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haxetros5 July 2013
This was the one of first anime I ever seen. I am gonna sound like a fanboy but this show has everything.

When I watched this I couldn't stop watching it, I watched all 26 episodes in 3 days. I'm watching it again right now just because I think the show is a lot of fun to watch.

This show has great ratings for a reason, watch it and you will know why, the main characters have a very strong personality to them, the storyline is amazing, overall great story.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys watching comedy, more specific, slapstick comedy but I think anyone who gives this anime a try will love it.
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A surreal high school comedy
Tweekums27 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When one thinks about school based comedy anime titles like 'Azumanga Daioh', 'Lucky Star' and 'School Rumble' spring to mind... to that list should be added Nichijou, AKA My Ordinary Life. This isn't really like any of those series though; it is far more surreal for a start, characters include Nano; a robot girl who was built by The Professor who is herself only eight years old! There is also a talking cat, a boy who rides to school on a goat and a girl who pulls out huge guns when annoyed! What makes the series such fun is that these things are all played straight; apart from her science teacher nobody seems perturbed by the fact that Nano has a giant key in her back.

The episodes are broken up into several parts which are often unrelated; in the first half of the series Nano and the Professor's story is totally separate from that of comparatively normal school girls Yuko, Mio and Mai who are the other protagonists. The animation is not particularly detailed and but that suits the series and gives it a distinctive look that I really liked. The main attraction of the series though is the cast of likable characters who somehow manage to be believable even in the most bizarre situations. The fact that it is effectively a stream of sketches means that if one bit isn't amusing you something different will be along very soon. As you can tell I really enjoyed this series and hope that it gets a UK DVD release.

These comments are based on watching the series on line on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.
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sirako23 February 2017

I rarely write reviews but when I have to, I do.

This show is amazing since the beginning. Lately I've been watching a lot of anime and I've found amazing stuff, last week I stumbled upon Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon and I couldn't stop watching it, so I asked around my friends who know more about anime and one told me about this piece of gold show. He showed me a couple of youtube clips and I was amazed. So I wen't straight to it and I was hooked so badly, I watched 13 episodes in a row.

I don't even know how to start talking about what I watched, at the beginning it gave me the impression that it was going to be a "Funky Forest" experience, with all the clips unrelated and all the craziness going on, but the story starts to shape from the pieces and it's done with mastery. The writing and timing of the story it's life-like and perfect so you can just dig into the show slowly until you totally love it.

The animation is amazing too, I love how they have all the references to everything that's been drawn, I laughed at a Tintin reference that is so funny and subtle at the same time that I had to pause that episode. There are some cuts that are mere poetry (and the good kind too), all the dreamy parts are amazing, and the action scenes are so full of movement it's incredible, the constant contrast between the ordinary and the extraordinary are very well done.

I just enjoyed how every character is developed, how real the girls feel like, how the animal's personalities are portrayed, and the interactions between character are very cautiously set together, that the show feels so real no matter how crazy the situations in it are developing.

It's divided in two parts and the second one becomes a little more serious than the first one, it's when everything starts making sense (in a way) and it takes a little more intelligence (I think) to understand what's going on and put the pieces together, and if the first part was amazing, the second one is just filled with miracles and it's built perfectly that when the last episode comes, it's joy coming out of the viewer's mind.

It's filled with running gags, great music and catchy songs, and so full of happiness that looks simple, but it's made with pure genius, I love how this was made. It is a must watch,

I didn't know nothing about Kyoto Animation but with this show in their history, I'm going to watch everything they've ever done. And I need the manga this show is based on, immediately

11 out of 5 stars, this is amazing and I can't believe I'm alive and watching this, I am so grateful right now with everyone involved in this, my heart pounds like a stampede... calm down my cowboy, Bill Watts!
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I cried laughing.
cat1001-299-47868928 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Nichijou is based on one of my favourite ongoing manga, Nichijou - which means, "simple". And just that, it is. It's the average life of Mio, an aspiring manga artist, and "Yukko" Aioi, the local village idiot, as they go through their simple, dull lives.

Cue to odd, odd situations, that didn't make sense in any of the writer's minds.

The animation's great, the source material is similarly well-drawn, the music, what little there is, is annoyingly catchy, and it's -just- normal seeming enough to pass as kind of normal. The only problem? There's so much poorly implemented English that subtitles - if you can't speak Japanese - are completely optional. And yet Keiichi is able to sneak in puns in Indonesion all the time. Then again, it's Kyoto Animation. It's also episodic enough to be able to jump in anytime, though.
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Joyful Cluster of Explosive Energy
theswimmingtoaster14 September 2016
Nichijou is, without a single doubt, one of the best slice of life made in the long history of slice of life.

Its action-packed over-exaggerations of everyday life will undoubtedly keep all audiences in the edge of their seats, not knowing what sort of crazy antic will the show pull off right in front of them, be it a rigged carnival game, a deer attack or even an atomic bomb.

The story itself is seemingly simple; it follows the daily life of fellow classmates Yukko, Mio and Mai, paralleled by the (not so) peaceful Shinonome household. While the main characters are undoubtedly robust, the show also brings a variety of supporting characters, all equally unique and lovable to an extensive degree.

Many of the gags are easily understandable and fun to laugh at, though there are some jokes that rely heavily on the knowledge of Japanese culture (most notably the 'Helvetica Standard' segments). Though its intense energy in its presentation would surely give you a good chuckle regardless, even if the references don't exactly make sense immediately.

The animation and voice acting further increases the level of intensity that Nichijou has to offer, with each frame giving the biggest impact, along with every voice lines being delivered with utmost passion from each voice actors.

Overall, if you are a fan of slice of life, comedy, anime or even just a random passerby, Nichijou is an absolute recommendation, which will guarantee you, in the best scenario, an abundance of laughter and heartfelt joy, while in the worst case scenario, a few chuckle.
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Underrated, Awesome funny anime!
mdballin-3221326 July 2015
I throughly enjoyed watching Nichijou so much that i just finished it for the second time. After the first watch i read all the available Manga. The characters are very vibrant and memorable. There are a lot of moments when i just found myself smiling. The music for opening and closing are well picked, it will cheer you up if your down. You will see a lot of hilarious moments, awesome series wish it got more noticed. If you like shows like Gintama, Arakawa under the bridge, or Senyu you will enjoy this. Im sure i will watch again in the future. At times the jokes can be corny or hard to understand but i believe that was to add to the cuteness. The art is very nicely done, i wish there were more episodes to watch.
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Easy 10
coxy123412 April 2014
This show is excellent.

Nichijou represents the pinnacle of Kyotoani's talents.

It is understandable why Nichijou has such high ratings on IMDb and other sites.

It may not have sold well but it is undoubtedly one of the greatest anime series of all time.

If you are a fan of either comedy or anime there is no reason for you to not pick this one up.

Nichijou is a delightful, relateable and hilarious show with a high production value and terrific music. Give it a watch or you'll regret it.
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A stunningly funny show, unfortunately underrated.
pieninjaproductions8 January 2018
I don't watch Anime a lot, and I'm not particularly into Anime, but this show blew my mind in so many ways. It is, in my opinion, perfection.

The animation, the characters, the bizarre editing style and humor (which is genius, because it melds slice of life with super expressive over-exaggerated action anime) the music (holy smokes, the music is fantastic) and the story / skits; everything worked great.

I love the 3 main characters, their chemistry is excellent, and they are very funny when they are together. The side characters, Nano, the Professor, and Mr. Sakamoto is one of the most fascinating character dynamics I've ever seen, I love every second of their story-line, it is a super unique trio of characters.

This is a super under-rated show. Why? Because not many people know about it, and when it was released, it didn't find much success. Some of the clips get millions of views, and I happen to learn about it from a YouTube video about it, but it needs more love, and more watch time. It is very sad to know that a second season won't come to light because of how poorly it did financially.

I hope the animators and the people who worked on this show know that there is a loving fan-base that adores and supports their show, and I hope they do great things with their talents. Please watch this show!
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First half was great, second half was crap
pinkarray29 April 2016
This anime makes The Boxtrolls' writing look good. Actually, this is the worst anime that came out in a long time. It's unbelievable how bad this anime can get. At first, you got the two group of kids and their ordinary yet unusual lives but then they have the kids meet and they expect to make the audience go "Awwww...." but it turns out to be more cutesy than cute. But I was just sitting there, yelling at the screen and cannot get past this anime.

I guess it was because it would make the anime confusing if they don't support each other but at the end, it's like the writers and directors aren't even trying anymore. The anime bears some similarities to Azumanga Daioh but that has better writing.

This shows that KyoAni cannot make good anime. Maybe one day they'll make something decent to watch.

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