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Regina has a harrowing nightmare about the residents of Storybrooke banding together against her. Meanwhile, just as Emma and Henry reached the town limits, Henry grabs the steering wheel and stops the car, telling Emma that her "family" needs her in Storybrooke.

In Fairy Tale Land, Prince James faces the kind and tells that losing his life for love is "a sacrifice that I am happy to make."

"As you wish," the king tells him before the knights walk him over to the guillotine and prepare to off his head. Just as the blade drops, it turns into water and in walks Regina. She wants the man the king pretends is his son and offer to pay any riches King Midas had promised for him. She wants to use the prince to get to Snow White.

In Storybrooke, Regina is upset that her apple tree is dying. She immediately goes to Mr. Gold for answers. She thinks the curse is weakening because of Emma. He mentions that Emma wants Henry and that the curse was meant to take away Snow White and Prince Charming's happiness. Giving up Henry might be the cost of keeping the curse intact. He reminds Regina, also, that the curse will be broken if she kills Emma. She wants Regina to undo the curse, but he says he couldn't even if he wanted to. She thinks he wants the curse broken and wants to know why. Mr. Gold doesn't want to discuss it. Regina wants a new deal but Mr. Gold isn't interested. She offers "anything." He tells her she no longer has anything he wants. He warns her that once people wake up and remember who she is and what she did to them, "they are going to be looking for blood."

Regina sticks a "white rabbit" card on Paige's bike at school.

Emma gets back home and Mary Margaret is annoyed that she'd left so abruptly. Emma apologizes and says she doesn't want to be sheriff and relying on her. She also admits that she took Henry with her. Mary Margaret tells Emma she's reverting into the person she was before she came to town. Mary Margaret tells Emma to figure out what to do with Henry.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White is planning her move to rescue the prince and Red brings news that the Queen is there, too. Snow is going on with the plan anyway, knowing that the Queen is trying to destroy her happiness.

Inside the castle, the Queen tells the prince she has a "satisfying brand of punishment" for Snow. She walks away, showing off an apple.

In Storybrooke, Regina meets with Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, and he acknowledges he got the "message" (the white rabbit card). She tells him she wants his help. He's none too pleased to see Regina, but she says she has a way for them to both get what they want. She shows him a hat box, which he opens. She wants him to use it again, but he says he can't make it work. She says she has some magic -- "hopefully enough for one last journey." She says the solution of how get rid of Emma lies back in their home land. Jefferson tells Regina that if he helps, he wants her to write him and Paige a new story, a new life in Storybrooke. She says he can have that "after we take care of Miss Swan."

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow gives the signal to launch the move toward the castle. They move in and Snow starts tearing up on some knights -- with a little help from Grumpy and the rest of the dwarves. Soon, they're trapped, but a swarm of fairies -- led by the Blue Fairy -- come by and knock the knights out with fairy dust.

Henry goes to August, who apologizes for having failed. August shows Henry his arm, which has now turned to wood. August explains he's changing back because he hasn't "been a good boy." August explains that Emma can't see his wooden appendages because she doesn't want to believe. August says he wants to spend what little time he has left with his father, Marco (in Fairy Tale Land). August tells Henry he's out of Operation: Cobra.

Emma talks to Dr. Hopper for advice, but he thinks Emma would have a difficult time making a case for custody. He tells Emma "this war has to end."

In the castle, Snow finds Charming locked up and makes her into his cell. But he isn't really there. He's just a mirage. The Queen took him to her palace and Snow is only seeing him through the Queen's mirror. The Queen shows up and tells Snow she wants to talk, and tells her they should meet "where it all began." Snow prepares for the parlay and heads off despite the dwarves' and Red's protests.

Regina leads Jefferson to the room where she keeps her magic. He puts the hat down but it doesn't spin. She gives the hat some magic, but it isn't enough. Jefferson needs "something that still works," and Regina looks at her ring from Daniel. It glows with magic and she reluctantly gives it up. The hat immediately begins to spin but not enough to open a portal. Jefferson says there might be enough magic to reach to the other side and retrieve. Regina has an idea. He tells her to "guide the hat" to the time and place where the thing exists. She tells him they're after an apple.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow shows up for the parlay at the barn and reminds Snow about when she ran down Snow's runaway horse and saved her life. Regina takes Snow to Daniel's grave. She tells Snow that Daniel died because of Snow. She reminds Snow of how she promised to keep her secret and that's why Daniel was killed. The Queen presents Snow with an apple that would turn Snow's own body into a tomb in which she'll live with nothing but her own regrets. She has to eat it willingly. But if she doesn't, the prince dies. Snow congratulates the Queen for winning and eats the apple. Snow crumbles to the ground while the prince wakes up in his cell shouting because he knows the Queen has done something to Snow.

The apple rolls out of Snow's limp hand and down the hill, where it falls through a hole and Jefferson catches it in Storybrooke. Regina now has what she needs and has to figure out how to get the savior to taste her "forbidden fruit." We next see Regina whipping up some delicious-looking, apple-based pastry.

Just then, Emma shows up and wants to talk to Regina. She goes inside and tells Regina that "whatever" is between them needs to end. Emma tells Regina she's leaving town, but she wants to be able to visit and spend time with Henry. They head to the kitchen and Regina gives Emma her famous turnover." Emma looks suspicious at first, but takes it.

In Fairy Tale Land, the dwarves and Red find Snow laying lifeless on the hill. Red realizes Snow "sacrificed herself for true love." The Queen is watching all this, and still has the prince in his cell.

In Storybrooke, Regina boastfully visits Mr. Gold and tells him she came up with a solution by having made magic from magic. She tells Mr. Gold that he's going to be staying there, right where he belongs. She tells him that whatever there reason was he wanted the curse to be broken is "never going to happen."

Henry visits Emma as she's preparing to leave. He tries to stop her from leaving and tells her she's "just scared," which happens to all heroes right before they fight back, he adds. She tells him he can't believe in curses. Henry tells Emma that Regina wants her dead because Emma is the only one who can stop her. Henry sees the turnover and tells Emma she can't eat it because it's poison. He takes the turnover and eats it to prove the curse is real. She is about to give him ice cream when he collapses.


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