She doesn't remember me or you many people are in my room right now?

DEVON: Dude, you can do this. You can get Sarah back. Even Clara agrees.

Chuck thinks he's no longer a spy, his wife is gone, and he's back to where he was: alone in Burbank. Ellie knows he wasn't the same person he was five years ago.

ELLIE: Emotions, feelings. These are powerful things. And if you can find Sarah, maybe you can spark some of these memories.

CHUCK: Do you really think it can work? That she can just...snap out of it?

Well, she did wake up in time to open the chute and land in the water. And do one of those walks on the beach you only see in Bond movies.

In the meantime, Casey (Adam Baldwin) was back at work with the NSA. Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) wasted no time in assigning him to take down Quinn. She wants Old Casey back. The one who didn't sit five years in Burbank turning into butter. ("I need the Colonel.") And she'll get the Colonel...he even ignored a call from his daughter.

Chuck wondered how he would get Sarah back. Morgan's Disney Princess-inspired idea of grabbing her and kissing her aside, he employs Jeff (Scott Krinsky), Lester (Vik Sahay), and the entire Nerd Herd to do their best (worst?) to find Sarah Walker. (Not sure why they'd automatically assume she'd be in L.A., but OK...) They're right. She's at the Nerd Herd desk "in tight jeans and a cleavage-enhancing top, no nip slips, no pokey peaks, sorry." Chuck goes out there to talk to her. She needs to borrow Castle to track down the other two pieces of The Key, one of which was currently in the hands of a former Ring agent, Renny Deutch. (named for the two directors Renny Harlin and Howard Deutch, no doubt) As Chuck does his research, Sarah looks around the place. Morgan makes the mistake of walking up behind her and ends up on the business end of a choke hold. (MORGAN: We've danced that dance before and I should know better than to sneak up on you.) He told her he was always Chuck's best friend, the one he relied on, but he was happy to hand that title off to her. Chuck finds Deutch, who is set up in Berlin. Chuck asks what her plan is, which was to kill Quinn and disappear forever. She only remembered how to be a spy, not be Chuck's wife. Chuck offers Carmichael Industries for help. She asks him if he knew how to use a gun. He lies his head off.

Chuck panics about using a gun. Morgan told him to not shoot anybody if he wanted Sarah to remember him. They run into the Berlin version of El Compadre, the restaurant where Chuck and Sarah had their first "date" in the pilot episode. They sat inside and had drinks. Chuck told her about this place being their first date. For him, anyway. She was being a spy. He told her about them going dancing and all the amazing, sexy moves she did on the dance floor, but she wanted him to focus on the mission. Morgan tells him to make it the most romantic mission of all time. Deutch heads out and our favorite spy team needs a wardrobe order to tango. (She even fixes his tie.) They have to get close to Deutch, so they head out. Sarah needs to get closer to the target. Chuck is still listening to Morgan's Disney-inspired advice about just kissing her to make her remember. Deutch's contact changed locations again. To a...wait for it...Wienerlicious. (They're going to hit EVERY episode with this one.) Sarah gets into the Wienerlicious costume and looks as hot as ever. (SARAH: This place is disgusting.) For disgusting, she remembered how the counter should look, and that was Chuck's first sign she remembered something from her days in Burbank. Chuck wants her to remember more, only Quinn and his men had to interrupt a romantic moment. He takes the Key piece from Deutch and kills him, as well as brought Morgan into the shop. Casey, who had found them by following Chuck and Sarah's movements, told the helicopter to land. Quinn teases Chuck, telling Sarah her husband is one of the world's greatest...pussies. She isn't, and those wooden skewers that worked so well on Casey in Chuck vs. the Helicopter worked well to disarm Quinn. The fight was on. Quinn escapes. Sarah orders Chuck to go after him while Morgan and she cleaned up the rest. Chuck finds Quinn in the streets and orders him to stop. Sarah tels him to shoot, only he can't. He fires one in the air...right at Casey's helicopter.

CASEY: (mad as hell) Is that my Desert Eagle? You shot down my helicopter with my own damn gun??

Back at Castle, Casey puts Chuck and Sarah on lockdown per Beckman's orders and tells Morgan to let Alex know he's going away for a while. Sarah is pissed off at Chuck for letting Quinn get away. Chuck confessed he never killed anyone with a gun. It was one of the things she liked about him. Morgan wants Casey to talk to Alex (Mekenna Melvin), who thinks he's on all these covert missions. Which, he is.

MORGAN: She's your daughter!

CASEY: She's a liability.

Casey regretted saying it. He was trying to be ruthless. And Team Carmichael made him go soft.

MORGAN: (completely livid) Your team WAS your edge, you giant jackass! What is wrong with you, man? You want to find Quinn, you know who to call, but don't you DARE try to blame this on us because you're afraid! That's right. You're afraid that when you're with us, THAT'S when you're the best! That's the truth, man!

Apparently Morgan got through.

CASEY: (releases Chuck and Sarah) Screw the court-martial. I'm in!

Sarah isn't so convinced. (CHUCK: You're escaping without me?) Sarah thinks she's better finding Quinn on her own. Sarah can't leave. Because of his mother...who is standing right behind her with a gun. (DEVON: Grandma, what did we say about guns around Clara?) Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) had intel on the final piece Quinn needed. It turned out, Stephen split The Key into three pieces, giving one to Ted Roark and one to Hartley Winterbottom so no one person could assemble the key and fix the bug in it. Ellie pulls Chuck aside and tells him if they used The Key with a file of Sarah's memories, she could get them back. Chuck just has to convince Sarah to go through with it. They didn't have time. Beckman had the final piece. Quinn was on his way to the Pacific Concert Hall to get it. So was Team Carmichael...and Jeff and Lester, who overheard Chuck and Ellie talking in the Buy More.

At the concert hall, Beckman found herself sitting on a pressure-sensitive bomb, courtesy of Quinn. He took the last part of The Key from Beckman, which was actually one of the insignia on her uniform. Chuck calls Beckman, and Quinn answers. Quinn thinks he's too late. Team Carmichael shows up anyway. Chuck figures it's on a sonic trigger, meaning if the concert stops, it blows up. Beckman orders everyone to leave, but Casey isn't having it. (CASEY: General, with all due respect, shut up. We're rescuing you.) As if that's not enough, Quinn had the Intersect glasses. Sarah is determined to finish him off. Chuck orders Casey to buy him some time so he can get the glasses for Sarah. But how does Casey and Morgan keep the music going? Yup, as soon as you saw the words "concert hall," you knew there would be a Jeffster! performance. Certainly, Casey and Beckman would rather be blown up than to hear Jeffster keep the bomb from exploding with a-ha's Take On Me, but needs must as the devil drives.

QUINN: (on the roof) What's going on?

CHUCK: One word: Jeffster!

Quinn reaches for his gun, and Sarah shoots him dead. Chuck retrieves the Intersect glasses. He was distraught because he had a plan. There is only one upload left, but Chuck can't defuse the bomb without the Intersect.

CHUCK: Sarah, I'm sorry. I can't get your memories back. I can't get you back. But I have to save them.

He puts on the glasses and gets the upload. They rush downstairs, where the crowd (and even the orchestra) is digging Jeffster! Thankfully, Chuck and Sarah defuse the bomb just in the nick of time (like usual). How? Same way he did it in the pilot. Actually, Sarah gave him the idea of Irene Demova. And the crowd cheered...for Jeffster, not Chuck and Sarah. Even Casey and Beckman hugged.

Back at Castle, Beckman was disappointed the team was breaking up. Sarah needed to find herself, as did Casey. (BECKMAN: If you ever feel like saving the world again, you know where to find me.) Casey tries to escape without getting a hug from Chuck...only to turn around and give him a doozy of a hug. (CASEY: That's the one thing Russians do well. Give hugs.) Casey takes off. Sarah apologizes to Chuck. Even though she was remembering a few things, she still needed to be alone for a while.

CHUCK: You know Morgan had this idea. It's nutty, really. That if have to go. I understand.

She walks up the stairs and leaves.

Jeff and Lester try to tell their story to Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence), without success. New owners were moving in. Apparently, the Buy More will be owned by Subway. Jeffster was despondent...until a record producer from Germany tells them he saw their performance and thinks they'll be big stars over there. ("Women...and men...will adore you.") They talk it over...and they are ready to rock! Morgan and Alex announce to Casey they were moving in together...which Casey already guessed, so he handed them the keys to his apartment. He had somewhere else to be. Where a certain ass-kicking Matrix siren was waiting for him.

ALEX: Run to her!

CASEY: I'm a Casey; I don't run. I stalk my prey.

Chuck says goodbye to Ellie and Devon as they pack for Chicago. Ellie hopes he finds Sarah. Chuck isn't so optimistic. Although Morgan did tell him to listen to his heart because his brain always screwed him up. (Chuck gave him that advice.) Morgan told him to think with his heart where Sarah was. Sure enough, she was on that beach Chuck sat on following that first night.

SARAH: This place is important, isn't it.

CHUCK: Yeah, yeah very much. This is where you told me I was going to be OK. That I could trust you. And that's exactly what I'm doing now. I'm asking you to trust me. Sarah, I don't...I don't want anything from you. I just want you to know that wherever you go, I'll be there to help you. Someone you can call whenever. Trust me, Sarah. I'm here for you always.

SARAH: (after a long pause) Chuck, tell me our story.

CHUCK: Well, it started with a guy who worked at a Buy More, whose college friend sent him an email full of secrets. Then the next day, his life really changed. Because he met Sarah, the girl he fell in love with.

We see scenes from the entire show, and Sarah was enjoying the story, alternately laughing and crying. So Chuck tries again.

CHUCK: Morgan has this crazy idea, that you'll remember everything with one magical kiss. I know, it's...

SARAH: Chuck, kiss me.

And their story begins...


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