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  • Bridget encounters Dylan, who was an important part of the sisters' past. After finding something in Henry's possession that belongs to Bridget, Malcolm befriends Henry to keep an eye on him. Catherine asks Andrew to make a big decision regarding Juliet that could change their family dynamic.


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  • "Ringer" - "Whores Don't Make That Much" - Feb. 21, 2012

    Malcolm and Bridget-As-Siobhan (BAS) visit Actual Siobhan's (AS) secret office. It has been totally cleaned out. They figure the mystery woman in the closet cleaned out the office and is behind who is trying to kill AS. Malcolm puts a tracking device on BAS's phone so they can always find each other.

    Caherine visits Andrew at the apartment. She wants Juliet to come live with her in Miami. She figures it would be a nice fresh start. Andrew says there was a reason he was granted full custody. She says she knows, her drinking, and she hasn't had a sip in days and she's ready to make other changes. He says no. She asks him to think about it.

    At school she's nearly run over by Tessa in her new luxury SUV. Juliet is worried about how Tessa is spending the money ostentatiously. Tessa tells her not to worry and she still has 3 mil under her bed. She figured putting it in the bank would've raised eyebrows and she'll spend her cut how she likes. And the best part of the scam is that they can go back to hating each other.

    Andrew tells BAS that his lawyer thinks that Catherine might have a shot at custody. BAS suggests a new school, but Andrew says she likes the new school. Andrew wonders if Catherine might be right. BAS says Juliet belongs with them. She gives him a parent pep talk.

    At the office Malcolm talks about tweaks he's made to computer programs. Henry is in the office to see Andrew. He introduces him to Malcolm. Henry looks at him sideways. Henry wants to cash out of his fund. Andrew tries to dissuade him. He says since Gemma died he's been having trust issues, especially in the stock market. He also tells him that a mutual friend recently told him that Andrew is a crook. He didn't believe it but the friend told him a crook would never give him his money back and they should prove him wrong. Andrew seems amenable.

    BAS gets a call from a florist confirming her order, for a standing order from 2007 to a woman named Nancy Painter. It's the address she saw on the post-it in AS's office. It's in Patterson, NJ. BAS goes to check it out. She knocks on the door and the woman hugs her and welcomes her in. It's her birthday she thanks her for the flowers. The woman says she's been thinking of her and goes to make tea. BAS looks around at photos in the living room and sees pictures of "Sean," the child from the photos. She realizes she's Sean's grandmother. She apologizes for bothering her and skedaddles.

    Back at home she fingers the picture of Sean and cries. She remembers playing hide and seek with him. AS comes home with a man named Dylan who says he wants to make up for the mistakes he made. AS says he's good at hiding out in his mom's house in NJ and he should go back there. Bridget and Siobhan talk about how hard she is on Dylan and how he just wants to see his son. They fight about how even though Bridget spends more time with him because she's unemployed, Siobhan is his mother and her word is law and if Dylan comes back to call the police.

    Juliet meets Mr. C and tells her that Tessa is not following the plan and drawing attention to herself. He agrees it's a problem and he'll take care of it. In the meantime he says radio silence unless she can explain why she's meeting with the guy she accused of assault.

    Later, Juliet, Andrew, and BAS have a tense meal. BAS reminisces about hanging out with Sean. Dylan shows up. He got two free passes to the county fair and wants to take Sean. Bridget balks. Dylan says he gets that he did wrong by getting Siobhan pregnant and ditching her but he's changed. He convinces her to come to the fair. Juliet excuses herself. BAS tells Andrew that maybe sending Juliet to Miami isn't such a bad idea, she's worrying that Juliet needs more than she can give her. Andrew is confused by this turnabout. She says at the end of the day she's not her mother. Andrew says she's been great these last five months. She says maybe Catherine has a point.

    AS texts Henry and asks if he got his money. He says he did and reports Malcolm works there. She says she doesn't like it and for Henry to keep on top of Malcolm.

    Juliet arrives at school and hears that Tessa was assaulted and left for dead and is in a medically-induced coma. Juliet flashes on Mr. C saying he'd take care of the Tessa problem.

    Out of nowhere, Dylan comes to visit. BAS is freaked. He, of course, calls her Siobhan. He brought the flowers back from his mother's house and tells her to stay out of their lives. She wonders why it bothers him so much. He says maybe it has something to do with the time he was assaulted in Tahoe. She claims she knows nothing about that. He says his mother was good to her and to leave her alone. He says he went through hell back then. She says they all went through hell. She notices his wedding ring. She asks if he has kids. He says he will apologize again if necessary. She says Bridget trusted him and wanted to help him and all she got for her trouble was a life of guilt for that trust. She says if it's forgiveness he's looking for, he's come to the wrong place. She kicks him out. She is freaked out by herself.

    Juliet goes to visit Tessa in the hospital. She is a mess. She meets her foster mom. She doesn't believe the robbery story. She thinks she was dealing drugs because the guy didn't take any of her stuff, just what was under Tessa's bed. The mother thinks it was Tessa's stash that she was selling to make all this newfound money.

    We flash back seven years to Lake Tahoe, Dylan and Bridget are driving in the rain back from the fair with Sean in the back. He's thanking her for letting him do this since it means so much to him. He asks if she'll testify on his behalf when he sues Siobhan for partial custody. But as he does they're blindsided by another driver.

    BAS wakes from this at the apartment as if it were a dream. She then goes to spy on Dylan and his new family at his house in Sussex. She's about to throw a brick through the window when Malcolm stops her and says she needs to tell him what's going on.

    We flash back to Sean's funeral. Bridget is pretty banged up. Siobhan is not happy that Bridget is there. She slaps her face and says my son is dead because of you. Bridget apologizes. That's not enough for her. Bridget tries to explain that the driver fell asleep at the wheel and she wanted to be here today for her and for Sean. Siobhan says it's too bad because she's not welcome.

    She is telling Malcolm this in a coffee shop. She says Siobhan left for New York then and that's when she became an addict. She apologizes for not telling him the whole story before. He understands. He says her sister forgave her.Bridget explains she didn't mean it and about the note that proved it. She wonders if she only forgave her because she knew she was going to kill herself. He says she needs to forgive herself. And to think about the forgiveness Siobhan gave her. Then she'll know what to do.

    Andrew comes home and hears Juliet crying. She's looking at news reports about Tessa. He says he knows about it and asks if she wants to talk. She asks if he's ever wanted a do-over. He says none of what happened with Mr. C was her fault. He asks if she wants to live with Catherine for awhile. She can't believe Catherine wants her but says a change of scenery probably would be good.

    The next day at work Henry bumps into Malcolm. He asks if Malcolm can swing by and look at his home system. Malcolm says it's not really the work he does but then he notices that Henry has that key that Bridget "lost." He changes his tune and says he will come by.

    Mr. C grabs Juliet and says he saw what happened to Tessa on the news. She accuses him. He pleads dumb and says he wants to know everything. She says one step closer and she'll scream. She then calls someone and says they have to talk because that person's "plan" is getting out of control. (Cahoots with Actual Siobhan??)

    BAS goes to visit Dylan. He is not happy. She admits to almost throwing the brick because she was so mad that he was happy and had moved on and how it made her hate him and not just for what he did to Sean. He knows it's also for what he did to her. He says not a day goes by that he doesn't wish he could take Sean's place. Her too. But she says she knows it was an accident and she forgives him. He cries and asks if she means it. He thanks her.

    She heads home and runs into Andrew. He tells her that Juliet is up for Miami. Of course, BAS was going to say she should stay. But Andrew says he knows Juliet is with the right family and he will fight Catherine he just needs to know if she's in his corner. She says she is, 100 percent.

    Malcolm calls her and she explains how she forgave Dylan as Siobhan. She says she really wanted to give her own forgiveness, as Bridget. She says it's a feeling she has a lot lately when she's trying to be a wife to Andrew and mother to Juliet. She doesn't want to lie anymore and hopes there's a way to tell the truth without losing them. Malcolm isn't sure.

    Juliet is explaining to someone off camera about how she's scared of Mr.C and how Tessa's assault was her fault and now she says the whole thing assault scam was this person's idea and it's all falling apart. She pleads for help. Catherine sits down next to her on a bench says everything is going to be okay.

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