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  • ThanksKilling 2 only exists as a fictional plot device in ThanksKilling 3, which is the direct sequel to ThanksKilling. The idea to skip part two is a marketing ploy and joke by filmmakers Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart.

  • Turkie's House and Turkey Hell were sets built and shot in sound stages at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. The desert locations were shot in eastern California. Minus a few other small locations, the rest of the movie was filmed entirely on location in a small town just outside Rapid City, South Dakota.

  • Yomi was designed and built by Puppet School, a workshop and team of puppeteers based in Sherman Oaks, California. Leading the design and fabrication team were Puppet School founders and CEOs Roberto Ferreira and Michael Earl, who worked for years with Jim Henson and was the puppeteer/voice of Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street.

  • Zain Effendi is the composer for the majority of the film's original tracks, including the ThanksKilling Dub-Step Theme. Additional tracks on the soundtrack were provided by Amid Vocirus and Rainbowdragoneyes, who created the 8-bit ThanksKilling remix.

  • The poster was designed by artist Ralf Krause of the German design firm Falcon White.

  • Final Cut Pro 7 with certain shots and effects completed in After Effects and Photoshop. The movie was edited on two separate iMacs - one computer handling the first half of the movie and the other handling the second half.

  • The Turkie House and Turkey Hell sequences were shot on the Panavision Genesis, courtesy of a grant from Panavision. The rest of the movie was shot on a RED, with a few shots utilizing the Cannon 7D.

  • Director Jordan Downey played Muff for a majority of the movie, with the exception of a few shots where Producer Ricky Fosheim and Gaffer David Cronin wore the suit.

  • Production was split up over a few large chunks, but in total there were over 50 days of shooting on ThanksKilling 3.

  • A total of 5 Turkie puppets were used - (1) Hero Head, (1) Hero Battle Damaged Head, (1) Cable Controlled Head [used for talking severed head shots at the end] (1) Dummy Head [used for final vortex scene] and (1) Extreme Damaged Head [used when Turkie is first ejected from the PluckMaster].

  • Marc M, known for his website

  • Breast.

  • Wonder Showzen, TV Funhouse, South Park, Labrynth, Meet the Feebles, Music Video for "Land of Confusion" by Genesis and Spitting Image.

  • A majority of the puppet cast was created by Troy Smith, including Turkie, WiseTurkey, Nibla, Mrs. Turkey, and the Muff suit. Flowis was built by Shawn Collins and Yomi by Puppet School. Additional puppets were fabricated by Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart.

  • The puppet was influenced by the characters from the 1980's UK show Spitting Image and modeled after former member of the White House Press Corps Helen Thomas. Flowis was built by Shawn Collins.

  • For the Turkie Hell and Turkie House segments, which were filmed on the Panavision Genesis camera, a combination of Panavision's Ultra Speeds and Super Speeds ranging from a 14mm to a 150mm were used. The 25-250mm T4 Cooke Zoom lens was also frequently used in those segments. The rest of the film was shot on the Red One MX camera and only the 12-120mm T2.4 Zeiss Zoom Lens was used with it.

  • The whole film was shot digitally in HD at 2:1 2K and framed for 2:35. The master was then delivered in 1080p.


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