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A well done sci-fi/fantasy romantic comedy
elykron21 April 2014
I saw this movie at its premiere the Tribeca Film Festival. It had some really good dialogue and some very funny scenes. The movie takes a little bit of time to get its footing, but once it finds it the movie is interesting and funny. It occasionally borders on getting cheesy but the better parts of the film more than make up for it. It is somewhat predictable, like most romantic movies, but that doesn't really detract from the movie at all.

The acting is really good from all of the leads and the chemistry between Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David is great despite not having much on screen interaction. Director Brin Hill did a great job of making a potentially disorienting topic really easy to follow. The dialogue is very witty as is typical in Joss Whedon's work. There is also a lot of genre mixing which is typical in his films.

The movie is successful in pretty much everything it attempts. The movie is very funny, interesting, and at times, fairly intense. Despite being a micro budget movie, it does not feel that way at all.
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All Time Favourite! Wow!
oliverpower-980-54082023 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What I hate about happy ending in every movie I watch is the fact that the story still isn't really over. What makes this movie so great is that the ending was built up to so well, it was at the point in the storyline I wanted it to end at.

What I love about this movie is how by the end of the movie I was left feeling like the only way they could live and be happy, was together and the fact that a connection they've had since birth brings them together. I don't consider myself much of a romantic but there's something about being fated to be with someone and the idea that sharing your life with the right person, THE person, will give me my own happy ending and that just makes me gush.

The casting was amazing especially Zoe Kazan who certainly wasn't hard to look at. If you're on the border on whether or not to watch this all you need to know is its a romantic film and its amazing!
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schmittinger833 May 2014
I don't know what the hell those last two folks were smoking when they watched this movie...but they missed probably one of the best love stories that I've ever seen! Obviously, they've never really been in love or haven't found their soul mates yet. The acting is incredible...especially when you add the fact that the two main characters are never in the same film studio. Pure acting at it's best! I also like the fact that the whole world could see this at the same time and not have to wait for it to show up at their local theaters. I pity the people who don't have a computer, because they'll never know the masterpiece that they missed. Maybe someday it will be made into a DVD for them? Does anyone know if it will be?
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Great performances really make this movie
deardarkness21 April 2014
In Your Eyes was written by Joss Whedon but on the surface it isn't your usual Whedon story. It is essentially a tale of love, two people who feel connected but are thousands of miles apart. Yet there is a twist, they can literally see through each others eyes and into the others world.

Now at times this film could verge on the melodrama but the chemistry between leads Zoe Kazen as Rebecca and Michael Stahl-David as Dylan is pretty amazing made more surprising by the fact that well they aren't on screen together. It is really hard not to fall for their charms even if the story goes many places I expected it to.

Not groundbreaking by any means by definitely worth watching. This is a tale about lonely people trying to connect and in the end that really is what a lot of Whedon's work is about.
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Brilliant concept
ArdourFilm10 August 2014
Absolutely loved this film. A fresh idea that I personally have never heard of has finally made its way into the film industry. They only ever come by once in a blue moon. The casting is spot on. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David were perfect for the roles of Dylan and Rebecca. Ever since I saw Michael in his breakout role of Rob Hawkins in Cloverfield, I knew I had to keep and eye on him. He is definitely going places and this movie proves that.

This is the sort of movie where chemistry plays a major role and they without a doubt pulled it off. Without it, it would have been a big flop. Although it wasn't made on a small budget, it still had the same feel as one, which is nice. It adds a whole other element to it.

I could easily watch this another couple times and still be just as pleased as the first. Definitely worth buying.
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I am so thankful that I found this movie!
kiwistar199115 December 2014
I was skimming through Netflix and noticed this hidden gem. I normally ignore the newer things Netflix puts up especially when I've heard nothing about the movie even though it had come out this year. But i saw some other reviews on IMDb and thought, what the heck? I'll give it a try. I am so glad I did! I could not keep my eyes off of it. The acting is just amazing! The story had me hooked from the first scene. It is so much more than just a supernatural love story. The characters are so believable even though they're in an unrealistic setting. In Your Eyes is now in my top favorites and I cannot recommend this movie enough! It may not be for everybody but you don't want to risk the chance of never finding out.
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One of the greatest romances I've ever had the pleasure to watch
Mdeb18 November 2014
This movie goes beyond what most romantic movies strive to do: depict a touching love story. Instead of just doing that this is about the immaterial asset in love we humans think we're capable of: to truly connect with someone on a higher level that no one else can understand. Some view this story as a romantic sci-fi movie, but these viewers ought to pay closer attention to unravel the continuous symbolism that runs throughout. The main concept that is to be found here is an allegory, with the subject consisting of distant soul mates.

The element of distance must've posed a daring job for cinematographers and actors, but they overcame this obstacle brilliantly: camera angles, lighting, stills,...all emphasized the 'facial acting' of the two lead characters portrayed by Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David. On a closing note: Zoe Kazan- I don't know what it is about that innocence- epitomizes the new romance flick leading ladies. Following in the footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and Rachel McAdams these ladies win over a very broad male audience which has a whole lot to do with presenting a counterweight for the -often balancing on vulgar- sexually (and morally) unruly pop culture.
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Strong start, weak finish
IAMVictoria6 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Great premise. Great acting for the lead roles. I got caught up in the emotion early in the movie, and really enjoyed the pace and interactions between the main characters. At this point, the story had huge potential for an amazing finish. As the end of the movie approaches, Becky's controlling husband has forced her into a mental hospital. Dylan, greatly distressed at this, drops everything to go to her. This is where the movie went downhill. Dylan arrives in a NH airport, and is denied renting a car due to a lack of drivers license. Yet he spent the first half of the movie driving his truck around his home town. On that note, the quality and newness of this truck did not fit with his impoverished situation. So, he leaves the airport, and steals a car shortly thereafter. Now on the run in a stolen car, he encounters a police cruiser, which turns on the flashers. Dylan makes a break for it. Out of nowhere (classic), additional cruisers join the chase. He successfully loses them in a slow slog through a muddy/snowy auto wreckers yard (?), which was difficult to believe. Meanwhile, with Dylan's telepathic assistance, Becky breaks out of the mental hospital, with staff and her husband in hot pursuit. She makes a break for it to the nearby forest, as Dylan has done the same thing after losing the police. If there was a hint in the story how they got to the very same area in NH, it was lost on me. They both hear a train in the distance, and tell each other to run for it. They get to the tracks, see each other for the first time, climb into a slow-moving empty boxcar, and embrace as if everything will be OK now. Whaaa? She has her controlling husband chasing her. He, an ex-con, has the police chasing him for auto theft, failing to stop for police, and who know what else. For me, this was not a happy ending.
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In Your Eyes is an excellent romantic comedy
Argemaluco30 April 2014
In Your Eyes is an excellent romantic comedy with good performances, perfect direction and an ingenious premise which is well raised and developed. Fortunately, this movie counted with the presence of the great Joss Whedon as a screenwriter, executive producer and mastermind behind this movie's surprising debut and eventual direct digital distribution (through Vimeo), completely eliminating the influences and traditional processes of Hollywood's big studios. Whedon is experienced in this kind of shunting (let's remember the brilliant mini-series Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog), but it still is a very interesting market experiment which could inspire other filmmakers to do something similar. Well, Whedon isn't the first one to skip the "official" distributors; however, he might be the first famous producer who dared to do that; and of course, he can take that risk thanks to the legions of fans who will always support his projects. But, leaving all that aside, I liked In Your Eyes very much. Thanks to the solid performances and perfect direction, the screenplay flows with naturalness despite its unusual premise, and its fantasy tone never feels forced, and it doesn't require any complicated explanations in order to justify its existence; on the opposite, it immediately becomes an integral part of the story and contributes to the main characters' growth, with whom we share the mystery, curiosity and revelations of their mental (spiritual?) linking. That warm and comfortable dynamic is among the best elements from this movie. On the negative side, some elements from the screenplay in the last half hour feel a bit unnecessary. However, that's a minor fail, and it was a pleasure for me to explore a funny, emotive and unexpectedly fresh narrative in a genre which seemed exhausted and incapable of producing new mechanics for the romance. Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan are completely credible in the leading roles, and director Brin Hill made an excellent work handling unusual situations while never losing the human axis of the story. In Your Eyes might depict a "long distance" relationship, but it's much more sincere and passionate than any romantic comedy based on cloying feelings and "big gestures". And besides, we can see it in any part of the world for five dollars. Will Whedon do the same with Avengers: Age of Ultron? Of course not, because it won't be his decision; but I would like to see someone trying this with a blockbuster.
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I sort of like it but I sort of don't
lisee_lulu30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Average. That's what I'd rate this movie, hence the 5 stars. I wanted to like it, the idea was great and I love movies like this (for example 'The Lake House'). But throughout the whole story, something felt off. The character of Dylan was great, he was well portrayed and acted. As for the character of Rebecca though, there was no life or emotion. Her dialogue was broken and her character was just...boring. The actor, Zoe Kazan, shouldn't give up her day job. Her acting was atrocious and she really didn't bring the character to life. It was clear from the beginning that her husband, Phillip, was a controlling man, but she never showed much fear or uncertainty around him. It was Dylan who saw who he truly was almost immediately. What really got to me was that Rebecca was never scared of him (or at least didn't appear to be) until he institutionalised her. Then she told Dylan she was terrified. You'd think she would have reacted differently to his controlling ways earlier in their marriage because when she snapped, it would have been believable. You'd be expecting it almost. As it was, it was too sudden. It didn't feel like the right time. Then there was the ending...oh dear lord, the ending. So you talk to a voice in your head, who helps you pick the lock of your room in a mental institution, finally escape (after punching your husband in the nose) then run off with said voice in your head (AKA Dylan, the human form). Did it ever occur to anyone that Rebecca ran off with a convict while she was still married? AFTER he had broken his parole and stolen a car? Or that she broke the law herself? Does this not bother anyone morally? All that aside, the ending was sudden and blah. Something was missing for sure. I wanted to see Dylan sort his life out before saving her. I wanted her to fight her way out of the institution, not act like a damsel in distress. THEN after all that, I would have liked to see her grow a backbone and leave her husband. The movie started so well but alas, it ended in a tangled mess. I'm really disappointed. I know morals are a rarity nowadays and I'd be able to overlook it if many things were done differently.
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A sweet and unique romance that's not too sappy!
Joss Whedon's metaphysical love story In Your Eyes currently premiered exclusively at Tribeca Film Festival.

Originally written in 1992 by acclaimed sci-fi screenwriter Joss Whedon, In Your Eyes departs from his more common futuristic thematic and dazzles with a romantically dreamy tone.

The Tribeca Film Festival summarizes the film aptly as featured on the IMDb summary.

The successfulness of this film is ultimately reliant on two key aspects. Insanely wonderful acting facilitated by engaging but believable screen-written dialogue and not too insipidly sentimental directing.

Joss Whedon is known for his screen writing thoroughness; taking into consideration all character motivations, believability of behavior, and credibility of consequences. No matter what project type he undertakes he seems especially successful within the science fiction realm. Though In Your Eyes does have a mythical aspect to its plot it is a far more realistic and romance driven plot.

Immediately In Your Eyes clearly explains and simply establishes the psychic connection between the lead characters Rebecca and Dylan. From that point on every choice, every characteristic, and every subplot is a thoughtful and deliberate decision by Whedon so the film can develop plausibly. Further the dialogue is effortlessly convincing as the real speech between two strangers getting to know one another through this mystical connection.

A sincere love story progresses in In Your Eyes despite the characters never physically interacting. Whedon's smartly insightful dialogue facilitates the romance in the movie. Truly this is possible solely due to the superb and impressive acting by the perfectly cast Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David. Zoe Kazan's Rebecca is charming and sweetly skittish, evolving as she opens up to Dylan. Dylan, played by Michael Stahl-David, is equally debonair in a rough-and-tumble kind of way and I am very excited to see how his career progresses after this promising performance.

I was completely engrossed by characters as they told their life stories, the weird moments in life explained by the other person and the amazing connection they develop. Though the ending is slightly commonplace, for a romantic film it is not nearly as sappy as the mainstream movies saturating the market.

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Fantasy Love Story Gets Way Too Sappy & Preposterous
Larry Silverstein17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When I was reading the premise for this fantasy love story I thought to myself this might be quite sappy and preposterous, and unfortunately that's the way it turned out. Unless you're a complete romantic and only interested in the essence of the fantasy, you may find, as I did, that this movie just became more and more ridiculous and ponderous as it progressed, and I couldn't wait till it was over.

The plot revolves around a telepathic relationship between a young woman, Rebecca (Zoe Kazan), and a young man, Dylan (Michael Stahl-David), which apparently started when they were both in grade school, but separated by thousands of miles. Neither Rebecca or Dylan will be aware of this relationship till years later. In this relationship, they can feel each other's pain, both physical and mental, although it's never really explained how this could possibly happen.

Now some 20 years later, they are able to discover their telepathic attachment, which has laid fairly dormant for all those years. They can also now connect visually into each other's reality and verbally connect with each other at any time. Dylan is living in New Mexico, and is a parolee from prison where he served 2 years for theft, while Rebecca is living in New Hampshire with her physician husband Phillip (Mark Feuerstein).

As mentioned, for me, it just got more and more absurd, as they were able to have telepathic sex and never seemed to worry about how anyone around them was reacting, or how it affected their lives, as they were constantly talking into the air and acting so strangely, leading to most people thinking they had gone completely "bonkers". It will all spiral into a predictable and frenetic finale.

I thought the extremely talented script writer Joss Whedon really "went off the rails" with this one, and the film is directed by Brin Hill.
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too stupid...even for a rainy afternoon
esgardo0125 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A well done sci-fi/fantasy romantic comedy? Great performances really make this movie?All Time Favourite! Wow!?!!... NO WAY !!!! After reading previous reviews , I was really tempted to watch this movie. I confess I'm not much into "romance category" but decided to give it a try. Everything in the movie makes no sense. The plot , (although it got a good start) just felt short in every aspect. The protagonists , having this "incredible connection" , never care to find out about their ability, neither to consult a scientist, doctor ( the girl's husband happens to be one, a very influential, recognized one), nor a para- normal therapist...after all...this telepathy thing...could have taken the movie to another level ( but the writers didn't have the wits to make that happens), they just took it for granted...and the "final touch" about escaping to Canada just add the last drop of stupidity. The acting....well, let's say that considering, could have been worst...but unless you are forced to watch this movie ( maybe as a kind of torture) just do yourself a favor , and do something else. Still , I frankly don't understand the other reviews...may be, my brain is too wasted...but just watch 10', and let me know.
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Well, the premise and the acting were very good...
MartinHafer27 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In Your Eyes was written by Joss Wedon and he is also the executive producer. Considering his track record, I was expecting a heck of a movie. Instead, I saw a heck of a premise but as the film progressed, it felt less and less satisfying. It's a shame, as I really wanted to love this film as I like romantic movies and it did hook me early on in the film.

Zoe Kazan stars as Rebecca—a married woman who lives in a rather cold marriage. Michael Stahl-Davis stars as David—a single man who has a long history as a screw-up. He's an ex-con on parole and his life is rather dull and empty. Soon both begin hearing a voice inside their head and experiencing strange pains and sensations. A bit later, they can even see what the voice in their head sees. They both realize that somehow, they are psychically connected to each other---even though he lives in New Mexico and she in New England! At first this scares them, but soon they enjoy the sensation and spend more and more time talking to each other. But, in order to hear the other person, they need to talk out loud—and this causes HUGE problems for each of them. Soon, everyone thinks the pair are nuts—and this comes as no surprise.

What I have told you so far I really liked. It was quirky and fun. But what to do with this—that was a serious problem for me as I watched. One problem is that Rebecca IS married and the scene of the pair mutually masturbating because they other can see and feel this disturbed me. Call me old fashioned, but it seemed like adultery—and that's something that makes it very hard to care about the couple. If she was having marital problems, why not talk them out with your husband? And, if you have your own psychic hotline to a friend across the country, why not arrange to meet them like any normal pair of people would do?! Instead, the final portion of the film reminded me of E.T. running from the federal agents—as David jumped probation and stole a car to rescue Rebecca! And, when the film ends, neither have any place to go nor any money and it's winter. I guess the message is to just run away from your problems and magic will make them go away! Don't these details seem important to anyone?!

All in all, the premise for In Your Eyes was wonderful but the script seemed to have a lot of holes and illogical scenes. And, it's a shame as Kazan and Stahl-Davis REALLY were wonderful in the film—very likable and very, very capable actors.
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Waste of time
pouya samie3 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
after seeing this movie i've decided to create an account and write this review. this was awful. i read some reviews and i decided to watch the movie no matter what. after it get finished i just wondered how i lost 2 hours of my life .nothing special about romantic relation and nothing special about strange connection ... nothing even half special !!! "The English Patient" rated 7.4 and this movie rated 7.1 i thought wow this is the one they not even been surprised about their connection after they found out about each other and it's not schizophrenia. they could not read each others thoughts but they could share photos in their head!!! if IMDb had negative vote points for sure i would rate this movie lower than this ... don't waist you time like i did.
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An all time favorite.
Ananya19 May 2016
When I say that this is the most amazing movie I've ever seen, I'm not even exaggerating. I watch a lot of movies and this one isn't like any other. Honestly, when I first stumbled upon it on Netflix, I didn't expect it to be so good. It really surprised me. I'm so glad I watched it. In Your Eyes is one of those movies that you'll probably be thinking about for days after watching it. I know I did. The acting was excellent and the plot was so refreshing. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl- David were great. I absolutely adored it! I wouldn't say that it's really sci-fi though. I think it's more of a romantic drama or fantasy. It's sad how underrated this movie is. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone reading this.
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I Love this unique story
topsi-7230715 February 2016
This is the type of movie, that touch deep your soul not so much with the actor playing, but the story behind. The fairytale about the true and deep connections that makes you wonder if there is anyone who is meant to be with you, but like really meant to be... I really love the story - so unique and different. LOVE it! If anyone know movie similar of that, please tell in the comments. Oh and of course, the actor is super duper cute. Well of course my actual vote for the playing is less than 10, the cinematography is also could of be better, but still the movie is awesome and unique. I am kind surprised I watch the movie nowadays, even know it is from 2014, but I do not sorry for that. I will recommend it so my friends and to all of you. If you want story, that is easy to assimilate, but still deep enough to make you think about it after watching - this is the perfect movie for you.
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Naive movie ignoring real people with mental illness exists
jeminacek25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's a classic naive American romcom. From the beginning, you know which two characters are going to kiss in the final scene. But if you put that aside it's watchable. You just need to lean back and enjoy the romantic part and not think about it too much... Or should you?

The reason I gave this two stars is because I had to think about it the day after I watched it, having it recommended by a friend.

What I couldn't understand was why the two protagonists, who are telepathically linked, are not pretending they are on a phone, when they speak to each other in public. Instead, they let people around them believe they are mentally ill.

Which raises a lot of questions. In the movie, you hear ideas about what is actually happening to them: "going crazy", "having voices in their head", "schizophrenia"... Yet they never try to understand it nor seek professional help. They just go on with their lives in denial until they get to communicate with each other and from that point they start believing the person in their head is real.

The problem is, many people suffering from mental illness have difficulties admitting their brain is not always providing them with reliable perception of reality. They may refuse to seek help. They may be scared of mental institutions, afraid they would be given medication which would just turn them into a mindless body. This is only "confirmed" by the movie.

Thinking about it, it does not look like they have a telepathic connection at all. It looks like they have a mental illness. They cannot control it all the time. They act like they don't realize how strange they look talking to someone nobody else can see or hear. He even experiences something looking like seizure. She repeatedly "embarrasses" her husband at important (for him) meetings while experiencing something like a panic attack.

All is topped by her husband being a doctor who never tries to help her and behaves like an insensitive and ignorant egoist (like he never studied medicine so he could help people), judging her for her suffering. Later, he has her locked up in mental institution only when he suspects she might be having an affair. Seriously!

In the end the two protagonists finally meet. Like that wouldn't be the first thing on your mind to confirm that you are not actually loosing your sanity.

They meet and they know the other is real at that point. Now, think about it for a moment. There are real people in the real world suffering because they hear voices in their head a you just take their suffering and turn it into romantic comedy? These people will never find out the voice is their head is actually their destined love. They will always have to live like this knowing that there is something wrong with them. It will never be a happy ending for them!

It makes me really angry that such a disrespectful movie exits. That so many people worked on it and no one pointed out how immoral it is.

It can never be stressed out too much how important it is to talk about mental health.
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Allison Bucks9 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
okay so besides this movie being UNBEARABLY uncomfortable the ending is stupid. so what are they just going to ride that train and then what? because well one of you escaped from a mental hospital, which by the way you are an adult and they cant really hold you there against your will you could have probably figured your way out of it some how but you are a cliché helpless girl. second of all the other one IS A CONVICTED FELON WHO IS ON THE RUN. what are you going to do for money, where are you going to live, WHAT R U GOING TO DO. i would have been like three million times happy if they ended the movie on like i do not know a non criminal note. plus they are that chick is stupid she just kept talking to him in public looking like an insane person. you could have gotten a little creative and i don't know pretended you were on the phone. i am just highly dissatisfied with this uncomfortable movie. i also do not understand how the rating is higher than a 4.
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Disappointing lack of explanation or substance
tin-borgman19 September 2016
One of my few poor ratings. It could have been a good story but they simply never really told a story. There is no sci fi in it at all, just two characters constantly talking to each other in their heads without ever exploring how or why. The ending is ridiculous.

Even the idea of a love story is thwarted by the failure to provide a sense of falling in love.

The actors are good, the story is one of the weakest I've seen; one I watched only in hopes of it going somewhere. Because it held my attention well enough (with only three times of fast forwarding) until I had the opportunity to be utterly disappointed with the inadequate ending, I give it a 4.
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An underwhelming piece of dribble
smanteufel17 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film off the back of its strong premise and the promise of a decent acting performance from the usually brilliant Zoe Kazan. I suppose I'll preface my review by saying that I was disappointed, as the film seemed totally unable to stick to any genre it supposedly was. Initially pitched as a sci-fi/ romance, the film dwindled into a pudgy mess of awkward dialogue, ill-fitting score and incredibly unlikable and unrelatable characters.

Whilst the plot seemed a unique take on the generally overplayed star-crossed lovers theme it didn't take me long to figure out that this was just another chick-flick full of comedically bad villains the likes of; the nosy housewife who couldn't paint, or, the women who liked her steaks well done. The most heinous of all villains was of course Phillip the husband, whilst not being wholly neglectful in his marriage, was just so unrealistically dickish that at times I did think Rebecca, played by Kazan, should run away with the random voice in her head. Perhaps this was supposed to infer some underlying theme regarding domestic abuse, but in all honesty the worst thing he actually did apart from being a jerk all the time was stop her from refilling her wine glass at that boring function.

The old 'troubled intellectual' / 'Good Will Hunting' trope also made an appearance through Dylan's character, played by Michael Stahl-David, which might just have worked in making him a likable character if not for his continuous stupidity. It was particularly grating when the film tried to introduce the idea of his intellect through dry wit and the word "benign" when chatting with a woman at the bar... I mean clearly he's to good for this town if he knows such a big word. But overall I just found the film a hard pill to swallow as I cringed through nearly every interaction.

If you must watch this film, or you have already watched it and are trawling through the reviews for some explanation as to why you just sat through such a "benign" piece of trash, may I recommend a nearly identical yet vastly superior film "The F word" ("What If" in the U.S) also starring Zoe Kazan but without the psychic element or the terrible, terrible.... everything else.
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The best romantic film I've seen!
rac-8193827 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Fell in LOVE with this movie! The actors are superb, i can't believe how much I grew connected to Dylan, he was absolutely charming and I couldn't help but feel a part of their world. The only critique I'd have about this film is concerned with the husband. I understand he's meant to portray the controlling husband that we as an audience are not meant to like, but his character didn't portray enough flaws for me to actually believe he was a bad man for her to be with. Of course she's completely meant to be with Dylan, but I would've liked to see more of a backstory on the husband and possibly be more aggressive in some way for me to be fully convinced she shouldn't be with him. That is my only concern with this film, everything else was amazing. It's been so long since i've watched a romantic movie where I physically could feel what the characters are feeling. Love love love this movie, must watch!
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One good love story
dashing-native973 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, my score may be too low? But I don't really like love stories but this could have been so much better but what I got was pretty good enough. So let me just start off by saying this: It had some slow moments and they could've easily added things that would actually make it a bit more logical. For instance they could've easily talked to each other on a bluetooth or phone! There are some stupid actions they did that could've been avoided also shortening the story which I would've loved since it was kind of too long. And to top it all off why didn't they exchange emails or give out actual phone numbers? Okay I'm done.

The story itself is probably the most understandable and logical explanation to where their bonds can be more closer to each other since they can feel and see what's happening to each other! Although a lot of things left unexplained, hey Joss wrote this right? Couldn't he have just added in some easter eggs about The Avengers or Agents of Shield? Meaning if they are in the superhero universe that they could have joined Shield right? Or explain that they have powers for simply living in that universe! If that were the case I wouldn't need a lot of detail or maybe their destination and ending could have changed trying to find headquarters of Shield.

Anyway enough superhero talk! Let me say this: For a love story I found this rather amusing, considering I absolutely abhor love stories in movies! We've seen it all before but this one was too good to look away despite it's flaws. The dialogue is entertaining and funny, chemistry builds that actually makes the two lovers get close. The only reason why I actually liked this one is because they can feel each other and that they actually are kind of made for each other since they cannot be separated, literally meaning that in a sense they can't really date anyone else than themselves. This is the closest thing I've ever seen in a love story that true love might actually exist! All and all I gotta say do not skip this romance movie.
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a magic realism and love story that succeeds
A beautiful, heartfelt, wonderful movie about a connection formed by two people who encounter each other by seeing through the other's eyes, and other senses, though they live on different sides of the US. This bit of magic realism, being able to talk to each other and see/experience each other's environments while in different places, is handled quite well. Also, their conversations remind me of Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight series, and its clear and believable how much they care for each other. The supporting cast also does a fine job.

It is amazing to me is that this film was made for $1,000,000, a very indie budget for the caliber of production and talent behind it. Inspiring! May more films like this one from Bellwether Pictures continue to be made, it's a treat to come upon a movie that doesn't have to be a multi-million dollar blockbuster to be enjoyable. Many of those aren't, actually. Story and emotion have a bigger impact than special effects in the long run.
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Zen-2-Zen17 July 2014
Great idea (and SciFi is supposed to always be the genre of ideas), good, but somewhat lacking writing by Joss Whedon. However very mediocre direction, wrong casting for the female lead (supports looking way better than the lead ?) and way too low budget.

It can also be considered a pot hole that all of the sudden their communication is at a more direct level while for 20 years they had no contact. There should nave been a major game changing event involved.

Whedon should have directed this on his own and waited/fought for at least a 10 mil budget. This way he wasted great idea on a 1 mil ultra indie with way too off female cast that will never attract even a sizable narrow release audience.

Maybe in a few years someone is going to do a rewrite and a remake.
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